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What’s up everybody, Rob here. You’re watching man VS. Whatever? Man VS The- The Fryer? Man VS The Unknown is more like it, because we are dipping into some uncharted territory here. If you were around a couple weeks ago, You saw that we did deep-fried water. It was a goddamn miracle, and it happened right here on this show. Well we’re going for round two: You suggested in the comments: Deep-Fried Beer I live in a town called “Beer City”, this is f***in’ right up my alley. I went to the store, picked up a local brew: some New Belgium Brewing Voodoo ranger IPa. Not spons, could be spons. Hit me up, New Belgium, because your beer is about to partake in unknown sciences of food and future. Uh, There’s a lot of f***in’ science goin’ on here, It’s a lot, uh, of Molecular Gastronomy, It’s gonna take some f***in’ work today people. But I got it covered, I got everything that I need: I’ve got the modernist pantry boxes. I got tools. I’ve got alchemy chemical.. ….spoons? *metal clatters with other metal loudly* Ph Balance strips, tubes.. I’ve no idea what the f*** these tubes are for. Packages of- of chemicals and powders.. And I don’t even know what. Where do I begin? No f***in’ clue. …With a beer, duh!! *chuckling all while he speaks* How else am I gonna get through this. This is actually a perfect beer to drink right now, it’s called Day Blazer. *the can’s tab snaps* Right now 1:30 in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Whoo! Let’s fry some f***in’ beer! Bowls. I got- *chuckles* I got my bowls. Puttin’ Five Cups of Water in this along with Five Grams of Calcium Lactate. I’m gonna use some of this, uh, Day Blazer over here to keep, uh, with the theme. It’s Easygoing Ale, just like me! Puttin’ One Cup of that in here and then, before we go any further, We’ve got to test the Ph balance. Which *mutters/slurs something* 3.6 I’ve got all sorts for sh*t for this: Little strips and meters. Let’s give this a go. How do I know 3.6?? Is that this color? Is it out of five? Is it four?? Yeah, I knew these weren’t gonna f***in’ cut it, so I got myself a Ph Tester. Let’s try that. …4.1.. We gotta bring that down with a little bit-a calcium chloride. Alright, new reading… f***. Alright, we’re getting there. Mix it up real good. What we got?…Oh dammit. I think maybe if I add some Calcium Lactate Glutenate along with some Calcium Fluoride… Alright, new reading, new reading! Come on! Why are you f***in’ with me? Aight, I learned things with citric acid in them actually bring down the Ph level, so I added a little bit of Lemonade. We drop the ph level down to 3.58, 3.54.. Boom. We have officially reached ph balance. Oh, yeah, that’s gonna work real well. Next step, we add our Sodium Algin. We’re gonna Immersion Blender the f*** of it, And let sit for I don’t know, until all these f***in’ bubbles go down Could be a long time, bare with me. Cheers, while we wait. Doin’ it! This the big moment, is everybody ready!? Plop it in. The f*** happened?? What the f*** is that?!? Where’s the f***in’ beer!?? I have faith in this one. Here we go, huh? Did it do somethin’? Oh you mother- All that for that?! Alright, we got to try another beer ’cause I think I f***ed that one up So we’re going to run the whole same process and bring this down to 3.6 Boom. We have achieved Ph balance. This is what gets us to 10 million subscribers, are you ready? There’s nothin’ in there!? Oh! Come on, now!! That’s it, I don’t f***in’ know. I did all the science sh*t that I could: get the Ph balance right, put it in the thing and it comes together.. …and nothin’! I’m the laughing stock of the fried beer world. *laugh track in the background* I didn’t wanna do it, I didn’t want to try it, but there is one more way to do this I went online and found that, yes, Somebody at the Texas State Fair Deep-fried beer, but he made it in like little raviolis. So now, I’ve gotta make some raviolis. We’re doing this. I’m making some pasta. What’s f***in’ time is it? Whoa! Gonna be a long night. *classical piano music in the background* You can fast-forward through all this, it’s just me makin’ the dough. I’m not gonna hurt myself or any stupid sh*t like that, I’m just making the pasta dough. *Yells in sudden pain* That is a good-looking hunk-a dough Now you just smack that around a little bit, break the piece off, And I’m going to start feeding it through my pasta machine. Ohh no! I don’t know anymore, F**! *dough hits hits the ceiling and table with loud thuds* Oh, God damn it! Well, that looks like sh*t! Took me an hour to