Cartoon Network – New in 2020 Promo

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Cartoon Network – New in 2020 Promo

Cartoon Network – New in 2020 Promo

Well Apple A brand new decade is on rising Onion, do you think they’ll gonna make that brilliant 2020 song? I do enjoy that one. Let’s hope so. Ooh, I think I hear your style wicked. Yo listen up well all the fun’s right here, on Cartoon Network All next year New episodes from your favorite shows 20 things in 2020 Wooohoo let’s go! Ben 10’s got new Omni-kicks Fresh DramaRama’s back and it’s in the mix Craig, Kelsey, JP exploring the Creek Coming in hot with the musical sweet Apple and Onion There’s more from that came from Vic and Valentino getting spooky come and get some More Mao Mao when gonna be legendary Fighting with the sword, ah it’s so legendary Hold up…Do we just rise legendary with legendary? Now that’s what you call Good rising Titans Got Talent Titans vs Titans and it’s Night Begins to Shine think you gotta like DC Super Hero Girls taking villains to school Steven Universe Future that’s so cool, and it’s movie is back as a Sing-A-Long While Infinity Train keeps rolling note Thundercats Roar, it’s a brand new show LEGO Batman is back and he’s ready to go! Bakugan, Ninjago Wicked Transformers, Power Players, legit So exciting when you think about the new year and with the sing discover radest song Yeah, yeah, it’s 2020 nice we like it so much that we’re gonna tell you twice Big shows, big fun in 2020 on Cartoon Network! Are you ready? Yeahyeeahyeahyeahyeah

63 thoughts on Cartoon Network – New in 2020 Promo

  1. I saw omni kix heatblast
    And I saw omni kix diamond head
    And I hope theirs season 2 on total dramarama this time ???
    And I saw teen titans go vs teen titans

  2. Were going to miss adventure time Regular show and gumball theye were best trinty in 2010s now lets hope craig of the creek apple and oinoin and mao mao feel those shoes also i can't believe we bare bears not in this

  3. EDIT: The song played in the background is Restart by Subtact

    What's the song they used as the background track? I recognize it but don't know the name and it's driving me insane

  4. And with that my tolerance of this network faded away into a spec of dust.

    RIP Gumball and RIP the classic shows like Regular Show and others

  5. don't worry guys i'm sure there will be new episodes of unikitty and we bare bears and the powerpuff girls coming in 2020

  6. They ruined subtract restart for me.listened to it 3 yrs ago and now I wanna die thanks CN.Ok it’s not that bad but cmon manns

  7. The song is a remix of restart-subtact for anyone curious, or at least it sounds like a remix
    Pretty sure it's this guy

  8. Bruh I honestly think 2020 gonna be lit bc it CN using songs like restart and puppy race way it's gonna be good

  9. Hm, no new episodes of Teen Titans Go, except for the Teen Titans Go! Vs. Teen Titans, since we’ve already seen The Night Begins to Shine and Titans got Talent?


    But I’m not sure about Thundercats Roar.

  10. Nice!!!but nnooooooooooooo not teen titans GO

  11. Any one remember bunnicula, you know the show that was created after the book series, had 40 episodes, created in 2016 and then dropped in 2016 and never claimed that the show ended

    God I’m such a boomer

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