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what’s up you guys and welcome to this segment right here on your boyish sheriff demand the legend the mist the legend that is the hell with it you know what I mean listen you guys I’m always calling it the way it is I never back down from a challenge ok and this episode is going to be a little bit touchy might touch people a little bit the wrong way but if you listen to the entire message I think you’ll understand exactly what I’m saying we also have that third winner that’s going to be announced will do that toward the end of this video so keep it tuned right here on your share we have a lot to talk about I do hope you drop a comment with your thoughts on this episode man a lot of stuff happened over the weekend okay a lot of stuff happened over the weekend but we’re going to start off first with the cliq bathing that’s happening on youtube as we always do we sit in the morning we talk about a segment that’s been put on the gte community channels and we I usually don’t drop names and I want to keep it that way I want to keep it clean I’m think you guys are all on the same page I mean you have you have your brain you understand who’s click bidding your who’s not but we take the title we use this to our advantage and we discuss what is going on when it comes to DLC and stuff so let’s read the title here from the beginning and just call it the way it is just title says GTA online gun-running DLC supercars okay you got super car buying the aircraft carrier free GTA money and more so the title covers multiple things it covers the brand new DLC to show up in the search engine it covers the supercars which I have no idea the hell they are or not i mean the rockstar did not announce any supercars and then it covers you buying an aircraft carrier which is something that hasn’t been discussed before this is just something coming out of the blue and then free GTA money and more if you do get the notification on a video like this to end of the video save you and a of course by the time you click on it everybody says it is clickbait and you are in for the ride the person who uploaded this video doesn’t know anything about the gun-running dlc other than you might be buying some bunkers you might be buying some bases army bases and trafficking weapons we don’t really know anything about it because rockstar hasn’t announced anything but the titles keep on comes and that’s the nature of the beast which is YouTube you need to make interesting titles to bring in the gamers and they come in and they try to you know click bait you into it now these are the channels that are still seeing somewhat profit from YouTube YouTube after it went through the whole ad revenue thing everybody’s been scattering to try and make money now i’m not going to drop me but yesterday one of you guys the subscriber had my back on a gte glitchers channel and this person came and told me is like yo get out bro the guy is racist and i really need to go into this type of topic because divided we fall you understand what I’m saying here in North America where we have tons of cultures all together really the only people that can say that their native is the Native Americans but when it comes to let’s say we’re going to drop a couple of colors here white people black people you know the brown people yellow peas whatever color you want to say you can’t come to North America and say this is my country and then you start dividing people this is how I say divided we fall what makes North America very strong is the culture background the tennis everybody’s got a different culture no one is ever supposed to look at somebody and say hey this is my country get out of here but yesterday I was alerted like I told you to this person live stream at a point in it I forgot that the SEC that the time of the point where the person says I ached foreigners accent and I just don’t like them and he tries to sugarcoat it a little bit and say I guess that might sound racist but i’m not i’m not racist but I just hate their accident and I just don’t watch them and I’m like I went and I looked at it for a second and I was like this is very bad because you guys know like the world is so divided right now there’s so much bad happening about it we might be in our own little bubble when it comes to GTA and brand new dlc click bathing and stuff like that but this is why youtube went through the phase that it just went through right now you guys see these people they don’t upload that person doesn’t upload to his channel anymore doesn’t interact with anybody anymore because he never gave a crap sorry about you guys we never give a crap about you guys it’s all pretend this is the time when you figure out if people really genuinely care about you and they do this because we love it or you just don’t give a crap about you so when somebody comes to the community and like I love you guys you can’t say i love you guys and then when them the minute the prophet is gone you haven’t dropped a single video to interact with the people that you say you love these are the signs that tells people what type of persons are dealing with and if you’re not too smart to see it then go along for the ride it’s not a big deal but when one of you guys the subscriber send me these things yesterday and I went and looked at I was like wow you know what as a different culture I always think to myself you can spot a racist a mile away and I figured that guy is a racist but I never wanted to say it straight out but it’s really really sad to get confirmation on it that on his live stream he’s saying I just don’t like foreigners accent I just don’t like them I don’t like to watch them you know and I I honestly don’t know what to say that is that person that’s his personality we have to leave it at that but again I’m telling you guys open your mind and see who really likes you on YouTube and who doesn’t because the people that are after prophet men they’ll put funny pictures of themselves on the thumbnail and build up cause they’ll say I love you they’ll say I care about you everything in the world but eventually you see the signs that they just don’t care about you I’ll leave it at that again you guys have your own brain man I’m not dealing with a bunch of maybe there is a bunch of kids around here maybe there is some six-year-old on his cell phone watching this that doesn’t understand the hell I’m talking about but there is also a lot of teenagers there is also a lot of gamers the play games and they understand exactly what I’m talking about let’s move on from this topic because it’s a little bit dark I’m not in the mood for it yesterday there was enough enough darkness in and your boy is life here that he got some bad news about stuff that went down in Egypt and you know what this is how I look at it all the time there’s always going to be people that you might want to call them shit disturber okay it’s like shit disturber these people just don’t lie other people to get along so what they do is the goal and kind of folk make trouble left and right in order to get you to heat a certain group a certain something you know and if you fall into it and you do start hearing that certain group then they succeeded you got to see the bigger picture and say to yourself this is not you cannot think everybody with the same brush and say oh it’s all that group they did this to us no it’s not it’s somebody that’s trying to turn people on each other so they can profit in the background whether liz whether it’s selling selling something or whatever I just want to get into too much i’m not really into politics on youtube I don’t want to get into it but I have a bigger head and that’s what I want to say I always try to look at the bigger picture and say we’re blessed in North America but man when we turn on each other and we start picking on skin color religion male to female and all that crazy stuff divided we will fall okay that’s all there is to it what made us so strong is we all bring something from a different culture that makes us so strong here in North America and I really hope we can get over this time and people can put aside their differences and we move ahead how did we get to this from the cliq dating I tell you how because I love talking to you guys I actually love talking to you guys and that’s why I make videos like this in order to interact with you okay let’s move on from all that fun stuff and let’s go into the real fun stuff which is announcing the winner for the giveaway you guys I want to let you know something YouTube is paying ass peanuts right now okay peanut so when you see a bunch of youtubers gathering together trying to get your attention and say you know what happy easter you guys were doing a giveaway we want you to subscribe be part of the community truly these people are the ones that want to have you under channel okay third winner is Khalil and Khalil got this by following somebody on Twitter and he’s from Tanzania I want to see Khalil enjoy the twenty dollar gift card I don’t know what you’re gonna get but p.m. HD is going to take care of you bro they’ll take care of you and he’ll hook you up with the money and hopefully we see you active on our channels and you recommend this difference now about GTA we are kind of in a good time because tomorrow we’re going to get maybe the Duke of death that’s what I’m thinking we gonna get there probably going to change their playlist and their double fail double RP your boy who’s been really struggling you guys know the story I got my modded account back and I’ve been trying to level the modded account but guess what I made a very bad decision of keeping my modded account in the loyalty challenge under the heist I’m playing with three other people playing with weedy Iceman and mystic we’re playing the highest we’re trying to get that loyalty challenge that we finish the entire thing together and I can’t get into any heist mission and you guys when it comes the best money making method that’s the heist man that nothing beats it you know like the Pacific standardized every mission is a twenty six thousand dollars every time he finishes and you level up your character super fast because at level 100 that’s when you get all your unlocks on the racing so I’ve been struggling because me and my friends we can strap down at the same time to finish the entire heist missions so I’ve been struggling to level up that character but guess what I’m a level 44 already okay I got somewhat of the unlocks open like the transmission that stuff like that i’m waiting on the turbo but i’m having a hard time winning races right now because the only way i could win is timing it perfectly and just slip stream by somebody and steal it at the end that’s the whole point of it right now I it’s ok I mean I’m having fun with it I’m looking forward to the Duke of des that’s coming we’re probably going to have a live stream tomorrow so try to be part of it if you’re active let me know your comments we talked about a lot in this episode let me know your comments in the comment section and I want to say thank you to you a squad for life because he’s the one who alerted me on this all all craziness what’s happening I just want to say thank you for that thank you for having my back and you wanted to has my back I always want to say thank you because you don’t owe me that and it’s just kindness and it’s also hard to come across kindness nowadays people people don’t have that innocence that they had in them before where it’s like I love somebody I have their back and there is loyalty involved I’ll see you guys on the next segment please baby enjoy the game


