Building a personal website – WordPress vs. Wix vs. Squarespace – which one to use?

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Building a personal website – WordPress vs. Wix vs. Squarespace – which one to use?

Building a personal website – WordPress vs. Wix vs. Squarespace – which one to use?

hey guys welcome back to TohirT’s
channel Tohir is here I hope you had a fantastic week I finally did it I pulled
the trigger I spent some time I invested the hours and I made it to website and you know what if you are a small business if you are you
know individual entrepreneur or maybe you just want to create your own blog as
you google as you research different kind of platforms that will help you
build your own website primarily three players come out on top WordPress wix
and Squarespace and into this video I’m gonna talk about my experience and my
knowledge that I gained through the research of all three platforms and I
will also comment on which platform I ended up picking to build my own website
and what platforms I think will be a better fit for you
without further ado let’s do this do what everybody else does start a
business build yourself a website by the way if it really looks a little bit
different I can continue to experiment with the type of light I’m using so fair
disclaimer there now when it comes to the actual websites and when it comes to
the video review of first impressions flash review I don’t even know how to
categorize this video exactly I want to make sure you understand that I do have
some basic understanding and knowledge of the HTML programming and of how to
build a website I’ve done it for a little while actually built and sold
websites back in a day but in a very basic like a mature way so this video is
definitely an amateur talking about the amateur experience for the other amateur
so if you are professional if you’d like to take a deeper dive on each one of
those platforms to understand exactly each and every single feature to
understand how the cost breakdown and how the cost compares across different
platforms I’ll link some of the videos that I’ve used when I was researching
and I was preparing to make my own decision hopefully it will help you but
as for me I will give you that basic understanding that basic knowledge to
almost direct where you want to invest more time because spending time and
researching those three platforms took me weeks by now I think it took me close
I think it’s what now September it took me close to six to seven months to
arrive at this position where I have the MVP version initial version of my
website out there now publicly available so if you want to waste as much time or
if you want to in as much time please be my guest and go
and researcher each and every one of them but hopefully my video will help
you set the ground base and pick maybe one or two to compare them against each
other okay fair enough enough of the disclaimers the rest of
the video will be structured from the most complex to the least complex to the
most flexible to the least flexible tool that will again hopefully give you that
direction to pursue your next decision do what everybody else does start a
business build yourself a website starting with WordPress WordPress is a
very popular tool I think I saw is that that something like 60% of the websites
out there are built on the WordPress base and there’s a reason for that
websites like TechCrunch The New Yorker I think I’ve seen Variety Sony music as
well as Beyonce her website are all built on WordPress the big reason for
that the flexibility this tool I think this is more of a tool than the platform
allows you the similar kind of flexibility that you get with Lego
pieces you can tool retool build different things you can have an
e-commerce facing a blog you can have some sort of a subscription service
based you can do different things for the websites whatever you’ve seen out
there that’s probably and most likely available to you via zoning code
functions or up third-party applications within WordPress and with that
flexibility it comes the complexity you do have to understand HTML coding you do
have to have I don’t think the basic it’s almost like intermediate knowledge
of web development to fully take advantage of all the tools that are
available to you this is a great platform again I cannot emphasize enough
how much content there is out there between the YouTube videos the articles
the guided tutorials that paid for tutorials and even third-party
consulting services it will help you build out your website on WordPress the
options are out there they’re limitless you can do whatever you come up with it
cost wise it is a little bit more complex as well because WordPress by
itself is free it’s an open source platform but when you start thinking
about building out the website on WordPress you have to pick a host you
have to pick a server provider who will offer you space where you can install
WordPress and build your website paying for that hosting services can be a cost
of itself I’ll bet the rest of it the WordPress is free unless you’ve paid for
some applications of pay for the third-party services to help you build
that website otherwise there are a few of
brings out there a few platforms that offer you the hosting service but with
that hosting service also comes the pre-installed version of the WordPress
so they almost like a Wix or square space in that regard where they offer
you a platform you can just log in and start building the website rather than
dealing with any installations and they will even patch and install new versions
of WordPress as those come out but again the cost will be different the cost
structure will be different and there is an additional still consideration of the
fact that you need to know how to use the tool and how to essentially build
out the websites from scratch does it sound like a lot of work it is it is a
lot of work it got me intimidated even at the very beginning when I just start
realizing how deep that rabbit hole is but if you are small business or your
entrepreneur who is building the website that will have almost constant daily
