Beginner’s Guide to Creating Redirects in WordPress

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Beginner’s Guide to Creating Redirects in WordPress

Beginner’s Guide to Creating Redirects in WordPress

Do you need a create a redirect in your
WordPress website? Well keep watching, in this video I’ll show you three methods
you can use to create a redirect for your WordPress website. First what is a
redirect? A lot of people get really confused about that. Well think about it
like going to your favorite restaurant, you’ve been going there for years so you
get in your car you drive to the restaurant, when you go to the building
you see a note on the door telling you the new location that they’ve moved to
and they give you the directions on how to get there so then you get back in
your car you head over to the new location so that you can eat at your
favorite restaurant which has moved. Same thing happens on the web. Many articles,
many website pages get updated and when they get updated they need to let people
know where they’ve gone. So that’s what a redirect is. There are several different
kinds of redirects for the technical side of it but for the purpose of this
video we’ll just concentrate on the 301 redirect. That means it’s a permanent
redirection of a web address from an old web address location to a new web
address location and it’s very simple to do in WordPress so let’s cover the three
methods that we can use in most of these methods we’ll be using a plugin
and then at the end I’ll show you how you can do it on your server side
instead. So the first method we’ll be using a plugin called redirection so
let’s head over to our WordPress dashboard, we’re going to our plugins
area, click add new, and in the search box we’re looking for redirection. A very
simple plugin that we want to install this is the one we’re looking for so
let’s go ahead and click install now and with all plugins once you install it we
need to go ahead and activate it as well. Once it’s activated you’ll see an area
here where we can click on settings right here, you can also find the
redirection under your tools, click Redirection. So now we have a really easy
setup. The source URL you want to type in what the old address is and then the
target URL you want to put in what the new address is and then when you’re done
just click add redirect. So anybody who tries to go to the old post will now be
redirected to the new post. The next plugin we’re looking for is
page links too because sometimes you want to keep the post or page but then
direct it to another poster page so to do that let’s go back over to plugins, we
want to add new again, and we’re looking for Page Links To. Scrolling down this is
the one we’re looking for so let’s click install now and you’ll also want to
activate it as well you see it’s activated here. Now you can go into a
post, we’ll go into hello world and scrolling down you see that it says page
links to and you want to give it the custom URL of where you want this page
to go. So I’ll just type in one of my other posts and I’ll paste that there
and you can decide if you want it to open in a new tab or not. I’m gonna keep
it like that and now we can update that. Once you update that you’ll get a note
up here stating that the content is pointing to a custom URL and you’re good
to go. Now the final plugin that you can use is called the simple 301 redirects
and it doesn’t get any simpler than that you simply put in the old one, put in
the new one and it’ll redirect that page. So again let’s head back over to our
WordPress dashboard, our plugins area, we’ll click add new and we’re looking
for simple 301 redirects. Once we type that in we see this is the one we want
so again let’s install now and then we’ll also have to activate it. Now,
you’ll want to pick the one that works best for you, you don’t want to use all
of these in conjunction with each other just pick the one that you like best
that you feel most comfortable with and use only that one. So we have the simple
301 redirects here and then under Settings, 301 redirects is where we can
go to make the changes and this is very similar to the redirection plugin. Here
you want to just put in your old page like this and then go ahead and put in
the full URL address of the page that you want to go to like this and we’ll
save changes like that. You can also set up 301 redirects on your htaccess file.
It’s a bit more advanced and you’ll need to
have an FTP client to connect to your website from your hosting account and
you’ll need to update your htaccess file. I’ll show you what you can add for
that. Once you’ve connected to your website through your FTP client you want
to head over to the folder that has the htaccess so we’ll go to public HTML and
then we’re looking for htaccess. You want to download that we’re also going
to rename this to old in case something happens then we’ll go back to it. It’s
like making a backup of it. So we renamed it old, we’ve downloaded it,
and now we can open it up in a text editor to make the changes. You can use
any text editor you want, I’ll edit with my notepad++ because I have that
on my computer. Now when you have it open you’ll simply want to go to the bottom
of the file, start a new line, and you can add something like this to it. This is
the old post and you want to redirect it to your new post. So any time that you
would have a new redirect that you need to do you’d have to go into your htaccess and add that here then you simply save it, go up and save, minimize that,
we’ll go over to our FTP client, and we’ll upload the newly created htaccess
file. So that’s how you could do it on this server. So there are four methods
that you can use to create 301 redirects for your WordPress website. Did you learn
something from today’s video? If so subscribe to our YouTube channel and
we’ll send more helpful tips to help you manage your WordPress website and thanks
for watching

26 thoughts on Beginner’s Guide to Creating Redirects in WordPress

  1. Whenever i crawl my post url in google search console, it showing ❗redirected (301 moved permanently). Is that a issue? How to fix this?

  2. Thanks for this. I have an issue with all my URLs as they include the categories so I can't change the categories, some of which I now realize make no sense. Would it be possible to do a widespread 301 redirect for example all of a category?

  3. Thank you for your videos , very useful and informative, can you please help me find reliable subscribers redirect plugin ( other than Peter redirect it didn’t work )!
    If there is no such plugin then what is the other soloution please ?

  4. Thanks for your enormous help so far. Most things I needed I've found on your channel or website. Personally I prefer 301 redirects without using plugins, they are much faster and plugins slow down websites by themselves, being used or not.

  5. Nobody here on Youtube seems to cover how to redirect ALL pages that might not exist when building a new site for a client. Maybe old developer created a ton of pages we don't know about?? How do you do that with the Redirection plugin specifically? Redirecting links one by one, not fun! 🙂

  6. This is a great video for beginners!!! Every since the last 2 upgrades I have not been able to redirect anything and the plugin support only explains things in tech terms so I came here for help and I got the help I needed on this video. The plugin still won't redirect but what I learned here was how to add the 301 redirect through the htaccess file and it worked like a charm!!! I have the yoast plugin that allows you to change info on htaccess file without going to your webhost so its easier to do so if you're a beginner like myself you should have a yoast plugin because you make changes easier through the plugin because it has a page that lets you change stuff in the robot.txt and htaccess files without going to your webhost. I just typed in the same info show in the video and just put my site and permalink in question through the yoast plugin and it worked right away and I only had to do it once. Thanks for the help!!! Sorry about the drawn out explanation, I'm hoping others will see this if they have the same issue I did. Thanks again.

  7. Please, I want to give people link that can only redirect them to my latest post, so that they will read and get addicted to the blog

  8. So if I use one of the plugins for redirect, then is it also necessary to
    make changes in Ht access file or not

  9. Hi, great video. One question: I´ve my URLs as and I would like to automatic change it (as I´ve more than 400 posts) to Is there any automatic method to do it? Cheers!!!

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