Earn Money Online $50-$100 Per Day Starting Today

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Earn Money Online $50-$100 Per Day Starting Today

Earn Money Online $50-$100 Per Day Starting Today

I’ll write a YouTube squad it’s your boy
keV here coming at you today with another exciting video in this video
today I’m gonna show you how you can make anywhere from fifty to a hundred
dollars using either your cell phone or a computer alright so you don’t want to
miss this video stick around for the whole video it’s not gonna be a real
long one but it certainly show you a good way to make some money
alright we’re gonna get you started on that right now alrighty guys welcome
back to the video like I said earlier I’m gonna show you a way that you can
make some money each day using a cell phone or a computer doesn’t matter where
you’re at and I’m pretty sure that this is available anywhere in the world ok
alrighty first of all my name is Kevin Langer with Kevin – laner comm and if
this is your first time to my videos or you’ve been here before and you still
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while we throw in a motivational video as well alright with the to do out of
the way let’s go ahead and get started on this video here kind of anxious to
show this to you here today and what we’re going to do here is come over to a
website I found and we’ll click on the browser here and open it up and it’s
called validate lead com validate Lee you look up here in the address bar it’s
valid date ly validate lead com right there in this website what they do is
they take people on customers on to that we’ll need people to test out
their applications and websites for them so that they can get feedback from their
users on how well their bill on how well the websites are doing how how easy it
is to purchase products or whatnot from their websites and their applications
hence using your cellphone to do this as well all right all right so what we can
see them through here is they they deal with a lot of big-time name companies
such as Google and Amazon you see here web comm and for Allstate everybody
knows about Allstate Insurance right Microsoft that’s no stranger to fortune
500 companies and twill Oh twill owes a good online company too and
they they come here these companies come here and they hire this company to have
testers test out their products and so on and so forth so as you can see here
they recruit from customer lists moderated recruiting unmoderated
recruiting and then they allow them to even actually the companies that are new
to this website can even have a free trial if they like to check out how they
like validate lease services all right all right this is our platform is
specifically built for user testing conduct moderated research studies at
every stage of product development to validate hypothesis early and often as
you can see in the little graphic right here there someone is testing a website
how well a website works I mean this is looks like pretty easy work to me I
don’t know about you guys they have research tools as our dedicated testing
platform includes screen sharing note-taking clip creation video sharing
and more using desktop and mobile as I told you test prototypes websites and
applications including native applications on both desktop and mobile
including iPhone and Android and unlimited absorbers stakeholders can
join them live sessions and observers and collaborators can take timestamp
notes and so on and so forth and focus on feedback and you can see here this
little graphic here where it looks like somebody’s testing out Amazon comms
product cart or sales cart checkout cart when they’re purchasing a product here
and giving feedback to Amazon about that and so anyways what you want to do is
come here to validate lucam and you’re going to scroll all the way to the
bottom down here and if you look down here at the bottom underneath all these
categories here come underneath the panel and you come down here where it
says get paid to test right now we’re going to find out how you can make some
money on this website as well so you click on get paid to test click on that
and that brings us over to this page right here and it says test websites
make money it’s that simple ok here again you can see thousands of
companies use validate it to improve their products including Google Amazon
Microsoft Salesforce and again all state insurance and it says here how does it
work you make money for every test you take you’ll be asked to complete a set
of tasks speak your thoughts aloud and answer questions regarding a website or
application and basically how it starts is just basically you’re going to sign
up you can either click here to sign up and or there’s a you know you can click
here they got buttons three buttons on this page here this link of two other
buttons here and you’ll be asked to provide basic demographic information
about yourself which I’ll show you here in just a moment number two you just
start taking the test and you’ll start receiving emails offering money for
back on websites and applications seems pretty easy doesn’t it I’m pretty simple
there and number three you just simply get paid you’ll be paid for every test
you successfully complete all right some of the frequently asked questions
are what do I need to get started you just need a computer with a microphone
or an Apple or Android smartphone for mobile studies now one requirement about
this is is you go you’ve got to have Google Chrome browser either have Google
Chrome browser on your phone or on your computer which Google Chrome browser is
pretty much the standard used in the world today it’s rated the best browser