engagement with the clients and customers if your website is driving the
engagement that will further drive the retention of those customers again on
that daily or regular basis I think it’s stuff to go with any other platform bard
WordPress because WordPress provides that top-notch quality and the ceiling
is way higher in terms of the things that you can build in the features that
you can add to continue to retain your customers but if you are an individual
entrepreneur if you’re just trying to create a blog or maybe a business card
website I do not think that WordPress is the way to go do what everybody else
does start a business build yourself a website ways Wix is a service provider
their service provider first and foremost because they offer you instead
of that installed application that you have to find a server space for they
offer you a platform where you log in you create an account and that’s it
you’re off to the races to create your own website you do not need HTML skills
unless you want to do something really advanced you do not have to have any
kind of server applications that you need to go and install and reinstall and
patch everything is there everything is available you can literally go and
create a website within minutes they have the pre-existing templates that you
can tailor it to your unlocking or just run with them and use them as is and
there is a huge marketplace of different applications that can help you expand
your SEO expand your mailing functionality the subscription service
functionality the login window maybe you want to do an e-commerce website where
you want to sell stuff there are multiple layers and multiple ways you
can implement it but in terms of the flexibility it is a step down from word
press because again weeks have to curate their own a portfolio you cannot just
come in and say I want to use this third-party developed tool on Wix weeks
have to pre-approve it weeks have to make sure it’s compatible with
everything else that’s installed already on their platform so when it comes to
WordPress you can do whatever you want in weeks you can do whatever you want
within that Walden garden of what weeks has to offer when it comes to cost which
has a variety of different service plans that you can subscribe for from the very
basic ones to more advanced words with the e-commerce functionality support
functionality extended SEO tools and analytics tool so on and so forth so
there is room for you to grow plus there is always an option
and I think 100% of the time when I had to build and pay for the website on wigs
I was able to find a 50% off discount from your first annual subscription I
don’t think it works for month by month maybe I’m wrong but when I had to
subscribe for the full year and I had to prepay for the full year I was able to
find 50% off discount this is tremendously helpful for your first year
special if you want to enter test things around to see for the first year how are
you doing and then decide whether you want to stick with Wix or move on fair
disclaimer Wix is not as easy to switch from because once you build a website
even if you want to switch from one template to the other you essentially
have to build everything from scratch so there is a barrier to exit from the
platform when it comes to the use case if you’re a small business you want to
offer an opportunity to your customers to find you maybe there’s some
additional perks and benefits they can find on your website maybe there is an
e-commerce platform where they can buy your product you can definitely
accomplish all of that and weeks I wouldn’t rely on weeks if you’re
building out for the major corporation or for a major expansion of your brand
that’s when you want to start considering moving up to the WordPress
to the next tier of flexibility but for now if you’re small enough if you do not
have millions of people coming to your website which is perfect and Wix is also
great for individual entrepreneurs like myself or if you want to host your own
blog there is a great blogging tool it can be a little bit clunky here and
there but I’ve seen a lot of craters using Wix successfully so it’s
definitely a platform to go after and as I’ve mentioned earlier in this video I
do have the most experience with weeks I think this was one of the first ones to
offer this kind of subscription platform service so maybe it was
eight nine years ago when I built my first week’s website and I build
multiple websites for different people whether they were clients or friends and
family so I’ve been there I’ve seen how it’s been involving and I definitely can
see how this platform will offer you enough to grow for years to come
do what everybody else does start a business build yourself a website
Squarespace Squarespace is the late entrant into the
game but I think they’ve ramped up their presence quite significantly over the
past couple of years if you look across the board even here on YouTube they
sponsor so many creators and so many people are talking about them and using
their website so you can definitely understand that what they offer have
some merit to it there is some quality there is something that you can use to
build your own website when it comes to tearing Squarespace is definitely the
last out of the three when it comes to flexibility even the positioning of
their items on the page are very strictly limited to certain boxes it’s
not like Wix where you can you know overlap things you can put things next
to each other that not necessarily fit on WordPress we can do whatever the hell
you want here you have to be very specific they’re very specific number of
columns very very specific width you have to follow and very specific type of
sections you can add next to each other or one above the other or below the
other and I think I’ve skipped the fact that Squarespace is very similar to Wix
it’s the same kind of subscription service platform where you do not need
any HTML you do not need to have any apps or install anything you just create
an account you log in and you can start building the website within minutes and
they are pre-existing templates but when it comes to comparing both let’s say Wix
