How to Create a Free Website with Google App Engine

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How to Create a Free Website with Google App Engine

How to Create a Free Website with Google App Engine

Welcome to: How to Create a
Free Website with Google App Engine We will go over four steps to creating a
Free Website with Google App Engine We will first create a
Google App Engine Application We will then install Eclipse
and a Google Plugin for Eclipse From there we will create a
Web Application Project in Eclipse And finally we will deploy our
Web Application to Google App Engine So let’s begin by creating our
Google App Engine application We begin by going to Here you can simply click on: “Create Application”, to get started If this is your first time using Google App Engine
you will get a Welcome page Either way, go ahead and click “Create Application” If this is your first Application,
then you will need to verify your account with SMS You only need to do the SMS Verification once When creating an application you will need to set
an Application Identifier or Application ID and an Application Title Choose wisely, the application identifier
or application ID cannot be changed and it will determine the domain of
the website you are about to create Don’t worry too much about the Application Title,
you can always change this later Once you made set the Application Title and
made sure you entered an available Application ID you can scroll down and click on: “Create Application”
Next up, let install Eclipse and the Google Plugin for Eclipse Simply Google: “eclipse” And go to Eclipse’s: “Downloads” page
There are many variations of Eclipse But Eclipse Classic is ideal for most users Download the Eclipse zip file One of the best things about Eclipse is that
it does not require an installation wizard Just extract the contents and you’re ready to go It is up to you where you place the extracted “eclipse” folder For simplicity Lets move the eclipse folder to the c drive Now lets open “eclipse” and run “eclipse.exe” When you first open Eclipse You will need to set your workspace A “Workplace” is simply a folder
where your projects will be saved Again, this part is up to you Congratulations! Now lets go get that google plugin for Eclipse Simply google three words: “google plugin eclipse”
or “google eclipse plugin”. Go to Google Plugin for Eclipse and follow the instructions There will be a URL that you will need to copy into Eclipse Now go back to Eclipse. From the top menu go to: “Help”, and then go to “Install New Software” Enter the Google Plugin URL in the: “Work with” field and click: “Add” The “Name” is up to you Pick a name and click: “OK” We only need the “Google Plugin”
and the “SDKs” for this exercise Read licences and if you accept
the terms then you may continue Once the “Google Plugin for Eclipse”
installation completes Eclipse may need to be restarted Almost there, let’s create a web application project
Google plugin installed, now notice the top menu Google icon and the bottom right says: “Sign into Googgle” Click on the Google Plugin Icon and
select “New Web Application Project” The “Project Name” and the “Package” are up to you To keep this project simple, uncheck: “Use google web toolkit” And uncheck: “Generate project sample code” Click “Finish”, and here is the new: Web Application Project We only need to focus on the WAR folder Let’s make a very basic homepage Right-click on “WAR” Select “New”, then “File” and lets name the file “index.html” Lets use very basic HTML for now To test our site, go to: the “Run” (icon) If Google plugin created a default run option
for your project, you can use that In the “Console” tab, you will see http://localhost Use this localhost URL to test your site on your browser While your web application is running,
you can make changes to the index.html in Eclipse Save those changes and refresh
your browser to see your changes Finally, we can deploy your Web Application
to App Engine. If you haven’t done so already
use the red square to stop your application Go to Google Plugin icon
Then click on: “Deploy to App Engine” Eclipse need to sign-in to your Google Account
before you can deploy web application You will need to “Allow access”
if you want to continue Once Eclipse is logged into your account you will
notice the bottom right corner has your email We will also need to set the Application ID
before we can deploy our Web Application The application ID or application identifier is, the one
created at the beginning of this video at If you forgot, go to
and copy your Application ID Enter your Application ID into Eclipse Click “OK” and now you are
“Ready to deploy” Depending on your internet speed Deployment may take a little while Greate success!! Your website is now available to the world. Now you can test your site on any browser. Remember to use your [application-ID] But if you forget, you can always go to, Click on your application and find a link to
your site under “Application Settings” That’s it Go forth and create awesome websites! Thank you for watching

33 thoughts on How to Create a Free Website with Google App Engine

  1. Hi. I am new to this. If I want a URL can it be moved to Google for hosting as well? Or I have to host the domain with some other provider and re-direct to google servers?ย 

  2. Great Video! I just had a couple of questions:
    If my site comprises of multiple pages(as most sites do) and all the pages are linked to my homepage, will it be enough to simply place them in the "war" folder and deploy everything in the app engine? I mean, do I have to do any additional scripting for that?
    Also, do I have do do anything fancy if I wanted to upload my bootstap files or jquery plug-ins into the app engine?

    thanks in advance!

  3. Simply place them in the "war" folder and deploy. No additional scripting. Same goes for JavaScript files.
    Here are some examples:
    warindex.html -> http://[application-id]
    warabout.html -> http://[application-id]
    warcontactindex.html -> http://[application-id]
    warimglogo.png -> http://[application-id]
    warjsjquery.js -> http://[application-id]

  4. Excuse me, once I have a working Java webapp (on my PC) how should I deploy it on the Compute Engine I just created_? Just upload the war file to the War folder_?

  5. surely its a nice video..helped me a lot.What if I want to link the website with a database??could you please explain it.It would be a great video if u address this issue

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