How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start AMAZON FBA? (The Truth)

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How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start AMAZON FBA? (The Truth)

How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start AMAZON FBA? (The Truth)

what’s the true cost to starting an
Amazon business it’s a hard answer to come by some people will say 500 some
people will say 10,000 and there’s everything in between now when I started
I thought I had to figure it out I had to mapped out and I started with a
couple of thousand dollars but within a few months I was $50,000 in debt because
of things that I didn’t know so in this breakdown I’m gonna give you
four things that you need to consider there’s the things that are required
there’s the things that are optional there’s the things that are recommended
and then there’s the things that are hidden hey how’s it goin welcome to my channel
my name is Jesse Franco and the no bullshit Amazon seller so if you want to
learn about Amazon FBA from someone that actually sells on Amazon and you’ve come
to the right place well make sure to subscribe to become an Empire Builder
and if you’re already in a fire– builder welcome back hopefully your
empire is going strong so let’s dive right into this all right so we’re start
with the things that are required to start your Amazon FBA business so
there’s a lot of price ranges so like lot of these things aren’t you know
solid all the time set prices they’ll give you a lot of variation so I’m gonna
do I’m gonna do kind of the cheap end the cheapest you can go and then I’m
gonna do the most expensive that you can go and then we’re gonna kind of at the
very end I’m gonna do my recommended and then I’m gonna show you what is more
optional and then of course I’m going to tell you the two most expensive things
that you need to consider when thinking about starting this business opportunity
okay and that’s at the end don’t skip to that one though because if you don’t
watch everything first and won’t really make sense so the first thing that
you’re gonna need is your Amazon seller account right so you can actually do
this first for free because you can start with your your individual seller
accounts but then later you’re gonna need to upgrade to the pro seller
count-outs I usually just recommend if you’re
really serious about getting into Amazon just go ahead and get the pro seller
account right away 40 bucks all right so 40 bucks a month
so that’s but if you don’t want to do that you want to have the free account
first you are gonna need to upgrade by the time you’re ready to order your
products okay so you can start for free for a bit dabble around get used to it
you know look through seller central seller central is the back end like
where your your seller hub for where you’re going to control your inventory
you’re gonna see your sales you’re gonna do your pay-per-click ads and everything
like that get used to that and then upgrade when you’re ready so the next
thing is absolutely required is your so once you get your cellar account
that’s your base your home base and now you need your tools which is kind of be
like your armory if you’re thinking about going to war right so your tools
are the things are gonna help you make this process easier so things like
finding your products building your listing section for keywords emailing
customers there’s a lot of different tools which are software right things
that you purchase online software to help you run your business more
efficiently now when you’re starting the only thing you actually are required to
have that you need is something that’s gonna help you find products right so
you’re starting to looking to start sell products on Amazon what are you gonna
sell and that’s where viral launch comes in so viral launch is a tool that helps
you find your products so that you know exactly the metrics the numbers so you
can base your decision off of the the facts right the hard facts of these
products in these markets you don’t want to just try to sell a product Amazon
that just up the top of your head because there’s you’re just guessing
right you’re throwing a dart into a pool of millions of products and hoping that
you get the right thing whereas violence is gonna be more like you know shooting
a magnet out there and relaying the good options okay so if I launch and that’s
gonna cost you anywhere from 50 to $80 and the reason for that is because
there’s four different versions there’s a lite version and the pro version now I
typically just stay within I have the pro version myself so I wouldn’t go I
don’t really go much higher than that it’s gonna be either fifty nine dollars
or hundred dollars on like that ninety nine dollars but if you use my buy
launch code my discount code in the description
it becomes fifty dollars or eighty five dollars instead of fifty nine or one
hundred okay fifty percent off for life now the thing
about that is a monthly cost but if you find your product you can go ahead and
cancel that and then rejoin later on right so quick little hack to save you
some money there so you don’t have to pay for it for months when you’re not
actually using the software okay so the next thing that is absolutely required
right now we’re talking about actually getting your business going it’s gonna
be your logo okay so you’re gonna need to have a logo for your brand on Amazon
so this is something that I wouldn’t skimp out on because again this is kind
of you know building your brand identity presenting yourself as a premium brand
if you have a logo that just looks like it was sketched up on Microsoft Paint
then people are gonna be less likely to trust your brand right so spend some
time spend some effort and put some brainpower in to make something that
actually is nice and that makes sense it’s
