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Food Ne Banadi Jodi | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Food Ne Banadi Jodi | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Viewers of Wirally, please find and hit
the bell and never miss any notification from us.’ ‘Hurry up!
Do you think they did hit the bell?’ Jaythri, would Sunday be fine?
– What for? – For our next day. We aren’t even done with our first date.
– Well, we met, we talked and we liked each other. What more is still left in this date? We’ve still got food to eat. Didn’t we order prawns too? We ordered a lot. I’m not hungry at all.
– Why not? Well, talking to you has satiated my appetite.
– Is it? Jaythri, you look so cute while eating.
– I see. Hello? Yeah, bro, we’re having our meal.
We’ll start from here in about 10 minutes. Jaythri, finish up your meal fast.
We’ve to leave. I’ll go visit the washroom. ‘Damn, he is having pizza.’
– ‘Damn, she is having pasta.’ Jaythri, let’s go.
What? You aren’t done eating yet? I told you we had to leave. Let’s go.
– And what about this food? Just leave it right there.
– We can’t do that. – I’m paying for it, so, we can. I’m not worried about money.
I just don’t like wasting food. You want to finish this all?
It’ll atleast take an hour. One, two, three.. No, I’ll only need 30 minutes.
– 30 minutes? Fine, I’m leaving. I’ll keep you company. I know how embarrassing it is to eat alone.
– Who are you? Well, I too was here with my date.
But she too left as I was taking whole day to have my meal. Eat up, unless you want me
to eat your food too. Don’t guzzle. Eat slow to atleast keep me company.
– Hi, I’m Jaythri. I’m Shobhan.
– May I try your pizza? – Go right ahead. Food was tasty, wasn’t it?
– It was! You like coffee?
– Yeah, I love coffee! There is this place called Coffee Cup. It makes great coffee.
– I should visit it someday then. Can I have the number?
– Alright. You think they’ll answer now?
– Who? – I asked for Coffee Cup’s number. My cab is here.
I’ll leave. Bye. Can I have some?
– Sure. Nice! You made this.
– I wish. My brother made it. ‘She’ll take the whole day this way.’
– I might take the whole day to finish this. So, you can go. Are you sure?
– Yes, I am. – Thank God. Hi!
– ‘Where are you, Ms Slow Eater?’ – I’m at work. ‘I just visited a lovely food joint. Want to come over?’
– I can’t. I’m at work. ‘Fine, but visit it someday.’
– Sure, I will. – ‘So, what’s for lunch today?’ I brought egg curry. It is my favorite.
Actually, I wanted to ring you up. I’m having my food all alone.
– ‘Alright, I’ll keep you company until you finish.’ Are you sure?
– ‘The biryani I’m eating now is the best.’ – But where? Brother, where are you?
– ‘I’m in a meeting at work. I’ll be home late.’ I’m hungry. – ‘Order food online.’
– I’d have rather grabbed a bite while on the way home. ‘Stop yelling. It isn’t my fault you can’t cook a meal..’
– Alright, fine. Bye. So, you saw my post? Are you hungry?
– As a bear. – Come over. But, it’d take time for me to reach there.
– Don’t you remember, I eat too slow. – Right! I’m coming. Am I late?
– Not really. I didn’t finish this yet. It is strange that a foodie like you can’t cook.
– I tried my hand at cooking. But, it didn’t quite work out. Can you cook?
– I’m a good cook. – Seriously? – Yeah. Then why do you always eat out?
– Well, I eat out, then I go home and eat more. Basically, I’m always eating.
– But, you don’t look so. – That’s my super power. Despite over eating, I don’t put on weight.
As a foodie, I’m glad. I’m a foodie too, but I don’t have your super power.
I put on weight easily, so I try to eat within limit. Since, you can’t cook, you always eat out?
– No, my brother cooks for me. I eat out only if he is stuck up with work.
But, I promise I’ll learn to cook someday. Please, don’t hurt the livelihood of cooks.
Also, even people who can cook, eat out, so why even learn? Point. Jaythri, what do you want me to make for dinner?
