FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

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FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back (Official Movie)

are you listening good let me tell you a story my name is Logan Paul and I think I’m coming out of the Flat Earth closet we don’t have toilet water flying out on people in Australia [Music] [Music] conspiracy theories we’ve all heard them the legend of Bigfoot the aliens of Roswell area 51 reptilian overlords you name it everywhere you go there’s crazy stories being told but even crazier people that actually believe that global warming is such a hug who killed John F Kennedy removed by our government proof that it didn’t happen we’re willing to risk a child’s illness over risking something like autism however this is not one of those conspiracies [Music] [Music] [Music] my name is Logan Paul controversial YouTube star boxer X vegan your boyfriend’s worst nightmare and Jake Paul’s brother my whole life I was taught several irrefutable truths the sky is blue lemurs are native to South Africa dogs have tongues that are fully inside their mouths well in most cases and of course the earth is round [Music] or so I thought it started off like any other day crying in the shower answering emails and creative differences with my manager until my good friend Mike challenged one of my deepest beliefs while filming a vlog okay the last person to leave this circle wins $200 how’re you feeling okay guys that is it for the video if you liked it make sure to give it a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button and I will see you next time take it easy BAM alright that’s good nope no video stuff good stuff good stuff boys okay talk to you for a second yeah just be good yeah it’s good hey ah did you ever think I don’t know do you ever think for a second that like the world the earth it might be flat I don’t know just like oh like everything the NASA tells us like about the earth being round it could be just like a huge lie cover-up what are you saying right now evan is on the verge of death yeah for now and let’s talk about it smaller time okay so this seemed a little weird but then Mike brought it up to me off camera this is security footage of an actual conversation that took place at 10 p.m. that’s the state of my life [Music] you haven’t seen what I’ve seen what does that even mean but then I woke up one morning to find this so what the heck Oh shake it rob was good what why would someone do this what the frack dude no prob was good why would someone break in and just smash the Globes the northern hemisphere is completely gone oh come on man last one to row damn this is weird why what happened have you checked the security cameras [Music] oh I cannot believe this after witnessing my good friend Mike someone who I’ve known for years professional corporate level-headed Mike go on an unprovoked 4:00 a.m. globe smashing rampage it finally hit me like a pile of pangaean rocks mike is a flat earther this father this flat man came at his back how does water stick to a ball that spends $1,000 now anyone ever told you the earth is flat Satan’s greatest live instruction this was just the illusion world that we’re living husband has described the north there’s a big ice light travels in turn right go around it like that I expect to see does he really think the earth is flat enough was enough I was gonna confront Mike once and for all about his interstellar beliefs yo Mike yeah can I ask you something what what’s your deal bro like you got something you want to tell me I ain’t arrestin peanut butter I’m sorry I’m sorry buy more that’s not it’s not about that I’m gonna get more of it Mike told ya it’s not about the peanut butter what I’m gonna say this as a friend and I need you to be truthful what is this right now what do you guys listen I want you to be honest with me do you think the earth is flat what are you guys doing right now sir did you look at your turn look at me Mike please I need you as a brother do you think the earth is flat so my name is Mike Malick and when I was younger my dad used to be a contractor for the US government Department of Defense used to do jobs everywhere all over the country internationally but one of the jobs he got was actually in Antarctica occasionally he would take us on the trips who take my mom and my my little sister and you know we all went as a family and you know he would work during the day my mom would kind of hang out around the around the cabin and there were other families on the base and you know we would all just kind of hey my sister would play around outside so we were playing outside and you know there were signs everywhere US government military do not pass so we just kind of did whatever we like snuck past them and we were like just walking around and then like I just something like caught my eye and I just kept kind of walking further and further and that was the first time that that that was the first time that I saw it in person what did you see that was the first time I saw the edge of the earth when me and my sister you know kind of approach the side and looked over it was just