too cluttered it’s clean and it looks good and it just looks good on your
listing on your product okay so the way you can do this if you’re not a designer
yourself if you are designer awesome go for it but the way you can do this cheap
is to go through a website called Fiverr now Fiverr is where you can find a lot
of freelancers that can do designs for you this is where I got my first look
we’re done but the thing about Fiverr is that with everything you kind of get
what you pay for right so it’s gonna be like 25 to 50 bucks I’ll put $50 for
this to get a logo done but the quality’s not always there right the
quality isn’t always the best so what I actually recommend is to go to a site
called outline Matic okay now outline Matic and I’m gonna tell you why I
recommend it because you get a two in one
so with outline Matic and we’ll cover this later when we talk about box design
so the packaging of your product but outline Matic is gonna do can do your
logo for you and your box for you okay so if you want to just get the logo from
outline my neck it’s 150 bucks but I recommend if you’re gonna get the local
from our automatic you might as well get the full package which is 297 and it’s
gonna get you the box design as well okay so you get the box design you get
the logo design for 300 dollars and that’s kind of the higher end but then
you get you know you get a two in one there as opposed to getting a cheaper
logo off fiber okay so next thing you’re gonna need is your samples okay so
samples is definitely something that i 100% do recommend you can skip out and
not get samples for your product but I’ve been burned multiple times by not
getting samples three times to be exact where I didn’t get a sample and the
product wasn’t what I thought it was gonna be wasn’t as good I thought it was
gonna be the quality wasn’t there or things were just totally wrong from what
I assumed it that the seller was gonna or the the manufacturers gonna send so I
always now get samples I always recommend to get samples this is the
only way you can really get a feel get a touch and and really play around with
your product before you start selling it to you know hundreds of thousands of
people it’s always good to get set you can actually see it first so a sample
again it’s gonna range but typically it’s gonna be like 50 bucks to get a
sample sent to you and that’s a single product and the reason I know that
probably sounds expensive is because it’s you’re shipping it from China right
so really you’re paying for the shipping another nice thing about samples is that
once you get a sample ordered you can get it refunded to you from the supplier
once you place the full order so he’ll send you a sample for the stapler you
have a staple you pay 50 bucks for it okay I’m ready
place the full order of 300 units for this stapler and then they’ll just
they’ll deduct that $50 cost from your final order
okay so samples and I typically was getting around you know three samples at
least from different manufacturers to see which one is actually best so 50
bucks times three you looking at about a hundred and fifty dollars for your
samples all right so the next thing on the list is your actual inventory so now
we’re talking about your products so now you you got your tools you got
everything set up you got your samples you ready to order of products now this
is the one it’s gonna be that’s gonna vary the most because it’s gonna depend
on you know the product which product did you select so every every other
product is gonna cost a different amount whatever variation whatever kind of you
know if you make any changes to that product that’s gonna make a change to it
and there’s just so many burials and it also depends on how many units you order
so I’m going to break it down to say between two and six dollars or three
hundred units looking at between six hundred to eighteen hundred dollars for
your first order of products okay so that is again that’s just a range and
three hundred units is a good kind of first order to kind of test the waters
now again I wouldn’t randomly just you know order three hundred first because
you think three hundred is good is a good number
there’s a lot of ways to kind of calculate how much you should actually
order how much you should expect to expect to sell but this is not the video
for that if you want to find that out click this video right over here that’s
a complete Amazon FBA a tizzy guide it’s gonna take you through the entire
process and it’s going to show you a little bit more about inventory
forecasting how much to order but just for the sake of the video we’ll say
you’re ordering three under units okay so the next thing you want to consider
is your UPC codes your bar codes so the bar code is something that’s going to go
onto your product onto your actual units for Amazon to organize them so what you
need to do is buy a UPC code and then you’re gonna put that into Amazon when
you create your listing and they’re gonna give you an FN SKU and then that
FN SKU you’re gonna send it to your supplier and then they’re gonna put it
onto your items okay so the thing about UPC code it’s gonna it’s gonna arrange a
lot so it’s gonna be between five dollars to two hundred and fifty dollars
for a UPC code now let me explain why I know that sounds a little bit crazy so
basically there is something called gs1 a gs1 is the standard for UPC code so or
bar codes okay so if you are to go and buy from gs1
your your company is going to be assigned to that barcode okay and that
is an official barcode okay man whenever you go to Walmart or Target whatever
those are the gs1 barcode okay so what happens is these gs1 barcodes are like
200 bucks for a single one right but if a company comes in someone comes in and
buys you know a massive order of 5,000 10,000 20,000 of these barcodes they can
