GAMING w/ PATRICK STAR! FUNNIEST FGTEEV VIDEO! Pokemon Go Jokes #20 Gen1 Pokedex Spongebob Style

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GAMING w/ PATRICK STAR! FUNNIEST FGTEEV VIDEO! Pokemon Go Jokes #20 Gen1 Pokedex Spongebob Style

GAMING w/ PATRICK STAR!  FUNNIEST FGTEEV VIDEO! Pokemon Go Jokes #20 Gen1 Pokedex Spongebob Style

MOM! WHAT![Laugh] (Little Girl) Blastoise do you have any chocolate? Blastoise: yep (fart sounds) Man: ooooooooh It’s family gaming team Remember when your kidos make other kidos cry I’m gonna get a dittle guys Please be a dittle (repeatedly) [Child] (screams) Look who just leveled up [alright]. We are back in the game room I’m joined by none other than Patrick starr say, what’s up dog woof bumpy one you cooper now not now Not not puppy not puppies. Not a dog dog like Them oh hey donkey. Thanks for watching oh, this guy is crazy We got Patrick starr because today. I’m getting the omastar [man singing “I’ma Star boy” Star Boy [the] Star Boy Starburst, it’s not candy. It’s not it’s a song ah This [overnights] been my bunny for 22 kilometers hmm what you doing home, [you] did what one time? commuter [sits] kill ometer it’s [a] it’s a measure of distance [ah] Mmm. Anyways, we’ve got enough candy. Don’t you get are you kiddin its in-game candies? It’s not it’s not real candy. Just stop talking. [we’re] getting on the star. That’s what I’m trying to say evil and here we go Yes, this right here You know what this means this means that I’m pretty much completed my gen1 pokedex Except for the addition of a poor gun because he’s not available from you. Oh my star look Patrick starred meat on the star Yes, whoa looking all fresh here Now I’m switching my buddy To a ditto so I get some more ditto candy. You know that my worst buddy, though He was a mock the dude was always like grabbing my butt is weird Dittos my buddy, but all my scars here. He’s joined the team 1479 sips, he’s got a rockslide of 50 in a mud shot six arrived [murr] ever seen 142 Pokemon caught 142 Pokemon the only ones [I] don’t have for the legendaries and then porygon who is Just not in my area for some reason, but anyway that is it we’ve completed the pokedex now We want to go through stay tuned. I don’t [mike] and chase I [think] they wanted to do this But anyway We wanted to go through this list of all these funny Funny funny things that we can do with the Pokemon this new updates actually pretty It’s not good because look you [just] tap on it very fast And it says transfer that means it’s Gonna go into [my] pocket and by mistake I’m gonna Transfer something that I don’t want to transfer not very good It’s easy, but it’s too easy [all] right [stay] tuned, but do some funny stuff You need me to stay till – why can’t you before you [down] nice. [it’s] stay tuned Hey – [oh] Why does this keep happening to me? What’s up, everybody? I sent Mike and chase run it flex. We’re gonna go through all our pokemon and kind of Reenact what they say in English right a pokemon spoke English good English not like Liga Or have them do other funny things in game. Hey, man check out my butt [hahaha], that’s beedrill. [I] got some water for you, buddy Blastoise do you have any chocolate yep? Oh? everybody Java Alright, Lexi’s on third, base. I’m swinging. [oh] hold on hold on and cheese same clefable says Catching cows the fairy the [fairy]. Where are you [your] [poo] [ah]? How’d you? God bless you diglett He’s sick guess who’s got their hands up in the air like they just don’t care this guy Sit up straight Dragon, air. You’re gonna get bad posture. Sorry I can’t rule Jaggedy yeah, have you ever heard drowsy [to] music? No, it’s Dope listen to it See my man place it good keys on the pin. You know he got dance moves too, right? He’s pouncing on em geez achoo ekans. How are you doing you guys speak up, sweetie can’t hear Rubes just farted smell it smell smell smell it ha ha ha ha fira nasty yeah Phil Mouse [Bell] [Clarion] stay looks like a Christmas tree o Christmas tree. Ha ha ha doremi, [faso]. Oh, you know You know gengar is a favorite sandwich, what peanut butter n Gloom are you feeling okay? Dude, I know your favorite sport. You’re a baseball kind of bad ha ha Goalie is such a weak little Pokemon. Yeah, we do the moon. Which is Mimic [girl] This guy is huge [tantrum] Mom So randall it this way mom vidya Slattery said Mom wow [calluses] Mom [I] Just realized. This is a dude with a skirt, whatever it’s not kill [Hitmonlee], I personally like Hitmonchan better whoa Now watch me whip now watch me. Nae. Nae now watch me. We’re with now. I mean Amy I Don’t know what’s the matter Jigglypuff [I]? Have to be the bathrooms over there We’re driving really fast in a double steering wheel car What’s the matter Jinx? Hey, Kabutops. I heard that. They’re getting rid of rock Pokémon. No way It’s true. Hey, ma hi what hi? Hi his claws talk Magmar, what are you allergic to? What’s your favorite dance Mickey? I pull out foot, and then I shake it all about Meowth is actually the one Pokemon that can speak English, but in the game. He doesn’t do anything fun Do you [don’t] honest his favorite song no, what is it? [I’m] in my head [my] back you put on my night. Show me your muscles I’m a strange moon banana a parents. There’s a little spider on your back dude Okay, it’s off. [it’s] [a] [oh] dude. You have a little paris on your back, okay? [it’s] off top. Oh now. There’s a spider Yo, man, you know who’s my boy [he’ll] piggy. I say what up dog Yo, give it me and him been friends since we were little kids Yo, this is the only one that talks For real your legs what I got a joke for you. Why the duck cross the road? I don’t know to get to the other side ah What that was a good joke, [Noah’s] side up doesn’t like you, but [it] thought it was good Hmm Even Snorlax thinks my jokes are boring. [you] [know] my favorite character growing up as a kid. What Sonic the hedgehog? Sorry [Sandshrew] not quite the same bro. Take your yellow Brick road self back to on I Wanna Swing from the Chandelier from the Chandelier? Young Middle school. I had this really really cool teacher that taught band. He was always conducting us when our instruments Mr.. Tentacle Stop it Eagles Make sure when you grove you don’t smoke okay? I’ll show yo, you’ll end up with a smoker’s cough like fix you go whoop whoop [alrighty] guys well, that’s about all [I] silliness we had it up in Pokemons. Go for the record Lexi. She doesn’t play anymore I lost my my first pokemon go player first was chase actually second was lex [Chase] stopped Mike stop and then Mike and chase got into it and then lex stop and then I kind of stopped because I I kind of need to get [through] Jen – Jen – what do you know it’s coming through pretty soon Thanks for watching thumbs up make sure you subscribe not only should you subscribe? Next to the subscribe button. You should see if you are subscribed. You should see a little bell tap the bell it means Notifications are turned on and you’ll always get notified when we post a video video But for right now. We will say Bebop’s believe Spots believe the bots [I] Had a swallow spit first cuz if I wouldn’t have are you dad and dog no and I was spilling oh, I Love when you go never saw where my back detector. They heard he had me pulling up over [you] amira was here, subscribe to FGTEEV 🙂

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  1. FDad: "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
    FLex: "Why?"
    FDad: "To get to the other side xD"
    Me: …
    Phyduck: *"Ah nononono
    Me: After watching Phyduck "xD"

  2. Why did the chicken cross the road??? idk??? To get other side… But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side but that’s a lie

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