Get More Subscribers From YouTube Channel Homepage

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Get More Subscribers From YouTube Channel Homepage

Get More Subscribers From YouTube Channel Homepage

Let me ask you a question. Did you know that more people subscribe from
your channel homepage than from your videos? So, how do you convert more of those viewers
into subscribers? [music]
In this video, I discuss the different ways that you can optimize your channel homepage
so you can convert more viewers into subscribers. Hello, my name is Herman Drost from If you want to grow your audience on YouTube
and generate traffic leads, and subscribers on autopilot, hit the subscribe button or
hit the bell notification icon. Why are subscribers so crucial to the success
of your YouTube channel? Subscribers tend to spend more time watching
your videos than non-subscribers because they’re more interested in viewing your content, and
watch time is one of the main ranking factors for YouTube videos. Subscribers also help with view velocity in
the first 24 and 48 hours because they drive the initial views for your videos. They’re the ones that get notified by YouTube
when you uploaded a new video. So if they have notifications turned on, they’ll
be alerted when new videos are published. Let’s look at the five ways you can optimize
your channel homepage to convert more viewers into subscribers. Number one, visit YouTube Analytics. You’ll notice on the graph that the channel
other line is longer than videos. This means that more people have subscribed
to your channel homepage in the last 30 days than from your videos. Place yourself in the mind of your viewer
and ask yourself these questions; Is the content relevant to me? Will I learn something I don’t already know? Does the channel or the videos on the channel
contain lots of values that I want to subscribe? If viewers don’t find the content on your
channel valuable, why should they subscribe? Number three, channel banner. Your channel banner is what catches the eye
when people first visit your channel homepage. If viewers can’t understand what your channel
is about within the first 5 or 10 seconds of viewing your channel banner, they’ll probably
leave. If you have a great channel banner that clearly
defines what your channel is all about, then your viewers are going to want to explore
further. It’s similar to having a great title for your
blog post. If the title captures the interest of your
visitor, they’ll want to read the whole article. You can also add relevant links to your channel
banner. I highly recommend including a subscribe link
to make it easier for viewers to subscribe. Number four, channel trailer. This is an intro video of 30-60 seconds that
summarizes the content of your channel. What should you include in your channel trailer? Start off with a hook that captures the attention
of your viewers. It can be as simple asking a question about
the biggest problem your visitors may have. For example, on my channel, you could ask,
“Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel and want to get more views and subscribers?” After you’ve hooked your viewers in the
first few seconds, then explain what your channel is all about. You might also want to mention your posting
schedule, like which days are you going to upload new videos to your channel. Invite people to subscribe at the end of your
video and tell them why they should subscribe. Avoid placing an end screen at the end of
your channel trailer because an automatic subscribe button will pop up. Keep in mind that once people have subscribed
to your channel, they’re not going to see your channel trailer. Therefore, you might want to include a featured
video or playlist for returning subscribers. If you don’t add a featured video or playlist,
then your default content will appear. Number five, organize sections into playlists. When people visit your channel homepage, you
want to give them a clearly defined path to watch more of your video content. Therefore, you want to organize your channel
homepage into sections that include playlists that people wish to watch. Place your most important playlist at the
top, followed by other playlists that provide content that your viewers wish to watch. Tie the entire audience so you can put so
you can put yourself in the same shoes as your viewers as they’re watching the content
on your channel homepage. Make sure you also include a description of
your playlist because that description will appear above your videos on the channel homepage. Your playlist description will help motivate
people to check out the videos in the playlist. Another tip is to make sure that your thumbnails
are congruent. If your thumbnails are a mixture of all kinds
of different colors and graphics, it may be hard on the eyes and therefore, cause your
viewers to leave your channel. Therefore, try to have similar graphics in
your thumbnails so it’s obvious that these thumbnails belong to your channel. This will also help your viewers to recognize
your videos when they’re listed in the search engines. Here are some important things to keep in
mind. If you have some old videos in your playlist
that contain outdated content, replace them with newer content. If you find that not many people are subscribing
to your channel or you’re not getting many views, then ask your audience for content
ideas. You also take the questions that people ask
in the comments then create a video that answers their question. Treat each subscriber as a real human being
that has aspirations, goals, values, and emotions. Now you know five ways to convert viewers
into subscribers by optimizing your YouTube channel homepage. Let me ask you an important question; What
do you struggle with the most when it comes to your YouTube channel? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them. Click the card icon to download my free report,
YouTube Editing Secrets. You’ll learn the shortcut to editing your
videos right on YouTube without having to buy any expensive software. If you want to learn how to grow your audience
on YouTube and generate views and subscribers on autopilot, click the subscribe button below
and check out the related videos. I’ll see you in the next video. [music]

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  1. I'm not sure what I struggle with since it going well but I do keep track of what goes on in my channel. But I did learn something here and will tweak up my homepage a little bit more thanks for the tip.

  2. My biggest concern is that after a year on YouTube and close to 1 million views, I only have 5600 subscribers. I've done all the Subscribe tricks and I think my content is good too…

  3. hi, you video is superb, i followed most of steps but i did not get enough subscribers pls.. advice

  4. Getting Youtube to answer my many queries as to why my "add a section" is missing. I have an important playlist waiting. And I've tried to find youtube videos on how to correct this to no avail. HELP please.

  5. You got a great point there it's amazing how many people don't actually have a trailer video

  6. It seems like the most controversial video I made gets the most views and got me the most subscribers. I don't want to go that route and create click bait so I need to find a way to make my content more interesting :-/ but I guess people enjoy drama?

  7. Another great video. What do I struggle with most re: YT channel? Putting in the special link in your email and other social media sites prompting people to subscribe.

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