basically Stardust the cosmos just stars as far as the eye could see I mean just stunning and that was the first time you know that it really got an understanding we’ve been lied to even my two after me my sister ed had gone for the first time then we wanted to tell all the other kids you know how kids are right and so there’s this one kid that I became real real good friends with his name was P he had flat feet and kind of hobbled around when he walked but we struck up this relationship and he was my best friend we were just playing and [Music] her displayed he was just rolling up another snowball but he got too close to the side and I told him I said paint be careful all I heard him say was [Music] [Music] okay hold on pause is he messing with me does one of my best friends really think the planet we live on is some sort of intergalactic frisbee but instead floats through the universe like a space bound pancake I think so because then he went public with it for me a relationship works when both parties are honest when there’s a foundation of trust see that word by the way right there trust like NASA for example like everything they’ve showed us up until this point this round earth from outer space it’s been the same exact picture familiar rewind and go back to the relationship stuff that we were talking I’m not done yet so so so so NASA shows us this picture it’s like a CGI composite of the round earth please well I’m gonna be a kangaroo in my head in the sand anymore I got come here I’m gonna show you something right now right now right now come on in the middle of the podcast [Music] this is my shrine all things Flat Earth this right here the new standard map of the world this is everything we know about the Flat Earth the ice walls and everything this is our leader he wrote this book here scientism exposed it tells everything about the lies that nasa has been telling us never a straight answer this here is a beach ball it’s a beach ball and most importantly the platypus Kowalski also known as the extinct human size penguin you’re fucking idiot Mike he’s right Mike no I’m not shit gets biblical too and Abraham said eat off my plate for it is flat as is the earth case closed I don’t think it is Mike I think you’re still wrong wrong yeah cuz I’ve done years of experiments in scientific research and I could prove it to you guys right now here we have a model of the fantasy world that you to believe exists if gravity exists the way that you two say it does and the earth is round when you’re driving your car down the street welcome this doesn’t happen [Music] yeah watch this and now a flapper ache a reality seemed pretty legit but I wanted to know what the rest of the world thought about this so I sat down with a select group of highly intelligent elementary students before NASA could get ahold of them so I just want to ask you some some quick questions here what’s your favorite color purple blue blue do you have a favorite animal a dog fern I love penguins I also love penguins have you heard of the human-sized penguin well they’re extinct now but anyways what shape is the earth round sphere circle do you mean a circle like this or a circle like this like that like this how do you know that what if he’s lying how do you know that they can’t lie to millions of people seems pretty far-fetched huh what would they why why what’s the point what do they get out of it what shape is the earth flat who told you the earth was flat there splat because if it wasn’t flat then we would all be falling off of it does that upset you what would happen if you were walking one day and you found yourself falling into a deep abyss well I guess that’s just something in my life the child had a good point this was slowly becoming a puzzle that not even I the all-knowing and error-free Logan Paul could solve until I found out about this this is a day that’s going to be etched in history quest for truth and it could seem crazy but all of us laughed at this topic including myself this is the probably the most ridiculous thing I ever thought that I’d be doing and Here I am organizing the Flat Earth international conference but I’m not laughing anymore two words and there’s no other two words that bring the reactions that these two words bring and those two words put together our Flat Earth so much knowledge all in one place I knew I had to attend I packed up all my bags grabbed all of team maverick and got on the plane to Denver Colorado for the 2018 International Flat Earth conference do you see something do you notice what’s happening here perfectly flat I guess you see any curve whatsoever no I don’t like case closed yawn bored now not yet we have a plan yeah yeah yeah so right that that plan is so right now we’re headed to the hotel which is also the convention center there they’re like together yeah it was pretty much the same building your baskets so we’re gonna meet up the Robbie and he’s gonna give us well rock who’s Robbie Robbie Davidson the CEO and founder of the Flat Rock Internet yeah Robbie Davidson do you know you know Robbie Davis is you know who that is I don’t that’s the guy from my wall yeah when I’m in the mood for the