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Govt Employee Vs IT Employee || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

Govt Employee Vs IT Employee || Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ ‘Hello? Yeah, bro?’
– You always ask me to throw you a party, right? Come home. We’ll party.
– ‘I could totally do with a party today.’ – We’ll enjoy! You seem to be in high spirits.
– Working people are never in high spirits. How are you? Never ask IT guys how they are.
Just ask if they are even alive. How is work? Is it chill?
– Chill? It is so vexing. IT jobs aren’t as stress free as your job.
– It is like beer accusing whiskey of being less alcoholic. Let’s put our day jobs aside. Shall we begin the party?
– What are we waiting for? Our jobless days were so good.
We were broke then but atleast we had peace of mind. Back then we had goals in life. Life ahead looked exciting.
But now, to make life exciting has become my goal in life. Hello, sir. I want to get trained to appear
in Group exams. By when can I land a job according to you? Just about 3 years of hard work would do.
Forget about your friends and family and sleep and food girlfriends and all to land a job.
– For 3 whole years? A government job is not like an IT job.
Work hard initially to have a stress free career. But in an IT job, you’ll land a job stress free.
But for the rest of your career you’ve to work hard. IT jobs are like wells
while government jobs are like springs. I see. I’ll start
the training from tomorrow. Good morning.
– I finished my I’m looking for an IT job. Please, suggest me a good course.
– Just about 3 months of hard work would do. Forget about Whatsapp and Twitters
and Facebooks and all to land a job. Okay. I’ll start the training from tomorrow.
– Why wait till tomorrow? Fill the form and join today. I didn’t get any money today to pay the fees.
– You can tomorrow. – Okay, sir. So? Got enrolled in the training center?
– Yeah. They say I’ll land a job in 3 months. What about you?
– They say I’ll land a job in 3 years. They want me to sacrifice my life for the next 3 years.
– What in the world? I landed a job!
Rs. 30,000 per month in a top MNC. Congrats! Atleast you landed a job.
– And how is it going on with you? Only now did I start to get the hang of the training.
By the time I land a job you may even become a father. Kiran, I’m attending my first interview today.
Give me tips of what to expect in interviews. Government job interviews are different from IT job interviews.
But, I’ll tell you what all were asked in my job interview. Which language are you good at?
– Java, sir. – Java? Since ages, guys have been working on Java.
Is there anything else you’re good at? No, sir.
– I’m in no mood to ask you any Java related questions. I’ll ask you only one question. Answer it and the job is yours.
– Ask me something easy. – I’ll try to. When do you prefer going to the cinemas?
– After dark, sir. – Do you like travelling? – Yes, sir. Do you stay with your family?
– No, sir. I stay at a PG. – You sleep late in the night? So, you like travelling and you stay awake late
into nights and you live with friends at a PG. So, night shift, support project, Mumbai it is. Sir, can’t I get the job in Hyderabad?
– For your skills, even getting a job is a lot. Since you like travelling,
travel in Mumbai. You don’t even call that an interview.
You call that choosing a scapegoat. Your name?
– Ravi Teja, sir. What was your rank in Civils?
– I got a good rank, sir. – Give me a number. 300 or 400 change.
– Change? Give me an exact figure. I mentioned it in my resume.
– Did you? My first question, how can you drop
a raw egg on concrete without breaking it. W-Well, sir..
We can’t, sir. Is it?
I wish you drop yourself on to a concrete block. My second question, what is in front of you?
– Coffee! – Coffee? Drink that coffee up and get out.
– Sir? – Get out! There are no government jobs here. Please, leave.
– Government jobs and you? Get out! Get out!
– Get lost! Which interview is this?
– This is my 6th. – All the best. Hit a six atleast this time. I’ll deal with you
once I land a job. God, I got rejected from many interviews.
Please, see to it I land the job atleast this time. Ranga, get me coffee, please.
– Hello, sir. Your name?
– Ravi Teja, sir. – I see. My first question, what is before you?
– T. Tea? This is coffee.
– The alphabet before U is T. How many interviews did you attend before?
– Around 4-5, sir. – But your profile seems pretty good. Your rank in Groups is good too.
– Thank you, sir. – You’ll be paid 80-90K in the job. 80-90k!
– You can collect the offer letter tomorrow. My time has come! I landed a job, bro! 90K is my salary.
– That’s great! Where are you going? What are these notes?
– My training has begun. I’m going to the class. All the best!
Go hit a six! Get out! First day at job.
‘Awesomeness happens here.’ It is 9AM and no one turned up
for work yet? It is 10AM, still no one has arrived.
Here is someone. Hello, sir.
– A new joinee. – Yes. – Have fun! Hello, sir.
– A new joinee. – Yes. – All the best! Why are all leaving already?
It is only 5:30PM. All leave by 5:30? Cool. Where to? Going for a break?
– I’m going home, sir. – Already? It isn’t even 9. Sir, I worked for 9 hours already.
– I meant to say, it isn’t even 9PM yet. Sir, what sort of a rule is that?
– That is the rule we guys follow here. You’ll come when I ask you to and you’ll leave
when I ask you to. Now, sit and finish the report. Who is your first day at work?
– It was fine. Not bad. And how was your first day?
– Look there. Good morning, sir.
– Hey, don’t be so formal. Call me Edward! This is a flat organization. All are equal here.
– Okay. You called for me? Yes, you need to communicate with the client
about the project requirements. And also, finish the report. That was my first day at work. It is 12. I’ve to sleep now to wake up for work.
– What? You’ve work tomorrow? Yes. Why? Don’t you?
– I won’t be going to work tomorrow because I’ve got an off. – What for?
– Tomorrow is Babu Jag Jeevan Jayanti. Good for you. We don’t get offs even for Diwalis
and you get offs even for Jayantis? You get like 5 days of offs and 2 days of work each week.
– Perks of landing a government job. Why is boss calling now? He isn’t at work?
Maybe it is about incentives. Yes, sir?
– ‘You haven’t finished the code yet? Client is after me.’ ‘In half a page code you write, there are
like lakhs of errors. Atleast learn to copy and paste.’ Yes, sir.
I’ll rectify the errors. I always thought I’d be
the next big shot of this firm. My job here is to sell to the clients coal
at the price of gold. I didn’t expect IT jobs
to be this annoying. Screw my life. Bro, get up! Let’s party.
– Party? What for? I received a bonus at work.
I’ll buy a new TV and a bike with it. How much is your bonus, by the way?
– It isn’t much, bro. Just around 80k. Why is this guy so shell shocked?
What got into you, bro? The salary I get after 3 months
of labouring work is your bonus money? I can’t even digest it.
I’ll leave. I’ll leave now for Assam. He said he’ll leave for Assam.
Wonder if he got a ticket. Bro, you didn’t leave for Assam?
– I was leaving but I was reminded of my family. Is it?
– Government jobs are way better. My job is tough in its own way.
Every job is tough. So, work with passion.
I’m right, am I not? If you liked this video..
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