How to copy any web site / Clone all web pages

34 thoughts on How to copy any web site / Clone all web pages

  1. Most funny thing is that now people belive they just can copy it and start there own website. they just do't realice the copyright + they don't know how to do any changes!

  2. Okay this is very impressive. I do not need to copy a whole website though, I just need to replicate a header on a main website onto a blog I am doing for a client. How could I do that?

  3. Hola gracias por el tutorial pero tengo una duda la pagina que quiero copiar la puedo visualizar en mi pc sin Internet? es que es probable que lo den de baja ese sitio es mi fotolog quiero respaldarlo como esta, ya que en unas semanas darán de baja el sitio, y como es eso de duplicarlo con directorio de estructura? gracias

  4. Hello Friend.

    This program when you copy the site also copies the database? I already have a site copied with the teleport pro and do not know how to create data flock to this site that copied. Help me please. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much, this did exactly what I needed. WS_FTP and HTTRACK did not work for me. But THIS ONE WAS PERFECT. I downloaded all my files I needed to transfer to new website webhost group.

  6. Hi  Are you doing this for fun? I want a website copied so I can sell the same items would you be a able to copy the complete website for me? Thank you for your reply in advance

  7. I have downloaded a site as instructed, even tested the site.  I then loaded up XAMPP and have Apache and MySQL running.  When I go from my browser to the /localhost/ site, the only thing that comes up is an index of the directory, what is causing this?

  8. Question: Can you upload all the files from localhost/test1 to a new domain name and server? How is that done?? Thank you

  9. how to edit copy website content? i want to edit like in wordpress, and i am copy a wordpress webiste, is that possibles to edit just like using wordpress?

  10. Thinking on doing this to coolmath games and uploading it to my own webserver for me and my friends to use at school. How long do you think that could take to d/l?

  11. Guys if you want to host your website for free go to !! You can copy any website and paste into here!

  12. Just watchig you clickrou nd on your screen isn't helpful at all – need to add dialog so I know what and why you are making each click

  13. More faster use DollySites ( ), it's copy any website right away in your server, on your domain.

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