FREE Web Hosting – Coupon Code: GATORSHOST994

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FREE Web Hosting – Coupon Code: GATORSHOST994

FREE Web Hosting – Coupon Code: GATORSHOST994

hey folks uh… thank you for opting in
for free web hosting and combine again this is robert nogueira
here from i want internet marketing i welcome
you to this page free web hosting now i want to get our right down to this
and kinda walk you through exactly what’s going to be happening now now if you look beneath his video i’ve
included a link now that link is a pbf which is this right here we’re gonna
walk through this page for your free web hosting step-by-step but i just want you to be aware that
underneath this video is a linked to this exact page okay which is a hosting sign up page but before you do that how we’re going
to be doing is choosing a domain name four u which is your you are out possess the first step you need to do
you need to register a domain name which we will do four u and just to give me a for instance say
if you’re a plumber and profits for instance you may want to go after providence plumber dot com that would be your domain name or maybe you want to use your name of
your business palisade janelle plumbing dot com okay so that’s gonna be here you are
relatively to be using now you may have in the past already
registered a ul which is fine that’s great uh… we can use that no problem uh… usually my recommendation is to go after geeky worded domain name uh… again it’s for ranking it’s for
anzio so that plumbing provinces typically
keyword that someone would type in more than likely it’s it’s the best case
scenario for you to go after that domain name so be plumbing province dot com okay so once we have the two main name
setup we need somewhere to host that particular you are up so our favorite hosting company com disc this by far they’re the best it’s hostgator so we’re gonna walk you through this
uh… real quickly this is very easy it’s like three steps so stopwatch if you’re a copper or with the click
here button you’re gonna see a direct link rights of
host gator okay see gonna wanna click on this
button right here and then once you do that you’re gonna
come to this great you’re gonna see this exact screen and i’ve put a little box around the web hosting because this
is where you gonna be don’t for see you got a click web hosting and then it’s gonna take it to the
screen now once you’re on the screen the plan that we suggest is right here
it’s middle public wrote it’s called the baby plant he gives you
unlimited domains unlimited disk space bandwidth uh… as a cell certificates now you
know really going to be worrying about that and less you have an e-commerce
site but this is the plan to choose she gonna click right here to order now okay and then the next screen that comes up
it’s gonna say choose your domain and we’ve highlighted here exactly what
you want to do i currently have a domain name already so you’re gonna type in your you are l
right here okay so say if it wasn’t uh… boston plummer
dot com that’s what you’re gonna put it right here you don’t need the h_t_t_p_ just boston plumber dot com or whatever
it may be your particular domain is what we’ve also supplied you with is a
coupon code and this is it right here it’s called
marketing he sent chills paul and caps i believe this is cap sensitive so uh… do this in caps type in marketing
he sent chills all one word he had to put that right here so in doing so your basically getting your uh… thirty-first thirty months are
thirty days are free i mean it’s gonna cost it may be a penny so as you can see uh… this is the next screen that you’re gonna be saving are
seeing it’s your package type which was the baby program one-month text nine dollars and ninety
five cents and you can see here the coupon code that we gave you takes off nine dollars and ninety four
cents only really a paint one penny uh… for their first first malta
posting okay then you’re going to be entering
your yall username and security pin came on a light that stuff down started
six-part and then answer all your billing
information credit card uh… information there and then step three that’s it you’ve successfully created a hosting
account and then you’re going to be receiving an
email from host gator and with all your login details and
uh… passwords and stuff like that so we’re gonna require those login details
in order to upload your website so the best option for you is just
before that email to us directly you know i have actually put my com email
right here solid you have to do is clicked this
link animal put up a window and you can click and email me directly uh… with all of your website uh…
details the login details that host gator gave you so they will be no billing details on
that email c dot the worry about that uh… i just it’s just a login details
that we can get you up and running
free web hosting0:05:34.489,0:05:38.519
uh… within forty eight hours and get
you started quickly again if you have any questions at all
please do not hesitate to contact us right here just click that button to contact us will answer your questions
you will be have my phone number in all the information required because we will
be speaking uh… as we’re doing this domain because you’re probably don’t want some
feedback and i’m gonna have some for some information from you as well okay so again my name is rob and i look
forward to working with you and this is going to be great and uh… wilson literally for get this done quickly
enough to get this moving fast uh… we can have these sites up with
them two days so again it’s been great speaking with
you and i look forward to working with 0:06:26.629,0:06:27.369
youfree web hosting takecare and uh… we’ll talk soon bye for now

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