Home Page Overview – Introduction to Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

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Home Page Overview – Introduction to Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

Home Page Overview – Introduction to Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

In this video we’ll explore the new
personalized Home page of Cricut Design Space and take a quick tour of the
navigation, features, and projects. If this is your first visit you’ll need to
create a Cricut ID. Otherwise, just sign in with your existing account. Either way,
you’ll land here: your Home page. Yours will look different, of course, because it
will feature your projects, but you get the gist. The page is broken up into four
parts: the header, the banner, My Projects, and Featured content. Let’s hit them one-by-one. The header menu is key; you can move back and forth between this page
and the Canvas, calibrate your machine, update your firmware, and manage your
account. It also conveniently displays the page name, here.
This banner just beneath highlights special offers, product announcements,
tutorials, and maintenance messages. Move further down the page to find My
Projects. Here you can open your most recent projects or create a new one by
clicking the New Project icon. Or you can also create a new project, here. Clicking
on a project or starting a new project takes you to the Canvas where all the
personalization and design magic happens. We’ll go deep into the amazing Canvas in
later videos. A little further down you’ll find beautiful Ready-to-Make
projects created by professional artists. They’re broken into categories
highlighting different materials and techniques. You can make them exactly as
featured or customize like crazy. We feature new categories and designs all
the time, so check back often for creative inspiration. ‘See more’ shows you
all projects within a given category, and the arrows on either side of a row take
you to other projects in the same category.

18 thoughts on Home Page Overview – Introduction to Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

  1. Thanks for your Awesome tour…concise….to the point and explained perfectly!! Thanks Cricut YOU ROCK!!

    Joan Smith

  2. Love, love, love the new look! It's pretty user friendly. I was able to dive right in. Thanks for keeping us "educated" on the use of the product.

  3. I hope this helps . I’m ready to sell it . Mine has cut out the Thank you card . Is there a place to print out all the instructions? I’ve talked to many friends about how hard it is to remember all the steps .

  4. Awesome news. My cricit has only waisted 25 minutes of my time with connectivity issues today! Vast improvement. It's cruel to force people to work in the browser

  5. Frustrating! The closed captioning ends when it breaks away to the title. Please be kind to us deaf and hearing impaired newbies who are anxious to try out this incredible tool!

  6. I just got a cricut for Christmas and I having trouble using the app on my tablet. Everything keeps coming up to go to the desktop/laptop version. I don't wants to do that. I want to use the app. Why doesn't the app work?

  7. I would love to subscribe to Design Space. But right now as I live in the UK it will not let me. It no longer accepts UK post codes. What happens to the rest of their UK subscribers when they need to add new credit cards I do not know. But despite numerous phone calls and chats nothing has been done and I still cannot subscribe.

  8. Hi I'm based in South Africa hence when I want to create a Cricut ID I have no country option. Please can you assist me in what to do. Thank you Sonja Biermann

  9. My machine is so old that design space isn't available for it anymore. Could I use a new Cricut? You bet I could. Good luck to all who enter the mother's day give away.

  10. WARNING!!! If you live outside of the US, Canada or the UK you will NOT be able to register with Design Space since CRICUT will not allow you to register a credit card!!! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!
    I’m soooooo mad!!! Just purchased a machine that I cannot fully use

  11. I got a Cricket Maker for Christmas from, my hubby. it is a problem, now I need to redesign my craft space. love it! I just have to learn it.

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