year’s Bobby’s book but you guys have to put yourselves in my shoes for a second do some wonder saying like what this means I [Music] I’m do I’m so happy [Music] what’s a little bit how are you man nice to meet you that’s my boy hey what’s up Mike nice to meet you yeah Mike dude can you lock your mind man it’s gonna blow your mind just go wash ask all the hard dashes to everyone man they’re gonna like just love the fact he is open how you feel you know you fimble I was dude out I was up there looking down it or thinking everybody I know lives there everybody they know have known do you hear this all chairs that’s a NASA astronaut he’s been to space there’s a picture he took that selfie bro that is literally the exact same thing as a Hollywood production explain this this is an image of the plan literally like you following serum girls on Instagram I said bottles bro who use face to another face like and thereby use face dude on the planet Earth it’s like a composite dude like a composite built to continue to like push their narratives bro [Music] [Music] we’re literally were surrounded by people genuine for the flat earth converted day is finally here in history [Music] sefie 2018 USA the second annual blood earth International Conference there [Music] and organizer of FDIC Robinson [Applause] this is absolutely incredible I remember a year ago I said the same thing but now we’ve taken it to the next level and it’s unbelievable to me that in 2018 this many people can start questioning the reality of where they live but the reality is this the truth sets you free so with that I want to introduce the master of ceremonies again for the third flat earth international conference mr. Rick Hummel [Applause] I’m not ashamed to say there’s bubbles in space I’m not ashamed to say they lost all the data to the moon missions I’m not ashamed to say that water is a natural level I’m not ashamed and to say that gravity is still only a theory and that buoyancy and density still hold on I’m not ashamed to say that Brian Cox Neil deGrasse Tyson Bill Nye Elon Musk and the likes of them are not as smart as they think they are so they made some good points I don’t know I’m I don’t still I’m still skeptical I mean at least you’re opening up though at least I wouldn’t say that I wouldn’t say that I came to the idea platters and the beginning of 2015 so when I watched my first it was a six hour presentation so it gave me a lot of information from more than like all you crazier or whatever like what do you say to that there’s millions and millions of people are now questioning with everything that these space agencies have been showing us and I know why is that if NASA would lie and multiply about the globe and like about the moon landings stuff then what else with everyone lie about have you seen Jurassic world yes in the universal logo went when they spending ball in the beginning how else could they have gotten that shot there are either composites or you know animations or artistic renderings etc etc like they like they soon yes my dad has always been a truth seeker right he’s been telling me that we didn’t go to mood he knew about 911 right away he knew about like that it was not the real story the man was a genius so we’re in my room and he like passed me on the shoulder oh yeah by the way the earth is fine oh yeah and I’m like okay whatever so you don’t believe in the globe I said I don’t believe in globe I absolutely know that we don’t live on a spinning globe you know it there’s no there’s no let me a smile a fact that I’m drinking out of a cylindrical cup with the world map on it does that upset you sure it didn’t make sense to me it didn’t make sense how we didn’t fly off or how the water snuck through the ball my friend actually conducted an experiment where he like you can roll up the globe and then he drove up at RC car office right why aren’t we flying off yeah do you acknowledge that other planets around I don’t know acknowledge that other planets are planets we don’t live on a planet we live on a plane what we see in the sky are just little lights they’re very close the only pictures you see the planets come from two sources one is NASA and the other one is is me and at this point Disney is more credible than NASA my brother is on a Disney show got fired so that’s just I mean to me that proves like there’s something going on don’t laugh with this you know Eureka if you love it this is condemnation without in domestication its confirmation of your indoctrination so moany words that rhyme bladder affects every single person everyday the biggest market of anything so we don’t even have a real picture of the global so I don’t have a picture of my intestines but I know they exist earth is flat Neil deGrasse can’t debate these facts if he wanted to earth is flatten station every bro that means it doesn’t move when confronted with the brute lions gettin comp the boom this guy shot himself out of a rock you by himself without NASA this is incredible I expect to see flat disk up there ok why did you do that mr. greevy could be done you’re a maverick that’s been tricking us all I am indeed she is by the way if you guys can obscure