I’d like to think about it as an Android phone and Squarespace is an iPhone on
weeks like on Android phone you can customize the visuals you can customize
a lot of more small and nuanced things not everything works 100% of the time
the quality is not consistent across the board but the flexibility is there where
Squarespace being an iPhone you have less both option customization options
you cannot do as many things when it comes to visual designs you cannot
necessarily apply the templates outside of the small pre-existing group of
templates that they offer but what they offer is top-notch and it works well
hundred percent of the time cost of a subscription is very comparable to weeks
and as I’ve said because of the fact that there’s so many other YouTube
and influencers promoting Squarespace there are plenty of ten to twenty
percent I think discount codes that you can find out there but yeah sadly there
is no 50% off code from your first year and for the use case I think again it is
great for the bloggers it’s great for individual entrepreneurs small
businesses I think again as long as it’s your first website as long as you’re not
getting hit with too many people asking for too many functionalities Squarespace
similar to Wix will fit your needs do what everybody else does
start a business build yourself a website so now what did I pick for my
website out of the three drumroll Squarespace I know I’ve said that I have
the most experience with weeks but it’s interesting I’ve tried Squarespace for
the first time it offered me just enough to start with my first personal website
I think the biggest selling point there was that yes I had a particular design
in mind I wanted to show both my business and my creative side side by
side I almost wanted to make it like two sides of the corner on the same website
and you can kind of like flipping between them and see both sides of me
understand how they intertwine with each other and yes I definitely could have
build it on WordPress it was taken time I definitely could have built it on
weeks it would have taken a bit of time but Squarespace it was funny
it even had exactly the template that I needed to create that kind of experience
so I was able to build my website over the weekend so I was excited I did it on
a trial version I finally had time and I had a chance to
build out the website and now I have it it’s public it’s out there it’s
available when I start thinking back on how much time I have between the two
kids the full-time job the fact that I’m spending it enough time on this channel
and I’m actually working on growing it more so there’s a lot going on in the
background where I’m talking to other people where I’m starting to schedule
other projects that will hopefully you enjoy I just realized I don’t have time
to sit there and maintain and figure out how to build those websites
I need something to build out like this over the weekend and Squarespace offered
me what I needed the cost was reasonable enough where I’m not spinning arm and a
leg every single month and the way I see it is that this will be an evolution
process so for now it works perfectly it gives me what I need and if I see that
there is a particular demand or if there is a different structure that I want to
pursue there is a high probability that I’ll outgrow Squarespace and I’ll have
to move on two weeks now I have to move – WordPress is more flexible and more
advanced tools but for now Squarespace is ideal for what I need and that was
the reason why I picked it do what everybody else does start a business
build yourself a website do you think these three platforms offer you
everything that you could use did I forget about any other third-party
tool that can offer you the same kind of features and do you even think we need a
website in today’s day and age when we have all those social media platforms to
use share your thoughts comments and ideas in the section below contrary to
my tradition I will myself answer the last question I don’t think for my
personal use case all those social media websites answer what I needed I as a set
wanted to show both my personal the business side and my creative personal
side so I did not have a place whether it was LinkedIn Instagram Facebook’s
tumblers youtubes of the world that offered me everything that I needed to
show the breadth of things that I can accomplish so I needed a standalone
website to do that but it doesn’t mean that I’m completely married to it it
doesn’t mean that this is it this is the only way I’ll be communicating my value
I think over time as I professionally evolved as my personal brand of all
there is a high probability as I said there will be another platform for me to
move on to and who knows it might be even a completely new player in the
marketplace who is right now brewing somewhere in the background but slowly
will storm up and take over the entire industry well for now well I am with
Squarespace and I’ll keep you posted how it goes
thank you very much guys for stopping by if you new to this channel go ahead hit
the subscribe button and check out the videos in the backlog and if you already
a subscriber thank you very much for stopping by
as always liminal in a comment section below what you thought about this video
and I will see you all next Saturday 10 a.m. Eastern on this very channel yeah
man I think there was a video that I made on the personal brand management
where I spoke about building your personal website but I was thinking
about it since then and I never had a chance or I was still researching
different tools and I was trying to make a decision which way to go so I’m
finally really happy that you know you can go to thohir t-dot-com toh ir
t-dot-com and check out my new personal website and listen comment is in below
as well and let me know what you think about the website I’ll see in an
excellent P

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  2. This was a useful analysis. I am sure many entrepreneurs will find this information helpful. Thanks for sharing Tohir 👨🏻‍💻

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