Customize Your YouTube Channel Homepage for More Subscribers

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Customize Your YouTube Channel Homepage for More Subscribers

Customize Your YouTube Channel Homepage for More Subscribers

– Did you know that your
YouTube channel homepage could affect the amount
of views and subscribers that you’re getting? And if it’s set up
properly, you could grow your channel faster. Let me show you how to set up
your YouTube channel homepage so you can start getting
more views and subscribers. (upbeat music) – Hi my name is Trena and on this channel I help creative
entrepreneurs just like you get on YouTube to grow your business. Now you wanna grow your channel but you’ve got to make sure that homepage looks professional. I mean we spend how
much time on our website making sure it’s perfect,
our Instagram feed, making sure it’s perfect but have you spent any time on that
YouTube channel homepage? So I’m going to go over to my computer and walk you through how
to customize the setup and what you should have
for channel sections, how you can add channel sections to really get people
into your YouTube world so that they subscribe
and watch more videos. So when you’re ready
to customize the layout of your YouTube channel homepage there’ll either be a blue
button here that says customize the layout,
you’ll wanna click on that or you’ll see this cog wheel. You’ll come to this cog
wheel and you wanna make sure this, customize the layout
of your channel is turned on. So it needs to be blue. If this switch is gray just
click on it and turn it blue. So you just click and turn it on to blue. Then you will click save. Now when I’m talking
about channel sections I’m talking about these
things right here, uploads. How to start a YouTube
channel, YouTube videos and what those actually
are, are my playlists. Here’s how you can create a
section based on your playlist. You wanna go down to the
bottom of your channel homepage and you’ll see add a section. Click on that and then you can go to, playlist and you wanna
click a single playlist. You don’t wanna have multiple playlists highlighted on your channel homepage. You just wanna do a single playlist. So click on single playlist. You can do a horizontal or vertical row. You’ll see this is a
horizontal row right here and this is a vertical row. I suggest switching those up. So maybe having two horizontal rows, a vertical row, a horizontal row, just to give the eye some space to see everything that’s going on. So I’m gonna make this one a
vertical row, a vertical list. Then I’m gonna choose from my playlist. These are all my current playlist and I’m gonna find a playlist to feature. If you don’t have anything right here, that’s probably because you
don’t have any playlists created so you need to go create playlist. I’m going to add the playlist, how to set goals for a productive year and then you’re gonna preview. This is what your section
is going to look like. Again, this is a vertical list, a horizontal list would
just be your videos in a straight row. So then you’re done,
that’s how you like it and you can add up to
10 sections I believe. Now if you decide you wanna
move this section higher up you can hit this little up
button and it’ll pop it up and you could take it
to the top if you want or you decide you want
it back to the bottom, just click that little button and go down. Now what exactly should
be here on your homepage? Well I suggest having an
uploads section right here because that’s gonna really highlight your most recent videos and they’re probably
gonna be your best videos compared to maybe some videos
you did a couple weeks ago. You’re getting better as time goes on. I also suggest having a new
here, start with these videos. These would be your best
videos you currently have. Whether it’s your most viewed videos or your most watched videos in audience retention standpoint. You wanna have that playlist
to really get people hooked on your content and highlight your best. I currently don’t have that but I definitely need to add it. Then you’ll wanna add
playlists that really encompass what you do here on your channel. So people come to your
homepage and they’re scanning your homepage, they can
really quickly understand what it is your channel’s about. So you can see my channel’s about how to start a YouTube
channel, YouTube video ideas, how to make your YouTube channel better, the secrets to being more productive. It’s quick categories almost to get people to understand
what it is you do. Now these are your playlist titles and that’s how you can
change those specific titles but I always suggest your playlist titles be very value proposed titles and not necessarily categories. Value proposed titles like, the secrets to being more productive instead of, productivity videos. Or, let’s say confidence videos. You see I have finding
confidence in yourself and your business. That’s more of a value proposed title and that’s more likely to
get someone to click through. Now if you wanna lean more about to make your YouTube channel look better, make sure you click the
video that is on your screen right now and do not
forget to click subscribe because every week I’m posting new videos with tips, tricks and strategies on how to use YouTube
to grow your business. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video, bye.

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  1. Wow I had no clue about this. You are very smart woman. šŸ™‚ May I ask you do you think my ch. can compete with bigger ?

  2. Thank you Trena! šŸ˜€šŸ‘
    Definitely agree these sections make your page look SO much better and more 'approachable'. Had NO idea you could add vertical rows – adding them now.

  3. i usually (nowadays) consider more if i will s. but Trena I felt almost immediately to s. and turn not. šŸ™‚ You are great.

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