my face at California we were launching ICBMs they’re just keeping this all the secret because they don’t want people to know they’re launch a nuke that’s right something I want to Satan’s device right there so what about what about like the NASA moon landings and astronauts and they say that I’ve seen you I’ve seen you in space I don’t recall so your dad is a flat earther yes what do you think what do you think of your dad oh well I do still love them oh yeah that’s good it’s good that you still love your family even though he’s a flat earther I mean yeah have you ever considered not loving him nothing says Flat Earth or I understand my theory like wind chimes mirrors with a Santa hat on top of it yeah this dude to me is the epitome of knowledge okay so I’d really I think you should probably [Music] you’re a flat earther yes hardcore totally I’m all-in you don’t feel yourself spinning wobbling or gyrating do you we don’t have toilet water flying out on people in Australia because of gravity well hello it’s just water seeking its level that’s what it does complete the following song lirik the wheels on the bus go round and round round and round round and round the earth isn’t round true so you say the wheels on the bus go round and round mmm oh hi and I think there’s definitely more flat earthers around the globe then we think around the what the globe the globe well everybody’s around the globe the globe’s in your mind your mind my mind even though I know we don’t live on a globe I know that the globe exists well so here’s the deal I thought I was born again over 30 years ago until I actually was four years ago now I get to do what I want I tried pleasing others I tried to please friends family I tried pleasing myself later on masturbation yeah [Music] shit-hot flatters girls don’t mind if I do come on hey guys hi guys hi guys flat earthers yeah really yeah are you giant cameras in yes we’re shooting a documentary oh you are yeah you have an accent yeah well you’re probably like my friend is a flat earther to you so yeah you’re not here is like a joke can you flew here just for this well I live in LA now but that’s cool I so like alright kinda see that there are the reason people like I think that it’s round is because like the shape your eyes straight oh sorry you’re so pretty yeah yes good what he’s made this house dude he really is dude like just like hot girls in general but she’s got these like eyes dude and I know how he is when it comes to girls with eyes like that bro bye-bye guys [Music] holy shit I asked her to dinner I’m going on a date with the Flat Earth girl yeah I wonder if I wonder so order the flatbread Robbie you’re famous around here so what in your opinion is the most damning piece of scientific evidence when you’re taught that you just came from nothing because the scientific narrative isn’t if nothing exploded and created everything and we’re crazy they’d rather to believe that nothing created all this when all sudden you start looking into the fact that maybe everything in the sky was put in place for us there’s value maybe there’s something out there that’s actually watching over top of us are you saying we could be like specimens in a petri dish I personally believe that yes the Creator is looking right down on us the Sun Moon and stars were placed in the firmament and again what it says biblically speaking they’re just lights dude they’re lights and yes the moon and here’s a startling thing we believe the Sun and the moon are the same size just like we appear in the sky halo they’re further away millions a month they’re the same man they’re both lights they do different things but there’s same size whoa I know the edge okay have you seen it you can get up flight you could get it books get down there they’re gonna take a picture with a penguin they’ll take you to a ceremonial pole but you say hey dude want to grab a backpack I want to go explore you won’t be allowed really it is guarded big time 40 countries signed a peace treaty and it’s the longest standing peace tree that no one’s ever broken and it says that only military and signs can go there you’re not allowed to go back sighs I know no side note in the ancient like Jurassic times there were penguins the size of humans absolutely man I’m sitting here and I’m kind of under than mindset of like what if they’re right what if but it is scary if you think that everything you taught you that you thought was true was a lie it is it is frightening it’s frightening so I hear you man I hear you I just don’t know what to believe anymore [Music] hi hey are you good good I got you these flowers oh thank you the other fake yeah that’s fine changes us yeah no no I got a guy oh thank you [Music] do you have a Applebee’s in Australia exactly well welcome welcome to the beautiful beautiful restaurant of Applebee’s I’m from Ohio so it’s kind of like a delicacy is it yeah interesting yeah I love your accent by the way yeah I love it it sounds like you have an accent no me I have an accent I could talk Australian shrimp on the barbie we didn’t even call them straight with our own parole [Music] you’re human like us aw man but you’re you’re open and