get much cheaper and then they can resell them so that is where the five
dollar one comes in is when you can actually buy a resold version of these
gs1 barcodes now they are at legit just one but they’re not assigned to your
company they’re assigned to the company that bought them originally right now
this was never a problem before but it recently Amazon changes our rules so
that they require sellers to have gs1 barcodes that are assigned actually to
them now here’s the thing can you get away with buying a resold one you
technically yes now it’s kind of a great area so you’re gonna kind of play it on
your own risk if you don’t get a gs1 barcode amazon can take your listing
down they can and you know say you can’t sell is probably because you don’t
haven’t followed the rules now here’s the thing 95% of sellers on Amazon right
now are using resold gs1 barcodes so is Amazon actually going to go ahead
and take down 95% of the products because of those recent rule change
probably not but again your teeter-tottering on this line of you
know what are you willing to risk and you know every willing to just pay the
250 or whatever it is to get an official barcode let’s cut up to you but from
myself personally majority of my products are still the resold ones okay
so that’s that next thing you’re gonna need to consider is your shipping so now
your orders your inventory you sent the barcodes in now it’s ready to it’s done
it’s manufactured now how much did it cost to ship so it’s gonna again it’s
gonna vary right whether you go by see whether you go by air but you’re only
ordering 300 units I always suggest your first order just go by air okay it’s
much faster you’re talking to the difference between thirty to like fifty
sixty days – three – like seven days for air right so go by air just because time
is money you get it in there faster you get to test it maybe it’s gonna be
weight it’s gonna be more expensive and it’s gonna you know really eat your
margins but at least you got in there you’ve got to be able to test the market
you you proved your your theory that this product is selling well now you can
go ahead and order again and then you know maybe order a bigger
order by C next because if your only order 304 ended units it’s really not
worth it C makes more sense when you’re looking at two thousand three thousand
five thousand units okay so by air for your first order three hundred units
give me anywhere between 300 to like seven hundred dollars okay so let’s just
put that range on there and that’s it all right so those are all the things
that are actually wonders that required mandatory cost okay so let’s run through
it again really quickly you got your seller count which is forty bucks
you’ve got your tools which is gonna be 50 to 85 bucks then you’re getting your
samples it’s $150 you got your logo fifty two hundred
ninety seven dollars your inventory is between six hundred to eighteen hundred
dollars UPC code is five dollars to two hundred dollars then your shipping and
surrender to seven hundred dollars all right with that you’re looking at
between one thousand one hundred and ninety five dollars to three thousand
three hundred and twenty two dollars okay so those are kind of the lowest and
the highest so let’s just put those together and average that out to about
two thousand two hundred and fifty eight dollars so you have to – I put the to
cost together and cut that in half and then that’s the average of 22:58 okay so
those are the required costs so now what we’re gonna talk about are the optional
cost the things that aren’t hundreds not necessary but you know it’s there so the
first thing we’re talk about is an inspection so getting an inspection is
when you get your products ordered they’re there they’re made and they’re
they’re manufactured and now you can send in a company to go and inspect
those products and make sure they are to your specifications what you ask the
manufacturer to create there’s no damaged units and everything’s done well
and properly ok they can even break test the product and everything like that so
an inspection from the company I recommend is about three hundred dollars
so this company is called qui m’a qim a that’s what I’ve been using for years
they used to be called like China inspection but it’s thirty dollars so
they’re going there I’ll give you a full report of everything and they’ll give
you a detailed breakdown with your product so you know once it sends out
then everything is done and everything is there there’s no missing pieces and
that’s happened before where there’s a product with lots of pieces and then
something’s missing in the boxes and then you’re getting returned to getting
complaints from customers so inspections are great it’s but again it’s optional
for you you don’t have to do it but it depends again between the risk reward
but I would say you are low if you’re tight on a budget
just skip the inspection for the first part just your supplier to send you
pictures make sure everything’s there kind of do it over the resource that you
have you don’t have to really go that deep and if you want to make sure your
darling the eyes across Metis on everything go for it okay the next thing
is pro product photography now professionally done product photography
is very very important it is literally like the number one thing is gonna sell
your product it’s it comes down to what’s your title
what’s your pictures look like okay because this is this is the key of your
listing like when people are looking at your product they’re considering the
photos more than anything else so having great photos done is key so this is
gonna be expensive right it’s about five hundred fifty dollars to get pro product
photography done from viral launch again violence does a great job there they are
Amazon sellers built by analyst sellers for Amazon sellers so they know what you
