How much do web designers earn? [My salary history]

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  1. Great vid! how come you used USD? I often have this conflict, being a Brit living in Australia, with most of my viewers in the US!!

  2. Great video Charli, thanks for sharing ❤️Know this will really help people and it's a brave video to make. Hope you're doing well!

  3. Jeez Charlie – £88K a year!!!!! Well done, and here's me in Essex, UK with 12 years experience as a Web Designer only earning 30K a year…..sounds like I need to do some negotiating or move on….

  4. I think you are making a great move by working for a mission driven company instead of the higher salary. Great topic but difficult to discuss among family and friends.

  5. Wow, a similar level UX would get half that in London. Methinks the way to go is to apply to work for a US company remotely!

  6. This video is wonderfully informative. First for your honesty and openness, and secondly for your success and career development. Well done and I wish you so much more success and happiness in your career!

  7. Great video! Loved this. I should have added this up from what you said but how many years of experience did you have going into Convertkit?

  8. Thanks for openly discussing your salary Charli! Also I like how your lipstick compliments your hair! Happy New Year!

  9. Nice. Thank you for sharing what some may consider private information. But i agree, sharing this information will help others have a better idea of what they can negotiate for and its all about elevating one another. Did you find the move from working specifically from graphic design into a hybrid of UX Design play a factor in salary band?

  10. 88k is surprisingly high! The highest I've ever got for a role from a high corporate company for doing a multimedia design role was 27k. I find cause I look relatively young people assume I'm a graduate.. I am not. But I have to now take a cut from even that and go for a junior role to change my line of design and it's so annoying 😭😖

  11. This was really interesting, for the last 6-7 years i've been job hopping to steadily have my pay go up over time in a digital design / marketing role. But what isn't mentioned is how working for clients who pay in stronger currencies further boosts your income relative to where you live. Im thinking of working in the US this/next year, and the difference in currency value from NZD > AUD > USD is significant. Aiming to work in a country where your paid with an overseas currency thats stronger then the local currency is very smart – Thanks for the video

  12. Do you recommend coding bootcamps to get into tech jobs? I don't want to spend the money if it doesn't get me anywhere. Thanks

  13. This is so great – thank you! As a self-employed "trying to focus on design and let go of other support based income" person, it is really tricky to know what is possible and I often sell myself short. Great to see the progression and how it shifted significantly, not necessarily because of role but because you backed yourself and your value 🙂

  14. I make $70k and got a $14k bonus this year with unlimited vacation as a graphic/web designer with 8 years of experience

  15. 1:55 22k/year? about 2k/month for 1st job is out of question in my place, haha..
    in this timeline for the 1st job, how much the minimum wage at your hometown if you dont mind sharing?
    and is it the number you are expected for the 1st time job?

  16. This is fantastic, and thanks for explaining context as well! Did you take any online courses or anything as you started doing more ux and research?

  17. Charli, I love this! Super interesting and thanks for sharing. I especially appreciate you reiterating the importance of contextually with these sorts of things. I'd be super curious to learn more about how the standardized salary situation works at ConvertKit.

  18. I'm going to be promoted as Senior Graphic Designer, and that comes with a pay raise. But I think I'm gonna negotiate my raise. The hard part is not knowing how much to ask :/ Thanks for this video. Will defiantly check out the podcast.

  19. Are there more sources of market value of different jobs available? If you do know about some, i would so love to have a look at it! Great video as usual Charli! What you said was oerfect. The more we normalise taking about pay the more it will be beneficial to all of us as designers.

  20. "Don't be the first one to say the numbers". This is a major point I missed out on all of my 3 job changes.
    Very valuable content.

  21. I have to say eventhough I read the title I didnt expect you to be sharing real numbers. Thanks so much for this, it is really helpful 🙂

  22. This was really interesting! I think some of the negotiation tips etc that you gave can translate to any job. I too am not that good at negotiating when it comes to salaries haha. Thanks for sharing, sis!

