Changing web standards – HTTP 203

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  1. Where is the best place to get latest documentation? I've been going over Google APIs documentation but it's a mix of deprecated, old and new stuff.

  2. IndexedDB is deprecated by design.
    For a real change in web standards, prefer the kv-storage built-in module:

  3. This was the most precious class about the web platform documentation I've ever seem.
    I've been afraid to be a part of it and to make those kind of small contributions because of all the things you cleared here. Thx a lot!

  4. gracias por tanto, saludos desde Bolivia. Quiero agregar un mensaje de error cuando el disco local no tiene suficiente espacio, este sera mi video tutorial aunque primero tengo que indagar mas es un buen comienzo para nosotros los novatos.

  5. Jake — Have you seen the "indent on paste" extension for VS Code? Super useful, and it doesn't seem like you have it installed.

  6. Two line changed turned into 17 lines plus a discussion on how you copied/pasted to keep consistency, and found that what you copied was inconsistent.
    Story of my life.

  7. This was immensely useful, thanks so much for the walkthrough. Would be also interesting to see the process for proposing a completely new spec.

  8. Oh, I was just thinking about DMing Surma on twitter asking for help to write a proposal, this was last week I haven't got to it, so ty for reading my mind and fulling my request Jake.

  9. Nice, I always wondered how some web standards get updated. Going through all the steps in the process was really insightful. Thank you!

  10. Great Episode, I had no idea that the general public could make suggestions and changes to the specifications. Couple of questions:

    1. Suggestions without Tests/Implementation

    I'd like to suggest to add the equivalent of flex-shrink to CSS grid, but I think I've only got the skill level to demonstrate exactly why it's needed and what the use cases are and why CSS grid is lacking in areas compared to flexbox. I can create two implementations of the issue (a flexbox implementation and a css grid implementation) but I don't think I'm expert enough to actually implement or write the spec. If it's well written enough, do you think it would get considered?

    Especially considering this would be a major change to the CSS grid specification

    2. Suggesting Entirely New APIs
    Is there anywhere we can write up and put forward entirely new APIs or a working group where we can put these ideas forward

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