How The Social Network Should Have Ended

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How The Social Network Should Have Ended

How The Social Network Should Have Ended

Why do I always wear sandals and shorts
when it is freezing outside? How The Social Network Should Have Ended I’m not upset I don’t care about anything you’ve been
saying tonight I just wanna be noticed and part of the final clubs. Because that’s all that’s important. (sigh) You’re going to think girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd but really it will be because you’re an (beep)-hole. Crap. I can’t believe she dumped me. She was really hot. I’m gonna blog so bad about her. Should you be hacking these servers? Psh, I don’t care about privacy. Hey, we’re twins. And there’s two of me. And our father’s rich. We heard about your
blog. We wanna hire you to make our social network. Hmmm.. That gives me an amazing idea. They’re saying that we stole the Facebook. I know. So did we? Why don’t you feed your chicken? This idea is potentially worth millions
of dollars. A million dollars isn’t cool, you know what is cool? a frillion, wajillion, bazillion dollars. That’s not even a real number. We’ve worked on this together. Do you want this? Do you want to go back
to being a joke? I am not a joke. I am Spider-man. I, not so secretly, hate your coolness. Down here it’s our time! It’s our time,
down here. Did you just quote Goonies? Mr. Zuckerburg, do I have your full attention? No. You have the minimal amount, because I am more important than anyone in this room. Well, excuse me! Mark!! Ugh! The cops, they busted me with cocaine and minors, man. Your best friend is suing for 600 bazillion dollars. I was your one friend… This is so impersonal. Hi, its Mark. Zuckerburg. I ugh… Well I just wanted to say.. I’m sorry. I’m bringing Facebook back. Yeah! Them
other boys don’t know how to act. Yeah! Bring it down to Facebook-ville!

100 thoughts on How The Social Network Should Have Ended

  1. you forgot the part where he peels off his outer layer of skin revealing a humanoid reptilian and yells:


    then he eats everyone

  2. I like how this showed up in my recommendation with everything that has happened to Mark this week in real life. Good job youtube.

  3. โ€œShould you be hacking these servers??โ€
    โ€œPfft, I donโ€™t care about privacy!โ€

    Oh, the foreshadowing.

  4. How The Social Network Should have ended: Part 1: "I'm Sorry that I earned so much of money off of ads and privacy of the users." Part 2: "Congressman, I dont understand that question."

  5. The actual movie would've been even better than it already is if it had the ending they have here.

  6. when you realize spiderman and lex luthor created facebook, and kilmonger and captain america are the same FF member, and batman is daredevil.

  7. This movie is nearly perfect it's kinda hard to make fun of it. But I guess you literally make fun of any more no matter how good it is.

  8. It mentions Andrew Garfield being Spiderman in a video made in 2010 and the first amazing Spiderman movie came in 2012

  9. Who here knows that the real Mark Zuckerberg is not anything like the one in the movie aka Mark SUCKERburg ๐Ÿคฃ get it

  10. if this was made in 2010 and amazing spider-man came out inย 2012, how did you know Andrew Garfield was going to play spider-man

  11. I'm bringing Facebook back (yeah!)
    Them other boys don't know how to act (yeah!)


  12. And look at Fakebook today !
    Violators of Anti-Trust Laws, zuckyurdick LYING to Congress at a Congressional Hearing, CENSORING Conservative Accounts, et cetera and so forth !

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