How To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money Online Blogging – Beginner’s Guide

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How To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money Online Blogging – Beginner’s Guide

How To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money Online Blogging – Beginner’s Guide

hey what’s ok ice jams there and in
today’s video I’m gonna be showing you how to sell but y’all veryHow To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money I’m gonna show you how to do this no
only inmate but for free as well annex really cool
stuff and it’s really easy to do once you know how I’ll show you how in
just a second also as an additional bonus on also gonna
show you how to monetize your blog for free and you’ll make and additional passive in cold with no additional act
but what so ever all you have to do is just simply block
and you’ll make money from doing now okay really cool stuff
now before photo G to the next to the video and show you how to sell blog on the tide make money at why do
you check out the link below in the Description box this video that you
watching right now go down here get the cyclic I’m courtly given away free calls no
strings attached are anything lot of while show you how to make money all lie for free using free really cost of as a matter of
fact somebody took action on actually
implemented a and within 30 days made 25 files and dollars I kitchen on the guy
was a complete beginner so not only am I making money from it
but complete beginners I as well anyway what I’m gonna do now
info church the next pat video when I walk you through the entire
process on 70 people out inmates but for a I’ll also show you how
to monetize its peak make and additional passive income
stream from it I’ll see you there right then
the first thing the you need to do is to go correct Google account if you haven’t already
got what now there’s a very good chance that you’ll
already house what because you may have created one in the past to get access to a gmail account YouTube
account all 21 the many Google of properties out
that bait you happen to one of you not shot
just go to the Google homepage and Ag just look appear on if each got
your username or your name hound picture a few you’ve already got a gmail account or a Google account so
what you’ve got that you’ve come for there are if you haven’t got a Google
account correct one and that one shift on not don’t you want to go and do a
search for a website called blog at da call out
what blog I dot com eighties basically took Google owned property day at the hell
out anyone to blog for free online panic really easy to set up get blocking
straightaway I’ll just give you up reef overview of
how we worked very quickly all you have to do
is once you create your Google account just click on How To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money new block and then you can call your
blog whatever you want if it’s about you you just naming you know Jimmy Jones blog all feature ballot khaki something to do with and
niece Shana mackey you can you know keep calling my golfing
blow call underwater basket weaving each joey’s love life basket weaving however and
then you can put the URL what URL you want the
address today and then you can choose a template so I
like to see i’d previous let this new a fun to punch coding learning hates TMA
law any other complicate stuff you know
really easy to create a blog I want to get going straight away the
second play action which you can use by South are you can
used in conjunction with Blogger dot com is another Google on profiteer and I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard it
takes place and it’s called you chew okay show you can go to YouTube and a few no a pic
five right team blog you can actually do
something called the deal blog okay and a lot of people
are becoming famous you may have heard the phrase YouTube staff and a lot people all they
do any just blogging about themselves and a lot of people are following up the
bid to subscribe to the channels and things like that now what a lot people don’t realize is that
you can actually you block it out call with YouTube so
you can actually at and bad those YouTube videos How To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money righty and you know videos and a just get you all videos and your
articles Mon out they get Moss indicated if you
know what now what really call about these about block
a top cop I’m YouTube is dat Google allows you to
monetize them show you get paid when people you y’all blogs and your YouTube videos ID
required no additional after what so whether all
you have to do is cloak you up blocker dot com and your
YouTube account all to Google outset now I have to do is
go to Google outside stock call and it’s
really easy to do I’m whenever anybody views a YouTube
video you’ll get hate fall day and AL also allows you to
paw outfit on Yelp block at da call blog as
well so you gonna be making additional
passive income with no additional on you’ll be out so that
really cool stuff the anyway that’s how staffed a block for eight now if you enjoyed the video
and you’d like some of coal free still for a May and Chorley
given away really call video guide where I walk you
through step-by-step through the entire process
from start to finish on how to make about 52 eight hundred dollars per day every day
UT three methods now if you re tri-state
all you have to do to get it for free it just go below out this video on
youtube and go to the description about any keep this link click here you be
taken to a page like this simply enter your email what I’ll do I
will email you with the calls and each to
free video ch when I walk you through from
start to finish on how to make money online for free so if you’re interested
check out and I think you’ll really love it got
some really cool free stuff to share with you How To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money so funds law add how a great day

63 thoughts on How To Create a Blog For FREE and Make Money Online Blogging – Beginner’s Guide

  1. James, is offering great advice here, and it's a wonderful way to get started by putting these two platforms together.  I use both of them and 100% do get additional income every month.  Good on you James
    Marty Ware (Australian Seo Consultant)

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  6. The site is not working! How can I get it and get it for free?
    This is my first time I'm learning to create my own blog and I really want to learn.

  7. Better than blog. Its the easiest way to make serious money online. its a system that works even to the newbie online marketers.

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  9. hi, I started a blog on blogger and wordpress, but What I don't get is that AdSense can't be started. Can you give some advice?
    I'm a begginer and I wanted to start with that at first, and when I'm ready I wan't to use other methods.

    TNX in advance

    happy hollidays!

  10. How does the money get sent to you once you've monetized it? And can I start a blog young and when I get older monetize it?

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  12. hey hey! Have you heard the talk about – Sismo Money Boom (google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got cool money with it

  13. I don't really want to make money from my blog, I just want a place to write my thoughts and share my stories with others

  14. im on your list already so where is the link or whatever it is, im am ready to start blogging i have a great topic for the biz that im into which is tattooing,,, thanks i like your straight up to the point videos, thanks james, im from the bronx, out here none of my friends or anybody i know are scared of the internet and into making money but im gona show these shmucks that i can doit

  15. Thanks for the info, James! Very helpful! I'm setting up my blog tonight. Also, I'm interested in other income streams, so I will be checking out your link. I'm looking at all options, as I really want to channel my creative side, while escaping the daily grind of my dead-end trucking job that only pays $700 a week. Hopefully, in time, I can learn these tools and create a better life for myself and my son.

  16. There are legitimate ways to make money online. The problem is that the real ways to make money aren’t “get rich quick” schemes.

  17. Hi ! My name is Usman Ali. I am a medical student but as far as my IT skills are concerned they are non-existent. Would you kindly help me in making blog.I want to share some paperwork and do research.please

  18. hello james, i had a lot of problem in regards with getting a lot of requirements in making money online.. thanks for this helpful information and i hope it will work… your the man dude..

  19. this video is helping me lots do I need put my bank detail inside AdSense setup earning my money form the blog or not need to how can my self to know how money would make with AdSense blogger then I bite scared try it out if give my lotap break down it safe website yes or no thanks you helping me I not what do next

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