HD Stereo Sound Test, Free and Online Sample

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HD Stereo Sound Test, Free and Online Sample

HD Stereo Sound Test, Free and Online Sample

Hello and welcome to the stereo sound test! We are starting from the-e-e l-l-left channel.
Then follows right channel. Left channel.
Right channel. Left channel.
Right channel. And once again: left channel.
Right channel. Thank you so much for listening to me and
have a nice day!

55 thoughts on HD Stereo Sound Test, Free and Online Sample

  1. Thank you for your audio. It was great in getting my headphones set up properly during my soldering job on the wires. Have a very nice day.

  2. uh oh…the right-channel sounds louder to my ears than the left-channel. Anyone else ? Time to buy a pre-amp for my headphone DAC and amp.

  3. Quote: The used music is "Des oursins dans l'oesophage" (instrumental version) by Löhstana David.

    Please hit the LIKE button if you enjoyed this work. 🙂

  4. Is it possible that my Droid doesn't play audios in stereo? I tried three different headsets (each had L and R marked on the ear buds) but all of them sounded the same for both left and right. I've been doing a brain sync meditation where it's supposed to be important to listen in stereo … maybe I haven't been receiving it in stereo at all!

  5. Colleen McGunnigle, FYI I have just checked this stereo sound test on my Android smart phone and on a tablet. On both of the devices it works correctly.

  6. Are you a fitnes instructor? Left Right Left Right ? xD
    Thanks for the video but I was lookin for music that can show what's your system capable of 

  7.  Реально помогло при пайке штекера.. в настройки лезть, если честно, лень было.. а тут очень удобно..Спасибо!

  8. this video really helps!! my headset doesn't work sometimes, so this will be a good video to use for a quick headset check-up

  9. Thanks, this was exactly what I was looking for. My prewired speakers were not marked so I did not know which was left or right. Now I will mark them.

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