BASKETBALL WIVES Jackie Christie & Malaysia Pargo FIGHT…

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BASKETBALL WIVES Jackie Christie & Malaysia Pargo FIGHT…

BASKETBALL WIVES Jackie Christie & Malaysia Pargo FIGHT…

[Music] this is gonna be a great trip you are tired have you ever started a rumor about one of your friends Jackie what are you doing what is going on right now Malaysia hey everybody it should girl Mika oh my god so Malaysia and Jackie Christie into it they’ve had physical altercation really what happened to the empathy that Malaysia used to have for Jackie a few seasons back they were BFFs then another season they couldn’t stand each other then they were BFF’s again I mean why do they have such a love/hate relationship and it’s gotten that back to where they’re having a physical fight in Costa Rica Jackie’s picking up chairs throwing them at Malaysia word on the street is one of Malaysia cousins actually put their paws on Jackie their check you know darling will she too old to be fighting Malaysia too but what is going on with these women what is the underlying tension that they have with each other to the point to where they are getting physical now I just don’t understand I really honestly believe that Malaysia was under pressure to prove a point to SHINee that she was team SHINee she didn’t want to be the outcast anymore so she switched teams cuz they first heard in Jackie all numbers cool and then Malaysia is just like all team SHINee all team Evelyn I just think that’s so super fake like girl pick your side and stick to it now don’t get me wrong I like Malaysia I think Malaysia is a cool chick but I don’t understand to be for her and Jackie and now they’re saying Tami Roman unfollowed SHINee off of Instagram so I guess Tami that for whatever reason I think it’s a little funny how she hasn’t been in the last couple of episodes where SHINee put her like did she just take her out for the rest of the season it was just kind of weird how Tami started off and now she ain’t there and then I think it’s just like a clip a couple more clicks the chin they getting real real real real crazy is this the end of Basketball Wives it don’t seem like things are going to good leave me a message in the comments and give me your thoughts

100 thoughts on BASKETBALL WIVES Jackie Christie & Malaysia Pargo FIGHT…

  1. If you talk about my kids than it's on, I don't care if we best friends. So I feel her I don't give 2 fucks how old you are. Jackie is being messy this session, telling everything she hears

  2. Somebody put Jackie name in some bullshit and twisted it, now Jackie mad as hell talking bout " now what I said was," lol. My girl. That's the only way she in some shit.

  3. Tami is getting her own show. She has to do a certain amount of shows. She can be done with shauni and basketball wives.

  4. Shaunie had so much to say about OG being aggressive an she hasn't had one fight but Evelyn been fighting since BBW first aired

  5. I'm just glad the LA girls are turning up because the Miami clique are working my nerves. I was with the merge at first, but now I just wish Basketball Wives LA could have their own show again

  6. Jackie it's time to go let this bitter woman be u got a husband that loves you ain't no money worth going to jail shunie is all for herself

  7. Tami said y’all are gonna stop paying me to look a fool and run my name down on TV I have a brand NOW 😎💨

  8. You go Tami been your fan since real world you bigger than all them you been on reality t v they new to this you true to this!! bag chasing ass Evelyn where your shoe store? you right Tami leave they ass behind with they fake story lines congrats on your marriage get your coins don't ruin your brand them girls trying to Ne Ne leaks you get your bags stop but Ne Ne is still H B I C over there at realhouse wives of ATL. Good choice to leave Tami. Lol at that og you see her name say oooogggg she a football player she slam women to the ground all day she slam Evelyn in them bushes head first ass up😂😂😂

  9. Tami actually quit last season, but do too the contract, she has to film some of the time, and show up at some events

  10. Let the caption fit the narrative you spoke on the fact that there was a fight there was not going to be a fight shown so say we going to talk about the fight

  11. Love Tami big up from Trinidad 🇹🇹she made this show u will be miss, I still watch it because of my girl Og they can't come for u, if u don't send for them they are trying. Big up to u hun

  12. I think that these adult beautiful black women are petty showing class must be obsolete come on ladies we can do a whole lot better I think Jackie is fake she’s trying to hard OG Shouldn’t be so aggressive it’s not lady like Evelyn should just sit down

  13. Wait But Who Is That In the Black Ev arguing with because that wasn’t OG twerking?

    Edit : That just might be og idk

  14. 1st Jackie's ass is too old to be acting like that. She's too old to be fighting. She should of left the show awhile ago.

