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Hey, I’m Bloggin Brandi and in this video
I’m going to teach you how to create a website, whether you want to do it yourself or hire
a designer. Be sure to stay tuned until the end because I have a super simple checklist
that’s going to help you set everything up from start to finish in a just a few easy
steps. The other day, We were at our condo association meet up and one of our friends
was telling me, Oh, I’m gonna quit my job, and I was like, well, what are you going to
do? He said, well, I think I’m going to go to school and learn how to design websites
and I said, “oh really, I made a video about how to do that if you want to watch it”
for free. You can do it probably like less than 20 minutes. Instead of quitting your
job and trying to figure that out. I’m not really sure how to talk about how he responded,
but he essentially said, “No, I really want to learn how to code them”. and, I was thinking,
dude, people don’t code websites anymore, , they hire people to do that.” What are you
doing? You’re like 40 years old and this is not what you should be doing right now. He
didn’t want to watch the video. He said he wanted to go to school for it and I was thinking,
well, the school is called YouTube, you don’t pay to go to school anymore. That’s just not
normal. But, the whole point of the story is that it made me think about, okay, well
if I was going to create a website today, how would I create a website or like how would
I tell someone to create a website and I just did this the other day for one of my businesses,
Ambay Exchange. Honestly, I sell so much on Amazon and sell
so much on Ebay. I do, yes, we really have a website or I didn’t really have a need for
a website. So I decided to not make one! The first step is probably to decide whether you
need a website or not because they have these things called landing pages, which I like
to refer to as one page websites. If you’ve ever heard of a lead page, there’s also a
company called lead pages, which is who I actually use to create these landing pages.
They’re just simple one page websites where you can sell a product or service or get people
to join a Webinar or sign up for an email list, something like that. You’ve probably
landed on one and didn’t even know you landed on one. Hopefully that makes sense. If it
does, hit the like button below this video so I know that it’s making sense for you.
If you need a full blown website, You always have the option to build one yourself or hire
a designer. If I’m going to build a website, I’m going to use GoDaddy’s website builder
because they use wordpress, which is probably completely over your head, but you’re going
to need to know that one day. So wordpress is a design platform. I use go daddy to host
it. WordPress is essentially free, but you have to host it somewhere. So that means someone
has to store your content for you. So I pay GoDaddy to do it and I just use go daddy because
it’s all in one place. If you saw the tutorial that I did below the video awhile back on
my bloggin Brandi channel, once you found a design you like, you’re going to hit select
and it’s going to install it, so this will show you how this theme works and what the
tabs look like and you can tell it’s a little off but
You can change the colors to anything. You would say that I use godaddy, super easy to
create this website in like, I don’t know, like 10 minutes, it’s called their website
builder or godaddy website builder or something like that. You have the option to do a one
page website or you have the option to do the full blown website. So if I was going
to do it a full blown way, GoDaddy would be the way that I would go and I think you’re
getting even hire them to set up a website for you. It’s probably going to be really
pricey, but I would suggest just setting up the website yourself first and then hiring
a designer. Maybe after you’ve put some of the content into the website, like some blog
posts or gotten some of your about page info, like you want to have something to give somebody
before they can design for you. That kind of leads me to the next phase of
this process, which are themes. Themes, Themes, Themes! So a lot of people probably have no
idea what a theme is and I didn’t either when I was starting my business. If you have this
thing called a theme or you buy one of these.. So You’re trying to create something like
a scheduling type theme, a travel blog type thing, something like that. Okay, so essentially
instead of trying to build this whole onetime for yourself, you’re installing a theme that
already does all the things that you want to do or most of the things that you want
it to do. And the best way to do this is to hire a designer to put this theme onto your
website for you. Just trust me on this because making all this little plugins work and making
the theme look the way that you buy, it doesn’t work the same.
I buy mine from theme forest or Envato market. I recently just bought one that looks pretty
balling and you can check it out in the description below this video, so for the theme that I
installed, the theme itself was about $59 and then to get it installed cost me about
50 so to start the website all together, pay GoDaddy about $15 a year for the domain name,
$25 a month for the hosting of the website, paid a onetime fee of $59 for the theme and
then $50 to get the theme installed. Less than 150 bucks for a domain in a website and
hosting. That’s what I pay. Hopefully, That’s not like too over your head. It’s probably
the easiest way to set up a website if you really need help Outside of that, I would
suggest hiring a designer and I know you’re going to ask, “Where do I go hire a designer
if I’m not going to them if I’m not going to use this theme or envato market and I just
want to hire somebody straight out just to give you some places that I’ve used before,
you can reach out to somebody on Fiverr. If I v E R R and you can find people that
do tons of jobs on there. They can either build a complete website for you or they can
install a theme for you and help you out with getting set up from start to finish. Another
service that I’ve used is called upwork. They have tons of people out there. If you want
to find just like a freelancer, you can also hit me up. I don’t know what you wouldn’t
do that. This person right here. You can hit me up and I can help you do that or at least
point you in the right direction… So let’s review how to create a website or how essentially
would I create a website? The first thing to note is whether you need a website or not.
Do you need a website or do you just need a landing page, which is a one page website.
If you need a landing page, I would go with lead pages. If you need a full blown website,
I would start with GoDaddy’s website builder and at least get something set up.
The second part of that process is if you need something more advanced and you’re going
the website route, then you want to go with a theme. Probably heading over to envato market
or theme forest is always a great option and where I had to go get my themes and then I
have them installed either through Ennvato studio, freelance finder, [laughing] I have
them install it for me when I’m purchasing the theme or if I want to have somebody do
all of this from start to finish, then I would say maybe head over to Fiverr or upwork or
you can always just hit me up I can help you do it for yourself and your business. So how
would you hit me up? You could hit up the description below this video or you can visit
my website [inaudible]
or you could just send me an email, [email protected] where I can direct you where you need to go.
Okay, so now you know how to create a website for yourself, either by yourself or hiring
an designer, but do you know how to set up the rest of your business, like your email
and your social media and all of the things that come along with that and all the fun
stuff that I mentioned. Then you’re going to want something like my startup checklist
because I didn’t know these things either, so put them all into a checklist so that you
know like, Hey, I need a website and here’s where I go to get my email set up and how
I get my social media and checklist below this video and the tutorials and the videos
that I mentioned and all the good stuff. If you aren’t checking the description below
this video, you’re missing all the goodies until the next time. Make sure to subscribe
so you don’t miss the next episode of these wonderful and amazing tutorials that I make.
Thanks for watching I’m Bloggin Brandi and I’ll see you in the next video. Yeah. I really
hope this video makes it out on time because I’m so pressed for time while I’m recording
this, but I hope that it seems beautiful and seamless, just like every other video that
I’m make. But more importantly, what are we even gonna talk about in this video and who
am I? Right? Who am I? That was a little explicit. That was a little explicit. It’s definitely
not who I am, but I could slip a time or two. So, you know, just keeping it real boss to
boss. Oh, okay.
What are we going to talk about today? And I don’t know why my hand is like that, but
what, what are we going to talk about today? That is a great question, brandy. Why would
you, you know, ask that set everything up. I remember there’s just not going well. This
is why I only record once a month. I’m so not in the mood to do this right now.


  1. Thanks for watching HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE (NO CODING REQUIRED!). ⬇️ BELOW are links to all the resources I mentioned in the video.






    GODADDY (Domain & Hosting)

    ENVATO MARKET (Themes)








    – XO


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