  23. My thoughts on this video are bitter sweet. Sweet video awesome content by Charli, but bitter because I feel annoyed at myself for being on stuck on £35k in London at 38yrs old as a Web Designer thinking I should be earning way more than that based on my age and experience but all this time like Chari mentioned I just never saw the opportunities to negotiate or feel like it was even possible to do that.

  24. Thanks for this great video. Are theses levels with skills and descriptions available online? I would like to check them out.

    Cheers from Barcelona, we are almost neighbors 😉

  25. Thanks for this! Starting out most people want to pay a junior designer min wage. It's hard to know your worth and have a realistic expectation of what you can negotiate. I've been watching you for 4 years and hope you know you really are helping designers and young women in general as we have watched you become such a stronghold in the industry with hard work, great design, transparency and a beautiful personality. You're killing it!

  26. TIL I'm underpaid!

    Great video Charli. I think part of the issue is how hidden these salaries are. Most jobs I see don't give any indication of salary. Love the idea of a standardised, open salary format.

  27. I always like hearing you. Thanks for being so blunt, you have such a bright future, because of who you are and how you present yourself. Great Job!! The phrase that comes to mind is “above all else be true to yourself”…you certainly are doing that, not to mention how talented you are!!

  28. Charlie, this is so helpful, proud of your growth! I'm feeling a bit stuck right now as a Web and Graphic Designer…I've been in the same job for the past 5 years with minimal growth and I'm having a hard time finding another job. My salary has stayed below what I would have expected at this point, and I know I need to start making some smarter moves in my career. I work as a remote contractor for Web Design as well and have for the past 3 years. Do you have ideas and best ways to attract prospective jobs in the remote web design field?

  29. Thank you for being so open and transparent on a topic that most design professionals tend to shy away from. I HATE discussing salary but I understand it can't be avoided either. I need to work on my negotiating skills and going in with the mindset that "you need my skills"…and not the other way around..😉

  30. Impressive numbers. What kind of knowledge that is actually is, what it earns You so much money. I mean, design is similar at the end of the day for similar business, but there is something worth that money. What is it? 🙂

  31. Thanks for sharing this. I realize how UNDERPAID I am now. Also —How do you add in those cool written numbers overlaid on your video?

  32. Thank you for sharing! Very informative.

    Good to know how much I'm being taken advantage of and where some good negotiating could get me in the future!

  33. Thank you for being brave and being transparent. I am glad that your company recognizes your value. When you mentioned some of your early salaries I thought they were VERY LOW. Would you say early on your lifestyle was modest so you were never in need or want?

  34. You really encouraged me to be more confident in negotiating. I work in the USA as an inmigrant in a very important tec company and I didn't know how much to ask because I came from another country and as you said the living cost is very different even in each USA city. So they offered me a very low income but I accepted because it was a great step in my career. Over the months I had another coworker how spoke very open about is salary (we had the same position) and he was earning the double that I. I WAS IN SHOCK!!!! then some people said that because I AM A WOMAN, INMIGRAN, NO WHITE ETC, I can not negotiate too much… I am looking for other job and obviously, I will ask for more compensation but some times I am not sure if I should ask just 15% more or the double of my actual salary, is very hard for me to negotiate because some companies justify themself because "I have a VISA and I'm not a citizen" … I yes is sad and confusing that people don't have this conversation so everyone can have a fair salary. Thanks again beautiful! you are so brave and open!!! 🙂

  35. Fantastic and insightful video, thanks for being brave with sharing this information – it isn't easy to talk money, but we really should start to break down the fear and apprehension around approaching the subject because it can be very beneficial to others in similar industries, or at similar points of their career. Go, you! 🙂

  36. This is great and super useful. Thank you for being bold, even though we shouldn't have to be bold! Of interesting note, CEO pay skyrocketed only AFTER salary numbers were made public for the first time in the 1980s.

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