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Hey hey, what’s up everybody, welcome to Man Vs Din! Unicorn edition! Yes. I am wearing a unicorn onesie! Ro from Nerdy Nummies, she wore a unicorn outfit while making her unicorn poop So I just thought that, you know, that’s how you gotta do it. If you wanna be a real f**king YouTuber you gotta dress up like a goddamn a**hole. Now this unicorn bullsh*t is all over the internet. You got unicorn slime, you got unicorn cheesecake, macaroons… It’s like doing everything galaxy or everything black – now it must be unicorn! If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Man Vs Din, we do three courses over here. The alcoholic appetiser, the main course and, as always, a dessert. Which reminds me…that I need a f**king drink So let’s get the first course going. Now the recipe for this is pretty simple… I think. However, I’m not going to follow it because I don’t give a sh*t. I just like drinking a drink called Unicorn Blood. And I’m gonna put whatever the f**k I want in it! So I’m just taking some vodka along with some pink lemonade Kool-Aid. And maybe a sprinkle of water. Boom. Shake it shake it SHAKE IT! And over here I’m making a glass with a sprinkle rim. using some agave nectar around the edges to make that stick Pour this into there… Bim bam boom. Awesome. Well I’m f**king glad these weren’t a f**king mess. God damnit. The other day I also picked up a bag of unicorn farts. Not necessarily sure what they are…. Oh, it’s cotton candy Ok, that makes sense, kinda. Then I’m just gonna add that, maybe like to the rim? Nope never mind. Huh? Look at that! With the sprinkles and the pink sh*t! Unicorn blood! Alright here we go. That’s delicious! And then you get the candy at the end! It’s like a little treat! So goddamn good! I don’t f**king know why. Cos I’m a f**king unicorn! Does anybody need a refill? Cos I do! Best drink ever. The Unicorn Blood Cocktail! Alright let’s carry on! Now for the second course we’re making something that I haven’t even seen online yet! This is brand f**king new sh*t! You saw it first…Unicorn Pizza! Hello! I don’t understand why anyone hasn’t done this yet but I’m gonna find out! I got some pizza dough. Pre-made, cos I ain’t f**king making that sh*t. That is way beyond the means of this f**king show. You learn how to make pizza dough, somewhere else on the streets. I think I’m gonna dye everything just different colours, I guess. I got the dough, I’ll take the alfredo sauce and make that another colour. I’ll get some cheese from the rainbow creamery and throw that on there. This is gonna be good. Oh yeah, I also got this f**king thing. This is an inflatable unicorn horn for cats. Look at that cat. It looks f**king stoked. I’m gonna go see if my cat wants to wear a unicorn horn. KITTY! There we go! Little unicorn hat for the cat! Hey, look it’s a unicat! Hey kitty! You’re a unicorn! You’re a goddamn unicorn now! Look at yourself. Nope nope nope nope AAAAHHH Ok… she didn’t like that. Okay, I got some mozzarella cheese here. The rainbow creamery unfortunately was closed so I couldn’t grab any rainbow cheeses. So this pastel food dye is gonna have to work. I’m making up some unicorn appropriate colours, pastels, pinks, blues and sh*t. And for no other reason than that I like the alliteration “pink pizza” am I going to be making my pizza dough pink. There’s a lot of p’s in this process. By the way, not sure if this is gonna work or not. I’m just adding this pink food gel and attempting to mix it together. But these f**king gloves are the f**king sh*t! This is some messy bullsh*t. The f**k am I doing with these gloves on? I mixed it all in here, adding some flour down to the counter. And then you’re gonna karate chop it Holy sh*t, making pizza sucks. I got this alfredo sauce and I’m gonna mix a bit of this yellow food gel in here. And kinda try to create a contrasting colour. And then just kind pouring it on. That is some Jackson Pollock sh*t right there. Do you even know who the f**k Jackson Pollock is? Probably not. Throwing on my assortment of unicorn cheeses over here. That looks pretty awesome. Oh yeah, that pink on top, right? Just so you know, things are going very f**king well over here in the Man Vs Din kitchen. Very well. If you are not following me on snapchat, do that sh*t right now! I’m throwing this in at 475 degrees Farenheit, Celsius wise, no f**king clue. Figure that sh*t out yourself Oh damn! Look at that! Honestly it looks like someone ate and threw up a bunch of f**king crayons. Super appetising. Maybe that should be the thumbnail. I’m just gonna cut myself a f**king piece here that looks like a slice of pizza. Ugggh. Yeah. Look at that UNICORN PIZZA Maybe that’s the thumbnail. I don’t know, I’m getting into this whole thumbnail thing now. Oh my god, look at this. Look at the f**king crust on that thing. Pink f**king pizza crust. All the colours of the unicorn rainbow in there. Ugh I’m gonna eat the sh*t out of this now. Hold on, refocus. Here it is, here it is. Oh that’s delicious. We’re not done