you’re learning it’s also beautiful because if everything was created for us there’s someone out there man that wants a very intimate relationship and they’re watching out very close they’re very close to their creation [Music] so so what are the stars the Angels really yeah yeah I guess I didn’t know any of this stuff before I came here and like yesterday yeah you just need to do some more research and I talking to you is like I know it’s nice I can teach you some things I’m down [Music] I got high it’s something so cold you want to go inside yeah that’d be good and he’s pretty cold it sink fine thank you [Music] [Music] no it was good she’s so cool man I look I might be in love like she might be the one she’s so smart bro and she opened my eyes to a lot of things I know and she actually gave me this shirt this flat earth society shirts like no she’s not like these other girls bro she’s like she’s smart she’s genuine and she’s she’s hot she’s I just no no she’s not gonna fire it to do that shit let’s take what might be too late bro okay stop don’t jump any conclusions people are speaking today please get ready okay let’s do this hey and Casey’s waiting so let’s go [Music] it’s like a necklace what about you want and I know I want to buy you one [Music] yeah [Music] that’s good that’s beautiful hey Robert what a champ I met one of you yesterday bro flattered you know everybody’s a flatterer what do you think what do you think of my new girl I’ll see you later man dude here they here no just kidding thank you thank you it’s freezing hey Mike could you give us a second I just wanna talk to you okay see come over here yeah what do you wanna go over here again run away with me what do you mean like right now come to us trailer with me and we explore the flat earth format are you joking I’m not kidding we can go to the edge we can see what everything mike has told you and more let’s do it please please Casey we can see more can I tell you something okay I love you I think that’s a great how do you do it let’s do it let’s do it let’s do it okay you’re amazing [Music] it all makes so much sense now like like I feel I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders like I can see I can see clearly why are you talking like that right now I guess Casey’s really rubbing off on me but you hear what I’m saying right Marc like a fuck you you’ve seen a lot and you’ve been there for years now bro and I just like it’s tough because you’ve been told something your whole life and you’ve been teach a certain way right down out indoctrinated right and now everything is is is spinning my head is like collapsing grow NASA ha telling us we’ve been to the moon is that horseshit sorry man you hear what I’m saying though right man like I’m just it’s it’s all emotional I’m in love I’m grateful I am but like I don’t know it’s it’s a little bit of a headache I have this idea do you remember yesterday when I we saw that guy who was wrapping up this black neil degrasse can’t debate these facts if he wanted to imagine this this is my birth my dick got back Girt I’m chilling with my people talking about that Flat Earth last night your boy has some sex with a nice girl did the Titanic really hit an iceberg with other people spend their life chasing welcomed me and my boys we chase that I sell I shall fucker globe now a part of the system trying to keep us down but whoops you’re miss wise sad to see all these people mad at me cuz I just figured out there’s no such thing as gravity NASA and I think I’ll pass our pack it’s got everything I learned in class it’s a storm of information like come on sue lyin motherfucker no one landed on the moon not a straight answer what is you saying out with the old like that human sized penguin I don’t know man that that seems like a lot of work deep yeah you’re right fuck plus you know you got that speech coming off are you ready for it but not really I’m nervous is surely this is it right this is like put the foot down like everyone in there like you have the respect you have their trust like they’re there for you like just go up there and do what you do write down this before true thank you Ron seriously yeah yeah [Music] okay how long do I have we have one hour okay I still can’t believe you doing this well yeah we great here’s that new maverick merch oh yeah yeah yeah hey check this out we got a we got a brand new maverick t-shirt we turn the maverick logo flat to D maverick logo hell yeah did you really incorporate that was Wow I want to say two weeks ago while I was looking through different ticket holders when I looked at the name I say wait a minute I think I recognize this name and it seemed like someone was on a journey he had looked been looking into this he was open-minded he was willing to put his name out there and say hey Matt I want to come I want to learn [Music] so it’s with great pleasure that I’m going to introduce Logan Hall so I consider myself a man of truth someone who hates being ignorant I try my best to avoid being ignorant and the fact that you know we haven’t been to the moon in what over 50 years the fact that the moon amidst its own light some of their best scientists can’t