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Birthplace of the World Wide Web – Computerphile

Birthplace of the World Wide Web – Computerphile

Hey there everyone, I’m at CERN in Geneva Now CERN’s famous for like the Large Hadron Collider and all that physics, but it’s also famous for something else which I’m sure a lot of you are thinking of and Just in there is a really cool sort of piece of history come and follow me and I’ll show you Here we go where the web was born So basically this corridor is where the world wide web was developed Sean the coder Pretty cool. Let me summarize this because it’s quite detailed basically, it says around 1990 in a couple of other buildings Tim berners-lee among the others came up with the ideas and then in 91 it was all pretty much consolidated to this corridor so Look at these guys Desecrating a sacred site. Basically this corridor still used. It’s still a working place for CERN This isn’t a museum or anything you look at all these officers off to the sides people just doing their work But it was here from 91 onwards that Tim berners-lee And his team developed the world wide web here at CERN all to do with accessing documents and things like that We all know what it’s become since and it was around 94 That these people basically broke off from CERN and developed the web proper, but it all started here Pretty cool. Hey And Those are the actual pipes that the internet travels down So if I turn this here that will turn the internet off. I better not touch that From your office and it can end up on a computer that’s completely at the other end of the world and then comes back to you with the result and all this demand that exists at Different points of the world at different times of day is then equalized so that this whole structure is used efficiently So this is like the most advanced organization on earth where the worldwide web was invented and that’s the telephone

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  1. I always thought DARPA invented the internet with the ARPANET, so what's the difference between what CERN did and DARPA? can you guys correct me?

  2. They speak truth! The internet was, and still is, used to transmit many, many more things than just "web pages". And so as you stated, the internet existed as far back as the 1960's, but it didn't carry around web pages until the 1990's.

  3. I thought some Universities (US ones?) invented the web or am I thinking of something completely different? I know it had to do with file transfer but that's it.

  4. 0:39 Ha! Hail Steve Jobs for creating NEXT computer company. What a marketing genius, was fired from his own company. Competed against them with a clunky computer and then sold Apple the NEXT computer computer and went back to own the company again.

  5. Awww.. thank you! I used to play around in the computing grid for the ATLAS group. Test compression and bandwidth of some data sets.. Just something simple as part of a summer program..

  6. You know for a computer enthusiast channel, i think that maybe you could have spent a bit more time on this video, consider that without said corridor you wouldn't be making this video in the first place. Surely it deserves more than a 2:12 video and lame jokes about pipes. How about more info on the first server, how it came about, technical challenges, interviews with some of those involved etc…I love all your other vids Brady, but i feel this could have been better.

  7. obviously it's going to be better, this is just a trailer of sort, of upcoming video that explains web in more detail -> it's shown in the end of the video.

  8. And for anyone who is griping that Al Gore claimed to have invented the World Wide Web OR the internet, you need to stop getting your information from South Park. Look up the actual quote. He made no such claim.

  9. The Internet we know today was launched 1983. Back then nobody had predicted how big it would get. That's why it was designed with a maximum size of 3702 million computers. That seemed like more than enough at the time.

  10. This is the birthplace of the world wide web. The birthplace of the Internet is in California, between UCLA and Stanford.

  11. The internet and the world wide web are different things. He's not claiming the internet was created there. The web runs ON the internet. The internet includes other things such as FTP and IRC and countless other things in addition to the world wide web.

  12. I'd love to see a segment on Gopher, which was one of the predecessors of the World Wide Web, a text-based menu system that made the Internet behave like a giant BBS. As it happens, my half-brother was somehow involved in that during his time at the University of Minnesota.

  13. You are right, DARPA made the internet.

    Tim Berners Lee and CERN authored the Hyper-Text-Transfer-Protocol protocol which is used to transfer the markup, images, files and more than make up the internet. I believe they also made an early version of the hypertext markup language. It was originally designed as a standard for research notes, but has since become the standard for any information on the web – the terminology is freaking out the spam filter :(.

  14. These are the actually pipes that the internet flows threw. I laughed so hard I almost spit out my drink onto my computer.

  15. Fair point, but I think I understand why Brady didn't want to poke his head into the offices of, and annoy, the guys who control the world's most powerful particle beam. I wouldn't.

  16. The internet existed long before the world-wide-web. Before the web, it was just university's and tech company's that were connected to the internet. We had email, "newsgroups", and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). When the web happened, that was when everybody started getting connected.

  17. my dad's office!!  first on the left in the corridor 😛 brady, do let us know if you come back! he could tell you more about it…

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