GOG.com Galaxy: Introducing a DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform!

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GOG.com Galaxy: Introducing a DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform!

GOG.com Galaxy: Introducing a DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform!

These days you might not always feel like you actually OWN the games you buy. You’re often forced to create third­‐party accounts and install client apps to prove you’re allowed to launch and play your games. In some cases, you even have to stay online to play a single-­player game And if you’re not connected, you can get locked out of your games. We believe gamers deserve a better experience. So we’d like to introduce you to GOG Galaxy – our vision for truly gamer­‐friendly, DRM-Free, online gaming and services. With GOG Galaxy your game will always launch – no online activation required. Sure, if you want to play online you need to be connected, and if you want to share the achievements you’ve unlocked, you’ll need a profile for that. But with GOG Galaxy, being online will always be optional. It’ll be up to you which features you want to use. We call this FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Our client application will offer convenient game updating as well as the option to stay in touch with friends, but we will never force it on you, never require you to have it to play your games. We call it the OPTIONAL CLIENT. Regardless of which digital store you buy your games from, we don’t think you should be locked into it. We strongly believe that you should be free to play together with all your friends, without any third‐party client apps or accounts required. We call this CROSS PLAY. Welcome to GOG Galaxy – the DRM-Free online gaming platform.

100 thoughts on GOG.com Galaxy: Introducing a DRM-Free Online Gaming Platform!

  1. Yes, I can launch my lovely games but then I need to launch them again because they always crash…..
    🙁 hopefully someaday I will be able to play them

  2. A Steam com certeza vai ter que se cuidar. Agora com um novo rival é possível que a Steam tenha que se reiventar.
    Espero que essa nova loja não cometa os mesmos erros do Origin. Ou seja, de tornar o cliente da loja incompatível com Windows somente porque necessita de SP1.
    E para nos jogadores é uma grande vantagem ter novas opções para jogos. Espero sinceramente que haja muitos jogos gratuitos e em especial para microcomputadores de 1GB de RAM

    Steam is sure to have to take care of itself. Now with a new rival it is possible that Steam has to re-create itself.
    I hope this new store does not make the same mistakes as Origin. That is, to make the store customer incompatible with Windows only because it requires SP1.
    And for the players it is a great advantage to have new options for games. I sincerely hope there are many free games and especially for microcomputers of 1GB of RAM

  3. Wow this guys voice is calming. Still waiting for this to be fully released but seems pretty amazing so far, But 'ey i'll still use Battle.Net and Steam cause well i have some of my favourite games on them.

  4. I have a dream, that GOG will release a feature that allow us to import our achievements & playtime from Steam (or other platforms), maybe allow The Witcher 3 to be elligible in games we can import from Steam (I wouldn't want to pay another 70$.. I'm not rich unfortunately:( Make our avatar normal (the round distorded picture isn't the best idea.. sorry, just make it normal please) and add as much good games as you can (Skyrim? GTA ? Tomb Raiders? Dying Light?) and GOG is going to have a lot of success! I'll switch to GOG as soon as it's gonna be possible because I believe in GOG!

  5. just got into pc gaming and just found out I couldn't play my single player games I got from steam if my internet goes down found out it's because of DRM, that steam put on their games…that seems insane to someone who grew up playing NES think I'm changing where I buy my games from now on

  6. 15.04.2017, still not available for Linux plateforms… come on !! Definitely planned, but no date announced yet.

  7. Steam: Oh, you want play a single player game?? It would be a shame if you must be always online. You aren't online?? Go fuck yourself, you won't play SINGLEplayer game.

  8. I just want to put out there in an endorsing manner that you should put lots more RTS games like XCOM, etc. If you can. Love the site as always!

  9. In a world where EA, Activision, and Microsoft are making the gaming experience an empty shell of what it once was, a nickel and diming catastrophe..and a chore.. GoG is a bright ray of sunshine. Keep it up guys, I support this platform 100%

  10. Fuck Galaxy. GOG is run by a bunch of scumbags. They desperately try to trick people into downloading the Galaxy client by bundling it into the mandatory default downloads for games.

    Galaxy is nothing more than a Chromium Framework based web browser which is locked to gog.com. It's a waste of resources both when the client is running and when it's not because it installs always on background services. The video lies about everything being optional in Galaxy because it is impossible to disable automatic update checking for the client. The close button on Galaxy is also a lie, since it doesn't close the client but just minimises it.

    Operating systems already have the ability to launch programs, so aside from artificially introduced limitations, why the fuck would any sane person want to run a program launcher (Galaxy) inside of another program launcher (OS) by using one of these worthless, single-purpose clients?