works well Anna’s on what converts well what’s with in Amazon’s rules but again
if you want to do it yourself you can do that a member you’ve got your samples so
you can go ahead do this product photography yourself just make sure your
phone the rules or go to a local photographer right go to someone off
Craigslist or whatever it is I can do this for you and just give them the
specifications more than you can probably save a little bit money but if
you want to go with VAR launch that’s five hundred fifty dollars okay
next thing is box design so box design I’m talking about a little bit earlier
if you went the fiber route and you didn’t get upline Matic you’re probably
looking at again if you go back to five or fifty probably yeah
fifty bucks for your box design but again you get what you pay for so if
you’re gonna get to site if you decided you’re gonna spend 50 bucks for logo
fifty bucks for a box that’s a hundred dollars done cheaply you might as well
spend an extra one hundred ninety seven to go ahead and use outline I actually
it’s not even hundred ninety seven because if you use I didn’t forgot to
mention this if you use a link in the description for outline Matic you get a
20 percent discount for that so it’s like one hundred or two hundred and
thirty seven dollars so at that point it just it just makes more sense to go for
that if you decide to take that optional route now again the box line is very
important because it’s what makes your product seem premium not only you can
can use it on the listing like you can put the Box on the listing make it
really pop but it’s also useful when a customer receives your product and they
get a nice box to think about when you buy you know a brand new phone or
whatever it is I’m a macbook and it’s just a really pristine quality box it
really said hey you bought something that is
important you bought something that is that is up to this quality standards
that you expected right so box design and that’s really it for the optional
cost there’s a lot of other things that I didn’t put in here because there’s
just no way that I can give you a real number on it
things like PPC like you’re so you’re now doing paid ads now that’s totally up
to you that’s kind of a cost that you’ve got to figure out on your own what
you’re willing to spend what your profit margins are it’s useless for me to throw
at a random number there because it could be anywhere from $100 to literally
ten thousand dollars so it just depends what your budget is what you’re going to
spend how many units you ordered how spent what keywords your bidding on how
what product is what how expensive the niche is so yeah so that’s another thing
and then lastly the last thing I’m going to cover for the optional is a course a
paid training program now a prey training program can be anywhere from
397 is like 1997 some goal or more expensive but it comes down to investing
in yourself a paid training program I like the Empire Academy which is my
program in description again is what’s gonna help you move through this process
without making the mistakes so Rayna we talked about it in a second here but
it’s gonna make it so that it’s seamless for you because there’s a lot of things
that like again post so many videos on this channel I I try to share as much as
cameras just so much that’s having mentorship really having access to me to
help you out and going through or anyone right but it doesn’t have to my course
any course in the world is gonna help you out now again and come down to it is
gonna be you get what you pay for so if there’s courses out there that’s 397 497
there’s a reason for that right because whoever is selling that course they
don’t put too much time in it you want something that is like a 397 497 course
value click that link right over there it’s basically an entire course I go A
to Z it’s like an hour and four minutes long now I know that for some reason
talking about courses on YouTube it’s super taboo so I’m just gonna go forward
now but I’m gonna put this little example here for you I told you to get
from like one side like the west side of the state’s all the way to the farthest
east side of the states and I told you you have to get there that’s your goal
you gotta get there you can walk you could just walk there it’ll be free but
it would probably take you I don’t know a few months right
so get from one side to the next or you go ahead and invest in a plane ticket
and get there way faster and that’s what of course is expediting the process it’s
making it easier even though you could get there without one why would you want
to do that so now if we tally that up looking
optional costs anywhere from 11 97 227 97 all right now when we put these
together you’re looking back between anywhere for like three to five thousand
dollars right so what I’m gonna do now is that since I gave you these ranges of
things I’m gonna tell you what I actually recommended you do right
between all these cheap and expensive what are my recommendations what is my
ideal recommendation for someone actually wants to get in here get
started get off on the right foot okay so first I would say for viral launch
get the pro version okay eighty-five dollars and the reason I say that is
because you get the keyword research tool with the bio launch pro version by
the way and if you haven’t already you can actually go ahead and get the free
trial for viral launch you can test it out play around with it see if it
something you want to get and if you decide it is I would definitely go for
the pro version the next thing your samples its samplers house hunt 50 bucks
okay your logo and box I would go ahead and get the outline Matic one again like
I said it can be two thirty seven I think with the discounts then your
inventory you’re probably around fifty hundred dollars if you get something
