Doraemon Episode 574 Subtitle Indonesia and English #Datenimation

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Doraemon Episode 574 Subtitle Indonesia and English #Datenimation

Doraemon Episode 574 Subtitle Indonesia and English #Datenimation

Many Doraemon I am home … … That is why. Really. Very weird.. Wow !? Tsubasa-chan !? Why is a famous idol …!? Then Tsubasa-chan, please do your best. Yes, thanks for the support. Then excuse me. But what happened !? I use this. Cuban Photo Stick If you attach this suction cup and pull it … You can take people in the photo. This is a new product that has just been released! Heh ~! Anything? If you have a picture. I have an appointment with Mi-chan. He will give me another present! Nobita Please pull out the grass in the garden, please! Is it only alone? Troublesome … True! Let’s use a photo stick! There is! OK … Which picture should I use? Hi, Nobita-kun. Doraemon! I have a request. Weeding grass together … Wait? At this rate … Make even more … At this rate, it will end soon! I’m a genius! Is that Nobita-kun, have you done your homework? Hi all! Help pull out the grass. Don’t rely on people for anything! You have to do it yourself! It’s okay, we can help a little. I hope you can help! You can do it. You helped him! You can do it! You have to do it! That is you! What! Hi! Stop fighting I am home. Huh what? This Suction Cup … Doraemon! do something. Don’t use this tool again! Press the button on the photo stick! Already damaged…. | So, what’s next? What are you talking about ?! That’s bad, it’s mama! Oh, that was very noisy. Ma’am … Isn’t that just a feeling? This is suspicious. Did you save the dog again? Don’t save it! There are no dogs …. Already, please do weeding early. Dora-chan also helps. When you finish, I’ll give you a dorayaki snack. Dorayaki !? Ah !! That ~! I’m in front! Hurry up Don’t be silly! Hi! Take from the roots properly. Someone there is doing it right! It’s noisy you can do it! It is over! That’s my Dorayaki! I did my best! What is going on … Hah! Sold out? Photo Cuban Stick Tool … is a popular new item, so it will be available again next month. So … How about this …? Nobita-kun, wake up! Late! Wow! Gawat … Doraemon do something! What can we do about it … Wait! use the door anywhere. Whatever, hurry up! No, there is no help for Nobita! You have to make a strong determination here. In that case! I will be late! I will help him today. That’s why it’s spoiled. Yes yes! That’s your responsibility! That is also your responsibility. You! Not you! That’s your responsibility! Anything is possible, so hurry up! It’s too late anyway! Hey … that’s right! Today is Dorayaki’s special sales day! Gawat … Dorayaki !? Hurry up This is it! | Wow! Sorry, sold out. Hah? Doraemon! Help me! Nobita-kun! Wait, Nobita! Don’t let go of Nobita. Hajar I will do the best! Doraemon do something. What can we do about it. Wait, don’t reach out to Nobita-kun! No, sometimes I have to give lessons! Exaggerating! In general, you use too many tools! It is the same with you! Many Doraemon … What happened? I do not know! There she is! Ah … bad, Giant stop it. … Yosh! You guys ~! Stop it! Silly strength, because so much. I am home. I am home. I am home. I am home. I am home … I am home. The business trip is over. Welcome back I am home. Welcome back … Welcome back! Wow! Anything!? Enjoy your meal! Add! How long is this … Can we maintain it …? I brought a lot. Oh … More fun if a lot. ・ ~ “Hunting for autumn leaves!” Get into the capsule and enjoy the autumn leaves comfortably! No, no, take the view from the sky with a bamboo propeller. It’s better to climb with your own strength. It feels good! No more than that! Oh again … Stop it! Ah! Provision! Already! Stop it! You are sorry! I think you guys pressed it! The first to press is you! No, it’s you Never mind! Everyone go home !! Go home! Go away from here! “Shinsekai Department Store. Sorry to keep you waiting.” “Photo Cuban Stick still exists” “I’ll send it very quickly.” “Thank you for waiting ~” Huh … Finally. Hah? Loh? I have to apologize properly anyway. Wow! Nice view ~. So true. Oh! Over there? Beautiful flowers … I’ll take it! No need, it’s dangerous. It is okay. Nobita-san !? Nobita-san! Shizuka-chan … Nobita-kun! Oh … I was saved … Over here. Thank goodness | I have to go. I also! I also. Is everything back now? Help me !! Nobita-kun! Nobita-kun, are you alright? Nobita-san !? Nobita-kun, hold on! Nobita-san! Doraemon … Many Doraemon … Press the d key to participate. Don’t forget to follow social media