they can’t explain gravity Neil deGrasse Tyson a Bill Nye at the end of the day do they even know and so I wanted to come here and explore for myself do my best to keep an open mind and you guys have been amazing made a lot of amazing relationships hopefully you know some relationships that will last long into the future sure you guys know there’s a stigma there’s a stigma with being a flat earther and if I’m gonna do it I want to know I want to go the facts I guess I guess I’m I’m not ashamed to say my name is Logan Paul and I think I’m coming out of the Flat Earth closet [Music] thank you feels feels good like I’m like a lion buzzing right now and I not to be like cheesy or anything but I do want to say thank you guys for just being really good friends things being really supportive I know it’s like weird like coming out of the flatterers closet but it really means a lot and I’m not gonna lie this is this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life so thank you guys got you you smashed it I was so nervous yes sorry gooood you can tell no you look so pleased I was like was i sad every summer hey yeah hey hey sorry hmm do think I could talk to you for a sec just really got hot like the hot second just away from everybody yeah is that cool yeah okay [Music] yeah what’s good everyone’s upstairs what I don’t even know how to say this right now bro say I’m not bro I’m out of flat earther I’m not flattered sir dude stop it what do you mean like like I I’m not I don’t know how to put it like I I don’t believe the world is flat like I think the world is round well listen just hear me out I made a joke you got super into it bro you started getting interested in getting excited whatever and they’re not an order you’re like you’re going to Denver and I’m like broaden everything better get me Denver before bro I’ve never been to Denver before they have breweries Applebee’s on every corner it’s like an oasis bro and it’s the Mile High City and like I was so excited it was like I was gonna go on a trip with my boys do it and can you can you can you please can you please tell me that you’re joking please just say just tell you’re fucking right I’m sorry this is I’m so sorry bro you take everything LM what the fuck right now I’m sorry I put my whole life on the line for this my image like my reputation I’ve fallen hard in love with a beautiful Australian flat earth girl and well I’m so sorry Mike okay let’s go to Applebee’s bro there’s a police right down the street [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] let’s go right into the news Logan Paul thanks to hurt this flat over the weekend Logan Paul was spotted at the Flat Earth conference but then after the event he was spotted running around Denver naked Logan pool has officially lost the plot does that look like someone who is okay okay so I really punked you that hard oh so you want to be a bit less ignorant of the whole time he’s been ignorant for your entire career Logan what you try not to be ignorant Logan cause of flat-earthers behavior is it possible for another person’s life to make you tired I’m not him and yeah I’m tired for him if you believe the earth is flat you’re an idiot yeah so watching this and you think that a society has reacted and they made it very clear they want nothing to do with I’m exhausted and overwhelmed by the stupidity that we see on a day to day basis I don’t know if there’s any real change anymore that can be brought about by showing people the facts and reality when people deny the facts and reality for whatever they want to believe what do you wanna know how do you feel feel shitty yeah feel like I got betrayed you know stabbed in the back I feel like I lost a shot at love and a chance to be loved have you spoken to Casey at all yeah I have no I haven’t spoken to him you know and I’m really disappointed because I thought we had something and he’s just he’s a little crazy for me and it’s not even about the earth being round or flat it’s just I saw the videos and he’s got a really small dick didn’t you guys hook up no absolutely not no no do you feel like you have a small dick yeah I know Ryan about way have you spoken to Mike yeah no I haven’t talked to him but I’ll tell you who has my attorneys do you feel mad about this my neck feels bad do I feel bad he was one of my best friends of course what are you gonna do though so now that it’s all over do you think yours is flat no I don’t think the earth is flat I think that’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard in my life however I would go as far to say that at this point I’m not sure there isn’t earth at all so what do you do next [Music] [Applause] over [Music]

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    Thiis was self critical, it had some clever writing and it made me laugh. I think the music video was bad including the song that comes with it, there were plotholes big enough to be the flat earth theory itself and there were some other things I didn't like, but generally I gotta say that this was very entertaining.
    If all your stuff was this good, I'd support you any day.

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