    I have been a GOG customer for a long time and I have bought hundreds of games there but until they stop pulling sneaky shit like this, I won't be buying anything else from them.

  11. i do not get a part here:
    why are those companies letting gog sell games without cancerous drm?
    are the companies selling the games on gog to avoid the freed version of the games, freed from drm and shit, being distributed for no money?
    i don't get that part of it, but don't get me wrong though i really like it, because drm is cancer beyond believe so glad gog exists.

  12. I don't feel like I own my games anymore because there is no physical copy so I get nothing in return for my money, GOG Galaxy doesn't fix that. Saying you own a game you "bought" from GOG or Steam is like saying you own a painting or sculpture because you downloaded a picture of it.
    Pirates own their game more than anyone that gives money to Steam or GOG.

  13. GOG cares for its costumers. they update and patch their games unlike steam that sell games that are unplayable. for example i bought fallout 3 on steam. it crashed all the time! then i bought it on GOG and it plays perfectly. not to mention that they have a whole lot of old school games that run perfectly on modern computers.

  14. Steam is best but it need buy too much, I don't know what is GOG Galaxy but 1 recommended it's game download it't like crack but GOG it doesn't had that
    So i will try GOG Galaxy with someday

  15. Well I am EXTREMELY happy I just now found GOG because from now on all my single player games I'm buying through them. Hands down. All I wanted was DRM free Fallout 4 but I guess that's too much to ask in 2017. At least I'll have Fallout 3/NV, Oblivion, Witcher 3, and the Walking Dead games DRM free! Take that Steam, you fucks. Crossing my fingers for only two games I want badly to eventually show up on GOG, Skyrim and Fallout 4.

  16. This is why im travell from steam to gog…) If ill be able to connect for free games im already have i will forget about steam at all.)

  17. I use Gog Galaxy to download a game but I no longer want to have Gog Galaxy installed but after uninstalling it the game does not work what do I do

  18. Thx guys. fck steam 😀 having enough of their shit after they refuze to refund me Kingdom Come Deliverance

  19. Having games being updated with a program client is fun and all but I would rather just wait for the patch just like it always does in the gog account manually. I always keep to myself when I'm offline.

  20. So, I just found out about this while looking for a place to play The Legend of Kyrandia and I must say, this is amazing! I was skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true, but alas, I was surprised by how true it was. Thank you GOG!

  21. Holy S**! It was almost like I was in a movie theater watching a bad** movie trailer that I really enjoyed.

  22. LIKED, SUBSCRIBED, I CLICK THE FREAKING BELL ICON AS WELL, JUST TAKE MY MONEY, Finally, a platform that respects it's customers and the idea of freedom and ownership or a product you pay for, i literally just made an accound right now and i'm going to buy a few games that are on sale becuase your deals are AMAZING, DRM-free PC gaming, as it should be, you literally just gained a customer for life, i have no idea how i only recently found out about gog when i've been a pc builder and gamer for so long, once again, thank you for your vision and keep doing what you're doing <3

  23. Is always fun when I go to play an offline only game but cannot because it does not remember that I paid for it so it has phone home for permission.

    Usually I check gog first, then and only then do I buy it elsewhere because I know eventually I will probably have to download a crack to avoid bullshit.

  24. This is the kinda competition I welcome, something that truly beats steam in certain areas, rather than more of the same.

  25. Hey dear gog Team. I have an Question. Will be in the Launcher an Workshop for Steam games that Support Steam Workshop? BTW I signed up for the Closed Beta 😀

  26. Why even use Galaxy? I use the Steam client because Valve forces me to, not because I like having it installed. If Valve would let me, I would download all of my games through my browser and install them offline. Just like GOG lets me to do. What's the appeal of having yet another program run in the background and eat resources? Especially given that Galaxy is only available on a platform that every program you install wants to start itself and run in the background, it doesn't make sense.

  27. No idea why this has popped up now in 2019 but holy shit it’s so much more ahead of its time than they realised…. cough EPIC!

    Years ago I never give this a thought but now? We need this.

  28. sooo looking forward to gog galaxy 2.0!

    i hope they'll find a way to integrate the friendslists soon:)

  29. Is it actually possible to integrate his CD or DVD collection into the client? So a way to add games that are neither currently installed, nor have been purchased digitally on any platform. I still have a lot of games on CD or DVD and would like to accommodate them properly in such a library.

  30. I have questions:
    If I record and upload video gameplay on youtube, still I get copyright strike?
    Because Games Haven't DRM

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