mid-range right your UPC code I would go ahead and get the five dollar resold
ones and actually if you’re gonna go ahead and get the resold ones I would
get a package of like a buy pack of like ten of them it’s like twelve bucks to
get ten barcodes okay I would go that route again risk tolerance it’s up to
you then for shipping you’re probably looking at 500 bucks go ahead get your
$40 sell account right away and then grab the Empire Academy in the
description and then with all those things added up you looking at about
$3500 Owen to go and get your Amazon business going now I know for a lot of
you that seems super duper expensive super costly right and that is just
again this averages right so it can’t be cheaper it can be more expensive this is
just a really good average for what I recommend and what I think that’s the
best ideas would be to go with when you’re starting out now look if that’s
too much that’s too much there’s nothing wrong with that right
some people think about a moldavia as this get-rich-quick get-rich-quick easy
because some people have told them they can start for five hundred dollars and
that’s just not the case I’m here to be the no BS guy to tell you
straight in your face if you can’t afford to get into this business don’t
get into this business okay because it does cost money now that being said
there’s nothing wrong with just learning the process and then saving your money
up saving up capital or you know going using some using credit cards right now
again risk tolerance right that’s what I did not suggesting everyone should do
I’m not saying that’s a good idea for some of you it’s probably a
bad idea to do that but it’s just an option right now if you really want to
get work for you you’re gonna make it work for you but this is the cost to
bury it entry now I think it’s actually a great thing that it’s a higher barrier
to entry if you compare it to business models like affiliate marketing or you
compare it to Shopify dropshipping wares really not
much money that you got to put out upfront that’s a lot easier which means
there’s a lot more people trying to do that so there’s a lot more clutter a lot
more noise whereas with Amazon FBA you need a certain amount of money to get in
so there’s a lot less of us and those of us that get into it are more serious and
that’s why there’s such a huge success rate on Amazon FBA compared to other
business models right 51 percent of sellers on Amazon literally 51 percent
the majority of sellers make at least $100,000 per year or more at least right
so the majority of cells are making at least six figures a year which is just
mind-blowing ly insane okay so now the most expensive things what I actually
didn’t know when I started and that is the most expensive thing okay so the
biggest cost for me again I started for about twenty seven hundred bucks when I
got it I think some like that okay but my biggest costs we’re not these things
we’re not these little expenses that I’ve talked about today these were easy
because those were things that I wrote them down I knew what they were gonna be
I could kind of map it out and plan it in my head but what I didn’t know what
cost me the most was mistakes the the cost of mistakes the cost of trial and
error right this was actually the biggest cost since I’ve started Amazon
FBA I’ve lost about eight thousand dollars total okay so I started with
2,700 bucks which I thought was already a lot when I started but I paid $8,000
in mistakes I paid $8,000 in trial and error and that’s actually not uncommon
for new sellers that don’t know what they’re doing to lose a cup of grand
because of things I just didn’t know and that’s what I’m talking about when I
told you about the price of a course right you’re looking at joining a
program and getting mentorship so you can skip the trial and error process and
you know I hear a lot of people say you know I don’t want to get a course I’ll
go the free route and I’ll just spend more time because I have more time to
spend and that way I can save money that’s not necessarily true because
opting out of a program spending extra time to do it and then you still miss
steps and then you actually spend extra money as well because of these Lost
right so going to free route it’s gonna take you more time and potentially
taking more money as well okay that’s just the cost of trial Aaron that’s that
that’s not an Amazon app a thing that’s an everything thing right everything in
the world that you have to learn you’re gonna if you have to go to trial and
error it’s gonna be a harder process you’re gonna have a lot more road bumps
a lot more heartache a headache right that’s why as Otto von Bismarck once
said Only Fools learn from experience I would rather profit from other people’s
experiences and that’s what a program is gonna do for you right so that’s kind of
the number one thing to consider the next thing I want you to consider and
all people don’t talk about when they’re talking about it starting idling up to a
business is when you order your products you budgeted for your first order you
budgeted for all these things did you budget for your second order right did
you did you actually say or the timeframe of how much do you need for
your second order how much money do you need for a second order and when are you
gonna need it because there’s no use just placing a fourth first order and
depleting all your funds and then all of a sudden give me a second order within a
couple months a couple weeks to replenish and now you have no money and
all that work you put in to rank and kind of get out there and get your
product going is lost and now you’re waiting to pay it again because don’t
forget that once you start making sales it’s gonna take two weeks until am Sulli
pays you back so you can’t just rely on the cash coming back from your first