– Nevermind, brother, I’ll be eating out. Here is your favorite, Egg Bonda.
– Thank You. Shobhan, may I ask you something?
– Go ahead. – Say we both are in a boat. And the boat is about to drown.
Whom would you save? Me or a bag full of Chikki? Of course, I’ll save the Chikki.
– Then I want to be your Chikki. I could hit it off with no one else like I could with you.
Our thinking, mindset, tastes and all are alike. To top it, I eat slow and you eat slower.
I can find no one better than you. Can I be your Chikki? You know what is your contact’s name
on my phone? Chikki. And you’d save a bag full of eggs
instead of me, wouldn’t you? And your contact’s name
on my phone is Egg. Yes, Chikki?
– What’s up, Egg? Finally you’re home. Change up. We’ll have dinner.
– Brother, I already had my dinner. – What? You say you’re a good cook but you never made me anything.
– ‘That’s because my place is too far away.’ I don’t care. I’ll come over to your place tomorrow
and you should cook for me. What do you want me to make for lunch?
– I already had my lunch. – Again? You’re eating out everyday? Do you want to spend
all your money on food? You can once in a while. But, why are you eating out everyday?
– W-Well, brother, there is something I’ve to tell you. I want Egg.
– You want egg for lunch? I think we ran out of eggs but nevermind, I’ll go get them.
– I don’t mean eggs, brother. I met a guy. I like him a lot.
We share so many commonalities. He too is a foodie like me. Why don’t you meet him once?
I’m sure you’ll like him. Please. Alright, I’ll meet him. Smells good.
– He is cooking for me. – Yeah, whatever. Chikki! – Egg!
– Who in the world is he? He is my brother.
– Oh! Hello, I’m Shobhan. – I’m Shiva. Please, get in.
Be seated. Brother, he is a good cook too.
So, actually.. People at the restaurants hire good cooks too.
Everyone in this world can cook but you. So, he being a good cook is no big deal. Chikki..
– Yes? – Whatever. Go! Why didn’t you tell me you’re getting your brother?
– It happened all of a sudden. What do I do now?
– It’ll be alright. Oh! She is helping him with cooking.
I don’t remember she ever helping me out. Don’t get too close. Add some salt.
– How much salt? – Just a pinch. Taste it and let me know how you liked it.
– Hear me out.. – Egg is his name. Oh, cut it!
– I’m Shobhan. – Yes. Shobhan. Jaythri told me about you.
She said you both share common tastes and interests and that you both hit it off really.
I knew it right away that even you’d be childish like her. What? Come on, 1’m 23.
– It isn’t the age. I’m talking about maturity. What I mean is.. – Brother, not a word against him.
– Come on, Chikki, let him speak. What is with those names?
Mature people don’t address each other like that. Chikki and Egg?
– Those are our favorite food items. Shobhan, I’ve no objection with you both being friends.
But you both are a little too naive to think about marriage. What do you do for a living?
– I’m a food critic. – You’re a what? I review and rate restaurants and dishes.
– That is a profession too? How will you look after her with your meagre salary?
– By cooking her good food. Cars and bungalows and money are all cool,
but nothing beats the joy of a good meal. You think good food alone is enough to lead a happy life?
– Yes, it is. – Hell with you. Hear me, Shobhan..
– Please, eat up. We can talk after the meal. – Whatever. How is it? Tell me.
– Let him eat, Chikki. Where did you learn to cook?
– From my mom. You’re right.
Nothing beats the joy of a good meal. The egg is amazing.
– Thanks a lot, brother. I meant this egg, not him. I’m done.
You too eat so slow? Made for each other. Chikki, you can’t find
yourself another perfect partner like him. I guess you both will take the whole day to finish it.
Egg, I’ll be leaving now. Drop Chikki off at our place. Quit eating and ask the viewers to subscribe.
– Chikki, you ask them. – No, you say it. I’m sure you too have come across foodies like us.
If you did, let us know in the comments section. Also, do like, share
and subscribe to wirally!

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