yet, we’re not done yet. Hold on, hold on. I’m taking it to the next level. Taking it to the next goddamn level over here. Oh sh*t. Of course you want f**king sprinkles on your goddamn pizza! I’m like f**king sprinkle bae over here. Boom! Oh, I got a lot in my sleeve. Oh, with the sprinkles on it! That’s where it’s at! Mmm, with the alfredo sauce? I’m a f**king unicorn eating a f**king unicorn pizza. Only on the goddamn internet. Alright, sprinkle f**kers, moving on. Dessert. Well for the 3rd one I was actually gonna make unicorn poop, but Ro already did it, everyone’s already done it. So I say, has anyone done giant unicorn sh*t, has anyone done it yet? Figure it out, find out. Type it. No no, nobody’s done it. This is gonna be the first. Alright, here we go. Giant unicorn poop. Don’t question me. I see you. Judging out there. So I got myself some organic sugar cookie mix. Cos again, f**k that. I’m not making all these f**king mixes and doughs and all this f**king bullsh*t. That’s it? It’s just this, this is the mix. Alright, instructions. Yadda yadda, blah blah blah, hands, rolling, got it. I’m dividing them into a few different bowls and working in my various unicorn coloured food dyes. And now you wanna add some disco dust. Oh sh*t, yeah, well that changes everything. That is magical sh*t. Literally, that is magical sh*t. And now, apparently, I gotta take these and put these litte f**king glitter rainbow poop balls in the refridgerator for a minute or 20. I don’t f**king know why, f**king Rosanna Pansino told me to, so blame her if this doesn’t come out, you know what I mean? Alright Ro, what do I do? What do I do at this point? Ro: Now once you get these lined up you’re just gonna pinch them together. Ro: Roll it over just a little bit so we can see the pink. Ro: There we go! Rob: we gotta see that pink. Oh, you twist them and make it look like a pile of sh*t. Okay, got it. Viola, a pile of glittery unicorn sh*t. Litte finishing tip right there. Oh yeah, that’s a big one. That is a big one. Alright, giant unicorn sh*t into the oven. *upbeat music* They’re ready! Here we go! Oh what the f**k! Oh goddamn it! This looks more like the f**king unicorn pizza! Is it done? AAAAAHHHHH! F**K! GODDAMNIT! Ugh, it needs more time and it looks like sh*t? I mean, I guess it’s supposed to be sh*t but it looks like sh*t. F**k! Put it in for a couple more minutes. This f**king thing, amirite? Is there a little mouth pocket right there? You see that? It’s like my finger’s been eaten! Where does it go? Is that a tongue? This is a detailed garment! Mmm, ooh. That is still strong! Oh, they’re ready again! Alright, we’re doing it! We’re pulling this f**ker out! Whether it’s ready or not! Oh yeah! That looks like a big piece of sh*t to me! Well, this did not turn out as expected. Oww, goddamn it this f**king pan is hot! Gonna let this rest here on this f**king cool cutting board somebody gave us. If you wanna give a sh*t, we’ve got a PO box down in the description below. You know it kinda looks like a cow patty, like a giant rainbow unicorn cow sh*t. Again, it’s as appetising as the crayon vomit pizza we just ate. Alright, I’m gonna let that dry and enjoy some more of this unicorn blood. Do you need a refill? Do you need anything? Let me know. Here it is! Here it is, what began as a giant unicorn poop has now become a giant unicorn cookie. Taste the rainbow! I don’t know if I can legally say that or not but here goes nothing. Dry, a little dry. Delicious and glittery Well that’s all that I got for you this time around on Man Vs Din. Consider this a goddamn success, cheers! If you have not subscribed to the channel yet, Be sure that you do that. Like up this video…uh… if you like it. If not, don’t do it. You don’t have to. Simple as that. The rules are simple. Oh, here’s a big thing. We have a twitter account. I don’t know if we’ve ever told you but go over there and do sh*t with it. We’re on there all the time, we’re taking your questions and answering your phonecalls. Be sure that you follow us, subscribe, whatever you f**king do over on twitter. And get the inside information on what’s going on. Also the snapchat! RobCzar, you can do that. So much social media, such little time. Thank you for watching, as always, I’ve no idea why you would do that to yourself. Ugh, but we’ll see you around here. I’ve gotta put this f**king giant cookie down. See you around here next time. I didn’t really fly away. I’m still here. Do me a favour, hit that little t-shirt thing right there and it will take you to our store, go buy some sh*t. Or don’t, save your money for something important like f**king college. College, what a f**king joke. Alright, seeya.

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  3. Watching in Aug 2018
    Rob- "You learn how to make pizza dough somewhere else… on the streets"
    Me- "oh yeah Rob?" *Clicks over to one of Corrine's videos to learn how to make homemade dough FROM YOUR WIFE ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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