order to make your second order you need to have a little bit of cash on hand for
that so make sure you consider that when you’re looking at ordering your first
product okay now finally the last cost the one that actually is the most
expensive cost because at this point you kind of understand it all right you
understand how it’s gonna cost the timing and everything and you’re either
thinking oh my gosh $3,500 that’s too much I’m gonna look for a different
business model or $300 that’s okay right so if you’re in this camp of is that too
much is it worth it to actually start this you know should I save up should I
wait should I you know go should I take out a loan check use credit cards I want
you to consider this so let’s go back and look at the cost of starting right
so let’s say you go for the the average of the required cost which is like
twenty to fifty eight and then you go ahead and you add in the cost of trial
and error which is $8,000 right and that’s ten grand right there and you now
take away the trial and error because you bought you want and you join an
Academy right you join a program so you’re basically looking at my
recommended suggestions right so you’re looking at $3,500 okay now you got to
think to yourself is it worth it for me to risk we got
this is a risk Phil is it worth it for me to risk $3,500 to start this business
or should I go away right should I try something else
is this just too much is it not worth my time is it too scary to do this right
that’s really what is it it’s if you’re not gonna start it’s a fear so now I
want to understand the biggest cost of this all the biggest cost is not the
cost of starting the biggest cost is the cost of not starting okay now stay with
me here cuz I know I start always sound like some motivational Instagram post
right now but look at this seriously Kate XE $35 to start this business now
like I told you already the majority of sellers right 51% are making $100,000 or
more every single year hundred dollars or more every year the majority okay so
you have to be actually within the worst of the worst sellers to not make that
amount okay now the average profit margin according to what is a feat
advisor I have here yeah the average profit margin according to feed advisor
is about 30% so let’s say you’re in the majority of sellers and you have an
average profit margin that means every year you’re bringing in at least $30,000
profit not revenue but profit and that is just the averages all right
so $30,000 if you don’t start is what you’re risking not making so to not
start this business if you follow a program and you’re in the majority of
sellers and you have a you know average to below average event profit margin
you’re looking at $30,000 every single year and you compare that to the $3500
it took to get started it’s not if you gotta think hey can I get this money if
you don’t have the 3,500 can you get the 3,500 to make thirty thousand right
because that’s where they where it comes down to if I told you right now hey I’ll
trade you thirty thousand for for three thousand everyone would be able to find
that money well they would do they would dig hand and nail and and cut off their
arm or whatever it takes probably don’t cut your arm because that’s that’s a bad
trade-off but they do what it takes to find the money to make it happen that’s
what happened to me when I started I started out with a few thousand dollars
right and I realized holy smokes this business model actually works I’m
actually no 27 you know the 27 or whatever I started with was a lot but I
saw the light I saw that hey I’m actually gonna be losing money if I
don’t get more products now if I don’t move quicker so when I told you I want
50,000 to debt what happened was I took out a
$50,000 loan to go and invest into more props because I knew I could make it
happen and guess what happen I did it right
because this is a model that is repeatable it’s it’s predictable and
you’re able to copy and formulate and keep on moving off of other people’s
successes right just like all these students from the Empire Academy that
have done the same thing so how much does it cost to start and I’m gonna pay
a business anywhere between twenty two to five thousand dollars if you’re going
to recommend wrote and within the averages you’re probably looking at
about thirty five hundred US dollars to get started but how much does it cost if
you’re able to avoid the trial and error right things like picking a bad product
wasting money on PPC running out of stock failing you know failed giveaway
launches getting listing suspended these are kind of some of the things that cost
me money you’re able to avoid that stuff then you’re cutting off a big like chunk
of the cost because you’re able to avoid losing money on those things so you’re
looking at say $500 and then you’re looking at the cost of not starting
being around $30,000 and that’s again I just wanted to say again that’s within
the averages okay so can be a lot more to be a lot less and if you are within a
lot more this $30,000 to not start all of a sudden it becomes fifty sixty three
hundred thousand dollars to not start profit just like some of again the
students I showed you earlier so that’s a true cost to start and will not be in
business and more importantly the true cost to not start it so you can decide
if this is the right business for you if it’s not it’s it’s not enough thats okay
and if it is it is and if it is again probably click this link right over here
because that is a new video and this one if you want a free master class click
this link right now and then I guess play bloopers or something after that
but my throat hurts like hell whoa was that not recording the whole time you’re looking at 30 why did I clear it
today I know I sound like probably some woozy floozy hippie