make this dough, now I gotta make more!? *chuckles* We did it. *in relief* Oh, fuck. Alright, so I got these ravioli trays over here, and I’m throwing that down and then I’m putting my first layer of pasta uh I’m putting it right over it and then I’m takin’, I guess this is like a little mold? So you use this to set it on top, you push it down and kind of create a little in-cave, a little pocket. Alright, It’s time to grab the beer! Which I- I don’t even know if I have any beer left. Okay, thank god. We got beer, we got beer~ You just need a little bit, just a little tiny bit. Oh, yeah, look at that filming, huh! And now you just take a second layer of pasta, you put it on top, and now with this little wooden roller thingy you press the second sheet of pasta down on top And then I just popped them out, boom! *chuckling* Oh, Goddammit I did it. I did it! I’ve been working on this project for at least 16, 18 hours, I don’t even f***in’ know, I have drank so much beer throughout the day, that I am completely sober! I was only able to make five of ’em, But that’s all- We- We only need one. We only need one And this f***in’ thing’s ready Let’s do this. Alright. I’m just takin’ the Ravioli, popping it right there, Can I even deep-fry Ravioli?? Can I deep-fry pasta? I have no idea. F*** it, here goes nothin’. Oh god! It floatin’, we got a floater! Oh, it’s bubblin’.. Ohhh! AAAAHHH! OH GOD! AHH!! No, it didn’t work! Abort! Abort! Oh, that old sayin’ “water and oil don’t mix” also, apparently, applies to beer. Alright. Cross your fingers. This could be the one! No! Don’t explode, don’t explode. *Rob freaking out* *Rob, all but whimpering* Alright, here goes one more. Got a pretty solid technique for this one, Just kind of doing a little dip-fry action So, I’m just dropin’ it in, pickin’ it back up, dropin’ it in, pickin’ it back up. Just gettin’ a light fry. Not a deep one, a light one. And, so far, it looks like it’s holdin’ up. And there it is. Inside, you can see there’s this little bubble. There’s a little f**in’ bubble of beer in there! I didn’t know– *chuckling* I didn’t know if we’d ever get to this point. This one is perfect. I mean there’s beer in that, there’s beer in this thing. Here goes nothin’. Oh sh*t Look at that. You can hear the beer inside of it! *sighs in relief* We did it. There they are. Got a little Marinara Sauce over here. This is exciting!! Deep-Fried Beer Ravioli. History has been made… again! A little bit of cheese on top, and you are ready to go. Look at that. This is it! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Mm! *chuckles and slurs* OhThatWasAlot *more laughter* It’s a little squeezed out of there, but that’s what the inside looks like. It’s just a little pocket. A little beer pocket! Mmm! Oh my God it’s so amazing. It’s exploded in my mouth! There’s no more love inside That sounded bad.. There’s even more left inside..! *gargling* oh *gargles* Oh, God! That’s weird. That’s weird and delicious. Mmm. Oh God we did it. I can’t say that we changed history. I can’t say that we did anything great for the world today. There’s 29 hours that I have spent here, in this kitchen trying to make deep-fried beer. But I’ll tell you what: I did it today, for you. Oh, f***. Alright, well that’s it. It’s all I got for ya. Don’t expect me to fry sh*t around here, ever again. *exhausted chuckling* I’m done. Be sure that you leave a comment down below. Let me know what else you want to see, right here, on this channel, this summer. Like up this video. Subscribe if you haven’t done that already, and I’ll see you around here next time. Snip snip snip. Holy sh*t This is a f***in’ mess. You go- you gotta see this from my perspective, hold on. Oh, yeah. That’s what my kitchen looks like right now, right now at 3 o’clock in the morning. Well alright, uh, so be sure that you click this video right over here I really want you to watch this thing. that I’m pointing to. And subscribe, right here. Push this little button… Right there. Both these things very important, very important. Alright, That’s it. See ya.

100 thoughts on DIY DEEP FRIED BEER – Man Vs Fryer

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  7. Never thought of this until now, but this would be much easier if Rob'd just freeze the beer, cover it with flour, egg, breadcrumbs and deep fry that.

  8. calcium chloride is an inorganic substance that's not safe for consumption… :/ i love your videos and channel but god fuck i'm feeling the side effects just looking at some of this channels videos.

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