Datenimation, yes. and be the first to see the latest Doraemon shows. “Doraemon” moved on Saturday Armagillon Why am I like this … Head, buttocks and feet on the same day. And have you ever been hurt for a different reason? If there is certainly want. Very sad. If that’s the problem … Armagillon What is that? Do you know Armadillo? Is it curled up like a rubber tree? Yes, Armadillo is … his entire body was covered with hard skin like armor. Even if attacked by an enemy, Protect yourself by turning her body. If this happens, they cannot do anything. If you put this on your head … You can curl up like an armadillo. Show me | Eh? I do not want … Just try it? With this already. After that, you hang your head on your stomach. Like this …? Now you can’t be beaten by Giant or bitten by a dog. This is amazing! Let’s try! What is that? I told you not to play bowling at home! Not that … Clean up! Yes … If you become an armadillo, it’s nothing at all. Thanks to you, I was struck by a large eyeball. Forgive me. Not hit | immediately succeeded. Wow, dangerous! Huh … you almost got hurt again. You …. I found it, Giant. I … not me. Then who is that! Hey, Giant! You, huh ~! Where is she going? Come here ~ Giant. Wow! Nobita …! Wait! Where is she going !? That! What? This ball. This! Alright … Ah! What is going on? Now … Hi! I am happy. I have a great idea! It’s time to stop. I go. Where are you going? | No, no. It is not used to like that! Don’t say it out loud. Nobita-kun! Never mind … Danger! … He still runs like that. Oh … what? This ball. First … What is wrong? just now. On time, safe! Wow! I am home. Why go home like that? use it stupidly. But thanks to that, I won’t be late. Very easy to move. I hope Doraemon uses it too. Uh …! That’s why I don’t want to. Why? Very nice. Wow! Great. That’s not too much. Does Shizuka-chan want to try too? Yo! This time underslow …! Hi! Hah? Nobita-san? Great right. Let’s do it too! Is this ok? Yes! Then stay like this … Oh! see Looking around … Wow! Great! Great! Is this good? Ahaha! It feels strange. Yay! Ah! I also! Yey! There she is! Dora-chan come play too? I do not want. For some reason the word Doraemon is disgusting. Even though it’s fun! Yes, right. I did it! Strike! Yo! Next is my turn. There she is! Nice! Wow! Great! Do it again! Shizuka-chan, Ahahaha! Very nice. Yo! I also! There she is! Who is that! Do not do it! Giant, hide it! If he finds it, we will be beaten. True! Shizuka-chan, too. Yes … Yes!? I’ll be the culprit if I stay here! I know you are hiding behind that concrete pipe! Oh … what can I do? Exit! Very weird … I always see the ball in my head. That’s why you’re disappointed! Noisy! This is what happened when I did it! But Dora-chan is round too cute. What happened? It’s not round anyway. I can’t go back before- I’m having a hard time. I want to go back, before Nobita-kun laughs … Hah? Speaking of which, I can’t see Nobita. Is it stuck somewhere? I wonder if he can’t come back. I’m not worried when you say that. But before that, have to go back … It’s useless … Nobita ~ Nobita-san ~ He is also not here. I don’t think he’s gone home. Ah, let’s ask the cat! Oh I wonder what he knows? How can that be? Stop it! I’m not a ball! No, stop it! I’m not a ball! You really like this ball, huh? Please stop! By the way, can’t you hurry back? Yes Wait, look ahead. At times like this, it’s very useful to be round. Oh ~! Nobita-kun! Oh … Nobita-kun? Nobita-kun! Nobita-kun … Th-rat! No! Hey … saved … I can not stop! But thanks to that, I was able to return. A little bit more …! “Wow! Please stop … Ah ~ so fresh. I understand. Stop it! If you really like the ball, let’s do our best! Nobita-kun! Thankfully. I am home … I’m worried, where are you going? Don’t ask that … Oh … Well, is that misinterpreted as a ball and taken by Giant? Yes! Why do you know !? Did you just take me home and go home? This is my stuff! … and I was told. Why do you know? Tell me! What to do. Hey, why? If you know! Tell me! Doraemon! Dora-chan! Doraemon! Doraemon! Nobita-kun! Doraemon! Hey Doraemon. There are many things, yes. Nobita-kun! Our adventure has just begun, lo. Then we take a new adventure trip. Don’t forget to follow our social media Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Doraemon Nobita and Dinousaurus film Looks like twins, yes. Your names are …
Kyū and Myū. Translated by: Rizch Ast Vangenace Credit Raw: Doranobi Fansub Indonesia Please Subscribe and Like it, to encourage admin! I will read all the comments.

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