  1. haven't been in the streams for a while, going through a rough patch in life, still watching the videos though

  2. I'm scared to look at news nowadays, seems like there's always something bad going down. Just gotta stay positive though I guess. Good video ??

  3. It's so true… to think of how far our Society has come yet we struggle to get along… why? Because of how we look… honestly that's some bull. I agree with yasherif….

  4. I have your back brother.  I used to support that guy.  Being around him gets you effected.  Thanks for always being positive and trying to send a good message to all of us the Subs on this BEAST channel.

  5. Hey #yasherif i enter the give away long time bro i have beeen giving full support…. One question do i have to be active on the other youtubers????????? channel because…. I only stay active on your channel

  6. I love your content bro but I have to disagree with you on the the racist guy topic just because you find a certain voice annoying doesn't make you racist. I find squeaker annoying doesn't mean I hate all kids. I love your content but I do think that was a big statement if he was saying stuff like all foreigners out then I can understand. But I think this day in age people are too loose with the word racist. Love your content always here for your vids have a great day.

  7. My only response to the clickbaiting allegation is this: If I've subbed to a youtuber, then they are not clickbaiting me, I've chosen to Watch what they post. If I don't like the content I can unsub and never look back. I don't think 50k views in several hours are a lot at all when the youtuber has well over a million subscribers. Love ya YaSherif. (For now, Lol)

  8. Levelling up a new character is tough.
    The grind is real and driving cars with limited upgrades is tough when your a diehard racer ?
    You have done a great job to get to Level 44 so quickly brother.

  9. It doesn't matter how one sounds or talks. it is what is in the heart of the person. people will judge you on the most trivial things but at the end of the day they will be judged by the one!

  10. Thufferin thuckatash. What about the aircraft carrier and gun running? Instead i got a diatribe of what's wrong with the world. Waste of damn time. I subscribed for game info.

  11. The fuck is this fool babbling about with clutures and shit? No one cares. Just talk about what is supposedly coming in gta.

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