26 thoughts on How Much MONEY Do You NEED To Start AMAZON FBA? (The Truth)

  1. Great video I appreciate you being upfront and honest about what it’s going to cost and not sugarcoating it I am trying right now to save up to do it the right way and not cut any corners. It may take a lot longer than I thought but I’m trying it.

  2. Do YOU have enough to start? if not, what's your plan to make it work? Share below!

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  3. Seems like using JIT on Shopify will probably get you the $5k you need to start over 3-5 months… provided you do a good job

  4. use affiliate marketing earnings to save up to 7k then start amz business, save amz earnings up to 70k then buy real state, save real state earnings up to 700k then retire at 70 years old.

  5. Great video as always! More people need to see this. Not everyone knows the real cost of getting started. That being said, it has been worth it for me! From my very first product, I got Packaging design done ( Actually from Outlinematic) and I made sure to build a brand from the start. It does take a bit more investment, but in the long run it's worth it.

  6. Awesome video man, I’m looking to start my amazon FBA Journey, I’m working my 9-5 and doing Uber and postmates and you name it, to save money to buy your course and begin a new chapter in the amazon jungle.

  7. JT FRANCO's channel is the BEST FBA channel hands down! I just made a video on a brand new product research method, check me out!

  8. Hey JT, I started following you in July and got your course and everything. I love your delivery but it seems like all your recent vids are meant to draw in new amazon sellers. You think you could make some more advanced in depth ones like Listing/Keyword Optimization, PPC Optimization, Q4 prep, etc..?

  9. Around 8.5k is really the true startup cost, assuming your product is around $5 for example. Gotta account for outsourcing and rebate key since discounted launches dont work anymore and dont rank you as well. Second order needs to be about 2 months worth of inventory.

  10. Empire Member: Great Job JT and Good info. That was along the lines I was looking for and I am sure others also. Your the best. Thanks!

  11. Very nice Video. Only one point, You speak very fast. I understand You very well, it’s only a bit to fast. Don’t forget to breath…!

  12. Hey JT,
    Thanks for this great video! I am a new subscriber to your channel….

    I have a burning question that’s been on my mind. Over the past weeks, I’ve watched many Youtube success stories of Amazon FBA sellers….

    However most of these sellers started way back in 2015/6, when there were relatively less competition. Given that there is more sellers jumping onboard Amazon now, is there still potential for us newbies to start a profitable biz on Amazon FBA?

    Thanks and appreciate your advise….

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