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Free Online Advertising Course – Overview – Open2Study

Free Online Advertising Course – Overview – Open2Study

Hi, I’m Patty Keegan from
Digital Chameleon. And I’d like to welcome
you to the online advertising subject. The online advertising industry
is an exciting, evolving, and fast-paced
industry. And we’ll talk about
four key aspects of it within this subject. The first aspect we’ll talk
about is, how did we get here? The evolution of the world wide
web as we know it today. In the second module, we’ll be
covering types of online ad formats and some of the
innovative ways that advertisers can achieve
cut through. In the third module, we’ll
look at various digital platforms and opportunities
for advertising across those platforms. And finally, in the fourth
module, we’ll look at the process of campaign planning
and measurement. The online advertising industry is constantly evolving. And there’s actually a
skills shortage in this industry today. We can’t possibly cover
everything that there is to say about online advertising
in this four hour subject. However, I hope it’ll peak your
interest to complete more formal studies once you’ve
finished the subject. Or, if you’re a practicing
marketer or business owner, I hope you’ll be able to walk
away with enough knowledge that you can start to put some
of these concepts into practical use. I look forward to seeing you
over the next four weeks and thank you for participating
in online advertising.

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