Horror Short Film “The Dollmaker” | Presented by ALTER

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Horror Short Film “The Dollmaker” | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film “The Dollmaker” | Presented by ALTER

I’ll need a set of clothes he wore at least once. Do not wash them. I’ll also need a lock of hair and a valuable possession of his. Can it be a baseball mitt? Mitt, toy, whatever, sure. As long as he cherished the thing. Does this really work? Nobody ever asked for their money back. Take a look. Tell me what you think. Tell me it’s great. I think.. I think it’s just a stupid doll. An overpriced stupid doll. Oh, yeah. Don’t be shy, sugar. Come on. It’s my baby. I missed you so much. Go ahead, buddy. Hold the stupid over priced doll’s hand. Put that thing down, Jenna. let’s take a moment and think this through. Already did. Here’s the other half. Congratulations! He’s yours. Now on to the instruction manual. Those houses where the brat lived, I left this spiritual mark. Place is chock full of energy of its former self. Inside here the doll is a vessel to channel that energy. But outside… Outside it’s just a doll. Why do I feel like the instruction manual comes with a long list of warnings? Just one. Do not spend longer than one turn the hourglass with him. Ever! Once time’s up, he must go back in the box for a whole day before you can take him out again. What happens if I go overtime? My products like a drug, buddy. Fun to use. But dangerous to abuse. Ignore this rule and you’ll start losing it. Really losing it. You’ll believe a lie. You believe in the doll is the real thing. You won’t even have to touch it anymore after a while for the illusion to work. You’ll forget about the accident, cancer, or… whatever the hell happened to the brat. You’ll even forget about hiring me. Your mind will bury what needs to be buried and fill in the blanks that need to be filled to keep the lie alive. Of course if any of this happens it’s not my responsibility. Because you have been warned. Here comes the plane. Is it good? And open wide for mommy. Ready, and here comes another one. Morning. You up all night with him again? I was just remembering what I said to you after the funeral. I told you that life can be a cruel bitch sometimes. That deep down we all have the strength to get through whatever she throws us. And even if we forget that strength it’s always there. And I said that I could be strong for the both of us until you found your strength again. Turn septic, that’s bullshit. Turns out that I’m weak. And I need you as much as you need me now, we can either brave through this thing together or let it tear us apart. What’s it gonna be Jenna? What funeral? You need to put that thing back in the box. I’m not putting my son in a box. It’s not your son You’re hurting me. So are you. What are doing? Taking you outside so you can see what you really have in your hands. This is my fault for letting… She was losing it and I didn’t know what to do. So I hid the doll and she she just couldn’t take it She… uh… She slit her wrists. That wouldn’t be my responsibility buddy. I just want her back. I need her back. I’ll need a set of clothes she wore at least once, do not wash them! I’ll also need a lock of hair. And a valuable possession of hers. So it works for adults too? Nobody ever asked for their money back

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  2. Sad but scary, made me want more parts,.. But please it's my humble request to add English subtitles , its inconvenient for your Indian subscribers…new subscriber

  3. I feel sorry for the men to have a stupid wife like her, I mean seriously think before paying somebody anything

  4. The Dollmaker paid a visit to my local park and a creepy doll followed me home! Please watch to let me know if you think it was The Dollmaker and subscribe to see part 2 coming up soon!

  5. In case you’re like me, terrified and need all the scary parts
    – when the man touches the doll theres a tiny tiny jumpscare
    – the doll NEVER moves on its own it just looks a bit creepy don’t worry
    – its not scary it just HURTS

  6. I came because I was playing roblox and this girl was dressed as a creepy doll and said “come play with me 🙂 “ and I said noooooo , then she said watch the doll maker on YouTube , he made us a cult of dolls 🙂

  7. That poor man going from being a father to a heart broken husband to finally being a insane and just wanting a normally life again

  8. Can not imagine how she can play her role and hold the doll every time in this film,,, If I see the doll I will scream and run,,,

  9. Would love to see behind the scene of this movie.
    I don't have the luxury to attend on set so i could learn alot from watching bts.

  10. When I listen to dollmaker's accent I feel like I am in a toefl test,,, very hard to understand until I turn on the captions lol,,,

  11. How do they find another actor to play the dead kid? It's crazy how they can make a dead person look alive again. Hollywood has got some crazy special effects these days.

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