CSS Standardization – The State of the Web

40 thoughts on CSS Standardization – The State of the Web

  1. As long as Safari and IE11 are still in use, new techniques will have a slow start. There should be a set of rules when you can call your software a browser.

  2. I was a bit confused by the immediate association from "fixing the web when it's used a platform" to "corporate interests at the expense of the little guy"
    When I think about the former, I'm thinking of the difficulties in securing your user's data for to the lack of a strong, clear security model; making it simpler to both load fast and push out updates; providing APIs that currently require native apps, and so on.
    Noone of those seem like "corporate interests", everyone would be happier if they were made available and easy, something W3C had been really good at so far, so I'm not sure what sort of requests she's thinking of?
    No, I don't work for a big corporation 😉

  3. I love how Jen just becomes very excited about telling stories about CSS. Her excitement is very contagious.

  4. "CSS Grid is ready!" No it's not. If you can't do basic CSS transitions in it, it's broken and hacky. https://codepen.io/TheJaredWilcurt/pen/JaVaNE

  5. The problem with today is that almost every single website looks exactly the same. That minimalistic mono tone grid'y squarish big buttons and big or huge panels look.
    I really miss the Flash days where people made each website complete unique from each other. Take for example a group from the very early 90's called 2Advanced web Designers / developers.
    They made really extremely unique website where they actually won so many webby awards they actually in a interview said, they didnt have any more room to hold these awards.
    What happened to websites these days ? where every website looks alike with the same patterns and same style, and everyone immediately knows it was done on grid or flex.
    Dont get me wrong,
    CSS grid is cool and all, but its making the entire net look the same, and you can barely experience unique websites such as those that 2Advanced used to create.
    Also we used to be able to view sites that had whats called "Out of bounds designs" but these days you cant do that, because with CSS, eeeeeeverything has to fall into a grid.
    CSS Working Group seriously needs to sit down and hammer out how can we stop putting every website into grids that look blocky with these awful huge panels,
    and minimalistic kinda like Apple style designs. – Did people run out of ideas or something ?? Did humanity burn itself out when it comes to designs ??
    Its like for example, I go to an paint artist website but their website looks like a news website all gridded out. Same as when I go to a musician website,
    the musician website looks like an Apple website. Like whats going on ?? Everything looks flat, everything looks minimalistic and too grid pattern, I dont know how else I can explain it.
    I just dont like it at all when it happens to become every single website I go to these days. its the same crap over and over.

  6. Jen Simmons is one of the best explainers I've ever come across in any field during my lifetime. It's always a joy to hear her speak about things.

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