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Horror Short Film “The Vicious” | ALTER

Horror Short Film “The Vicious” | ALTER

(suspenseful music) – Well, could be worse. – I don’t see anyone. – Steven, someone has to be here. – Mom, I’m hungry. Mom! – Honey, I know. Daddy and I are trying to talk right now. – This vacation sucks. – Should we go knock on the door? (suspenseful music) (knocking) – Maybe we should just go. – Relax. (knocks) (door creaks) – Hello? Hello? – All right, Nance. Enough, come on. – It’s fine. Anyone home? Hello? Let’s check the side yard. Oh! – Can we help you? – I’m so sorry, you must live here. – That’s right. – I’m Nancy. This is Emily, my daughter,
and Steven, my husband. – Orson Cutler, my daughter Mary Beth. – Afternoon. – Sorry, we just meant to
see if someone was home, but the door opened when we knocked. – Did it now? Well, I suppose that’s fair. What brings y’all out here? – We were on a long road
trip, but someone got us lost. – That can happen out here. So, where y’all coming from? – California. – Ah, you’re a long way from home. – Yeah, we meant to break up the drive by stopping at a hotel, and
I saw a sign a ways back, but then nothing. We were hoping you could point
us in the right direction. – Well, there ain’t
much out in these parts, but well, if you’re looking
for somewhere to stay, we could probably take you in. – Oh, we can surely take you in. – That’s very kind of you, but
we wouldn’t want to impose. – Oh, no, no, no, you
ain’t imposing at all. We got more than enough room. We got a nice little space
out back by the hog pen. – Friend of yours? – Oh, that’s my son, Edmund. Don’t mind him. He’s just a little quiet. Well, anyways, you might as well stay. No good driving after dark. – Y’all must be hungry. – Well, it is getting dark
and we are pretty tired. – Well, that settles it then! Don’t you worry about a thing, we will fill you up and take
care of you nice and easy. Right this way. – Go on! (suspenseful music) (door creaks) (crickets chirping) – So quiet out here. (laughs) – Ain’t it, freein’? Nothing beats a summer night ’round here. – I take it your family’s
been here for quite some time. – Since 1888. Papa’s great grandaddy built
this place brick by brick. – That he did. – So, how’s it tasting? – Oh, it’s delicious. – Oh, good, I’m so glad! This is my mama’s secret recipe. Rest her soul. It’s been almost two
years since she’s passed. – Well, thank you for sharing it with us. – Well, of course, it is our pleasure. Us Cutlers have always said the best way to bring folks together
is through their stomachs! (laughs) – Everything okay? – Don’t worry about her,
the food’s great, really. – Is it, though? – Of course it is. – Oh, of course it is. Have you even tried it? Have any of you tried it? You won’t hurt my
feelings, I’m just curious. Well, say something somebody,
ain’t no need to lie. – Darling, maybe you get some dessert. Everybody likes dessert, right? – Pardon me, I will be right back. – Sorry about that, she’s a little particular
about her cooking. – It’s fine. We all have our moments. (suspenseful music) – So, a family road trip? Where exactly are you heading? (zipper opening) (repeated thudding) (grunts) – So, where are y’all coming from? – California. – My, you’re a long way from home. Y’all must be hungry. (gasps) (suspenseful music building) (chewing sound) (growling) (roaring) (scream echoes) (trunk closes) (suspenseful music)

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  1. I've seen too many horror movies at this point to fall for it. The whole time I had a feeling that the "perfect looking" family were actually the killers. And when they were at the dinner table and someone said "the best way to get to know someone is through their stomach" they all fell quiet, which was a sign. Not only that, but at the start when the girl said "I'm hungry" that also stuck with me throughout the whole thing.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, it was extremely well made though, definitely one of my favourites! It gave me 'goosebumps' vibes (not the movies but the og series) 👌

  2. Love it. The twist was great but don’t get the costumes they had on when eating. It kinda cheapened the whole thing

  3. Lesson1: Never force a guest to try your vegan soup. She/he can get mad at u.

    Lesson2: Don't choose any cuts from forelegs while buying human meat. It is not that tasty.

  4. I thought that the family living in house is planning something but dayumm this turned totally opposite 😮

  5. Welcome to the comments section, where we offer protection from the scary contents of the clip above… here are some cookies for you to enjoy: 🍪 🍪 🍪 🍪

  6. I love the country Bumpkin accent. They’re my favorite.
    PS. I love the black and white screen. But for some reason I cannot explain, it didn’t surprise or scared me whatsoever. I think that’s because, it was pretty obvious for me.
    But it was a nice shot regardless

  7. I did not see that coming, must be getting slow in my old age or seen too many predictable movies! Thought this was the run of the mill family stops at farmhouse gets, killed and eaten by the residents, but nope! Thx for different take on an otherwise predictable storyline!!!

  8. omg the poor farm family— though i must admit for a second at the beginning i thought they were the bad ones

  9. Why the frick was that southern family acting that way? There is no consistent storyline here. This is ridiculous.

  10. O wow! What a twist. I didnt expect that. I was shouting for the family to just drive away as it seemed like their hosts were the weirdos. Boy was i wrong.

  11. Eh, I kinda saw that one coming. However, I am left wondering if car family hadn't moved first, would house family have killed them?

  12. To be honest, I predicted the twist about three minutes into the film, but I still enjoyed the flick immensely. It made me think of the first segment of the famous 1975 TV horror film "Trilogy of Terror" in which Karen Black's character turns out to be the culprit rather than the apparent victim.

  13. I never understood the "It's getting dark"…that only applies when you're on foot, on a horse and in unfamiliar surroundings. If you have headlights…or a flashlight?

  14. I thought that the family were the ones who will get murdered but it the other way round but I feel so bad

  15. When the little girl said "I'm hungry" at the beginning of the movie, I knew what's going on. Nice movie, btw.

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