Free Online PLC Training – No Purchase Necessary Automation Training

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Free Online PLC Training – No Purchase Necessary Automation Training

Free Online PLC Training – No Purchase Necessary Automation Training

At AutomationDirect we realize how beneficial
an understanding of industrial controls can be in today’s
world. We have always known the value in providing
PLC training to our customers and have been doing
so with the help of Doug Bell and Interconnecting Automation for more than twenty-two years. Doug is
our go-to source for PLC education and has trained thousands of professionals on industrial
controls. That’s correct Shane, about twenty-two years
ago we started the company. And how it all got started
was I was at a couple of PLC training classes and they weren’t very good. So I was sitting there and I had
an idea: I could do this. And I had programmed for almost twenty years
then. So I came up with an
idea and I went to AutomationDirect and we discussed it. I tried to make the classes we were giving
at the time because we started out giving hands
on classes. I tried to make them hands on and meat and
potatoes stuff. The actual information they need to go out
and program the machine, not a sales pitch. The PLC training you provide has been a great
benefit for our customers but now we’ve decided to take
it one step further and not only train our customers on PLCs but anyone who is willing
to learn. So, for
absolutely no cost whatsoever, you can get access to Doug’s online PLC training curriculum. You no
longer need to purchase a single item from us. The training is available 24/7 and it’s completely
FREE. Doug, tell us a little about the course. Well, when we originally started the company,
we were actually going around the country giving hands
on classes. And then the advent of videos started to come
out and we did VHS tapes believe it or not. And then we moved on to DVD’s. And then the advent of the internet made it
instant information. So,
we started shooting videos on PLC training. And on our website, we have what we call PLC
video libraries. Its libraries of dozens of videos. We have multiple libraries. One library is just basic PLC
information. Not product specific to anyone. What people don’t realize is the minute you
turn that laptop on, you start programming, its product
specific. So, we made other video libraries on
automationdirect products so that they were specific to the product. So, the offering that we are
putting up there is the introductory library. It’s just general information that applies
to anybody’s PLC. What is an input, what is an output? You would not believe, were sitting here,
were giving a class this week, how many people don’t know what an input
is. They walk in the door Tuesday morning to a
class and they want to program, and they can’t tell
you what an input is. So, its basic information. You can’t
build a sky scraper unless you have a very good foundation. So, we have the video library basic, the
introductory. And then we have product specific libraries. They are not courses so to speak where you
take quizzes and tests. We also offer those on our website where you
can get a certificate at the end. These are just an assortment of a hundred
videos on one PLC or thirty videos on just specific basic
information. So that you get a general idea of how a PLC
works and how it functions. Wow, thanks Doug. So, if you are looking to learn the ins and
outs of PLC control, simply follow the link at the end of this video. And don’t forget, you can always download
our FREE software for a hands-on approach to PLC programming, Doug offers low-cost
PLC trainers if needed and if you would like in-
person training Doug can provide onsite training as well. So, check out this free training today, and
remember when it comes to automation nobody gives you more than AutomationDirect.

5 thoughts on Free Online PLC Training – No Purchase Necessary Automation Training

  1. Cannot find the link at the end of the video for access to the FREE Click PLC videos. Shane said, in the video, no purchase necessary.
    But the Interconnecting Automation website keeps asking for a coupon code, even after registering on their site. Can someone please help?

  2. Where is it? I find the link to this video on your web site. However the links on that page just loop back to higher levels in your web site.

  3. If I need a credit card, etc to view these free videos, then, for me, it is not free. The link goes to Automation Direct website, I did click. I will research it later after I finish today's hot job. Does automation direct accept paypal for payments on hardware products ordered? My company no longer punishes itself by using credit cards, we pay in full at time of sale only. Best WTG!

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