in the world it really is then you need a high-speed internet
connection you must be at least 18 years old which I think probably most most of
you are this can be done by you know 18 or above and you must have the ability
to communicate in English so if you can speak English fairly fluently you
qualify to do this right now the other thing is you will need to have a PayPal
account if you don’t have a PayPal account it’s easy enough to get one most
people do I have one and I think most everybody in the world does pretty much
now PayPal is pretty much the universal well they were the first I think and
then next comes all the other ones so after that but PayPal was the first but
if you don’t have a PayPal account you simply come over to PayPal calm as you
see up here in the address bar and then you just click on sign up it’s free to
sign up for a PayPal account you just use a email address for that the one of
your email addresses will work just fine in that way you can send and receive
money using PayPal and then when you get the money into your PayPal account it’s
easy enough if you want you could have that money sent over to your bank
account directly from PayPal alrighty so two things here make sure that you have
Google Chrome and you have a PayPal account
those are probably the two most required things on here in a computer with a
microphone of course already your Apple iPhone or your Android phone is going to
have a a microphone on it and the capability to use that for videos or
chatting or whatnot right alright so it says how often are tests available what
tests are available daily not every tester matches the criteria for every
test so you may be notified about available tests less frequent frequently
how much money will I make and how will I be paid that’s what we’re interested
in right says payments vary based on the test however many of our studies pay in
the $100 range pretty good you make pretty good money with this website
right here and it looks like pretty easy work actually guys it really does for a
live remote research session all payments are processed through PayPal
within seven business days of completing your test so that’s why you need to have
a PayPal account so they can pay you right so then you just basically want to
click on any of these links here where it says start making money it says you
can earn money by helping companies improve their products pretty easy
actually this is websites and apps pretty easy I mean everybody’s pretty
familiar with browsing and working with websites and in purchasing off of
websites today and so on and so forth and and even working with different
applications as well on your phones or tablets or whatever so click start
making money and it’s going to bring you here now like I said earlier they want
to take they want to find out some demographic information about you right
so if you come here and you register as a tester and start earning money you’re
going to click on create an account here and it’s going to take you through sort
of like a survey type of thing but they’re going to find out a little bit
about you what you have and what you like what your name is what your gender
and stuff so for example I’ll walk you through this a few
of this it’s just basically you know what type of mobile phone or device do
and well I have an Android so I click Android and then choose next and that
it’s asking what type of computer do young well I have both laptop and
desktop and I always run Windows myself but you can see if you have a Chromebook
Linux or Mac those or other or whatever those are all accepted as well so that’s
a good thing so I have Windows PC so highlight on Windows PC and click Next
and then what version of Windows do you use well I’ve used them all but right
currently I have the most updated version of Windows 10 so I click on that
and click Next and it asks you what your gender is male or female well that would
be male click on that and then it’s asking you what year were you born and
you type that in go to the next and I think there’s about total about seven or
eight questions here and then at that point you’d be signed up and be eligible
to begin to take tests for this company and make money and you can do this
pretty much daily I would think that they’re going to have lots of tests
available for you to make money on this website this looks like a pretty easy
thing to do guys I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to do this so make sure
you come over here to validate Lee comm click on get paid to test sign up go
through their little questionnaire to find out your demographics sign up and
begin to make money taking these tests for these companies he’s big name
fortune 500 companies that want your opinions and your ideas about their
websites and applications alrighty guys well guys that’s what I have for you
today is a great way to make some money here don’t forget to reach down there
and subscribe and hit the bell and if you like this video I’ve got some value
from it give me a thumbs up too if you would and now if you want to make bigger
money and you want to get out of the rat wait rat race of an eye
the five job or whatever that you’re in like that link down there where it says
mentor with keV calm and check out that business opportunity that I have there
and you can make high ticket commissions with that alrighty guys well I’m gonna
let you go with that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the
next exciting video you guys take care and have fun making money with validate
lay calm take care guys see you later bye bye now

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