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Duolingo Intro

Duolingo Intro

It’s a big world out there. Billions of us trying to live, love, prosper, and make sense of our brief time on this planet. Since the dawn of humanity, we’ve been passing information from one person to another through a common language. Unfortunately, you can’t communicate with others without knowing or learning their language first. A similar issue has manifested on the web where text can be penned in dozens of languages, each of which demands a reader’s fluency. We’ve developed an elegant solution to both problems — a way for you to learn a language for free, while at the same time helping to translate text from the web, enabling a weath of language-shackled information to be liberated for all of humanity. It’s called “Duolingo”. Here’s how it works: Let’s say you’re a native English speaker who wants to learn Spanish. We start by giving you a sentence from a Spanish web site and asking you to translate it. Wait. Back up. How can you translate a language you don’t know? First, Duolingo only gives you sentences that fit your language level. Beginners get the really simple sentences from the web and advanced users get the more complex ones. This way, everybody becomes a valuable translator. And second, if you’re really lost, you can always see possible translations for words you don’t know. Afterwards, Duolingo helps you understand and memorize the words you hovered over through educational examples. You can also vote on the quality of other students’ translations, which helps you learn by seeing how others translated the same sentence. And because you create valuable translations while you learn, we return the favor by offering Duolingo completely free of charge: no ads, no hidden fees, no subscriptions. Just free. To put the potential benefit of Duolingo into perspective, think about this: If one million people would use Duolingo to learn, the entirety of English Wikipedia could be translated to Spanish in just 80 hours. Duolingo: Learn a language while translating the web.

100 thoughts on Duolingo Intro

  1. I missed one lesson only one please give me my family back I did the lesson I did what you wanted please I haven’t seen them in 5 months

  2. I kept telling my friends how much I want to die, and they recommended me Duolingo.

    now I see why

  3. I haven't learned my Spanish in five days and he hasn't taken my family and there hasn't been a knock on my door.

  4. I need to stop this I will protect people from that app

    How many people save:check the video and look how many thumbs down

  5. You forgot to mention that Duo comes for you if-

    I mean do your lessons and get rewareded. 😅

  6. duolingo isnt as bad as the internet makes it out to be, you dont get killed if you miss a lesson. I love duolingo! its better than any spanish class ive been in.

  7. I missed my italian lessons (Duolingo got boring after a while) and I'm suffering asthma worst than I usually do, And I throw up 1 time every day!

  8. hey duo can you help me
    yes, i have a 2 week streak that i just got today
    hey, i need more xp, but i have a question. is it timed practice? ok thanks duo

  9. Hi it’s Duo, Time For Your Daily Spanish Lesson

    12 hours later

    Hi It’s Duo, Looks like you missed Your daily Spanish Lessons you know what happens now

    intruder alert 🚨 somebody Is At your front door

    Duolingo Notification: I’m at your front door

    Me: moves house

  10. omg this is so outdated

    "no ads… no subscriptions"

    also, why did they remove the "translating the web" part from their website?

  11. I want to learn another language, but I'm to scared to download Duolingo because of the meme, XD. I'm still fighting with myself
    Wether it's true or not 😂

  12. No ads, no subscriptions……

    7 years later: Duolingo plus and ads when i finish my Japanese lesson

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