  15. One thing I realize most of u think ppl can fight cause of they mouth or wat they do for a living for example og and Jackie

  16. The reason why Tami haven't been on a lot of the episodes is cause she stated she wasn't working with Ev. She also busy working a real job. Shaunie not to ling ago became one of the executive producers. A man was behind the creative and started basketball wives. Check earlier seasons. Royce even stated the same thing. Shaunie didn't even want to do the show but they need content and a good character to jump the season. Shaunie wasn't even staying in Miami. Shaw was with his then girlfriend Hoops from Flavor of Love. Let's quick giving folks credit for things they didn't do. That new girl Feby and Ev probably started the whole thing cause they got tired of Jackie going back and telling O.G. and Tami what they said. Let's pay attention. Can't wait tell Wednesday, I just want to see O.G. throw Ev in the bushes. Africa for ever.!!!!!!

  17. Chile, I can't with Evelyn. She will throw drinks,hop on tables and bark, but will NEVER throw hands. She is ratchet and ghetto, and will hide it by any means. 🗣️SIS BE YOU, LET YOURSELF FREE…Are you will stay miserable forever.

  18. Jackie wanna be so dam young! There nothing wrong with having fun at her age, but you still have g-kids I'm just saying!

  19. Malaysia has no storyline ever. Past couple of seasons she is never been called out on her bs either! She also pick & choose who she want smoke with!!! Malaysia Fake asf! 💯

  20. Evelyn is DISGUSTING!! I don't understand how Shawnee can defend her behavior, but talk about everyone else like they are trash. I would be so embarrassed if I were Evelyn, because one day her son is going to see that and think wow, my mom is a skank!

  21. Some people wanna say Jackie to old to be fighting oh please ain't no expiry date or age on disrespect. Imma be 86 trying to whoop ass! Once I can lift it I'll hit u where it hurts with it.💯 If you younger than me i'm hitting you in the MF eye or neck… !! Jackie been cool all season why mfs coming for her?! Fuck malaysia an her family always trying to jump somebody! #AuntieJackie❤❤

  22. Ev n all them should stop bullying cece I am so over it, also apologize to cece u all called her a hoe n Kristen did not have her back, og n cece did not know each other n cece started telling Kristen wat she wanted to here to have her back at og's pool party as she should had kristens back n then u use that txt to hurt her n og's friendship? Maylasia favors Kristen over cece Shaunie favors ev over Tammy that's y Tammy wants nothing to do with Shaunie no more cus she fake! Og cece n Tammy n Jackie are the only real women on this show, ev n Shaunie were not hanging out for along time n then she comes back n u act like u don't know Tammy? I mean u had no idea that tammi eloped Shaunie, cus u change up around ev n it's disgusting to watch! Ev smacking her puss like she Erica Jayne n ish ev go get a life n stop bullying ppl n leave cece alone u look like a hoe in this clip js!

  23. Man y’all keep forgetting Shaunie got rid of draya because she said she was the ringleader for the LA girls , that’s why all the LA girls are all over the damn place . Like the narrator said you have to be in Shaunie’s clique and if you aren’t you’re casted off the show . If you lose a threat to shaunies clique they’re gonna gang up on your ass and get you off the show .

  24. Jackie wasn’t even the ones who said it . It was evelyn and that other bitch. How Evelyn gonna get mad at jen and Jackie for talking about her children when she talking about someone else’s kid.

  25. Jackie’s husband is cheating on her
    He had a side piece overseas where he coaches some basketball team.
    Jackie shouldn’t be talking about nobody’s kids when she shows favoritism with hers. That’s why her and one of daughters are on the outs

  26. Love Doesn't Self Destruct, We Choke It With Unkind Words, We Starve It With Empty Promises. We Poison It With Toxic Blame. We Break It By Trying To Bend It To Our Will. No, Love Doesn't Die On Its Own. We Kill It. Breath By Bitter Breath. Wise Are Those Who Realize That, They Hold The Fate Of Their Love In Their Hands, And Blessed Are Those Who Keep It Alive.
    Jesus Is Lord.

  27. To damn old with a grown daughter to be grabbing and smacking your privacy. This must have been a cry out for prayers. LOL. I did send a couple prayers up to my Jesus for her. However, save that s**t for close door activities.

  28. Child evelyn the nigga gave u a ring, yet an engagement is a question that needs a follow up action you still not married I mean your ex nigha gave you a baby before he gave u a true commitment like he would rather just pay u money for the next 18 years then actually be with yo ass for the rest of his life I'm dead right now😂🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  29. Evelin think every man wants her lol she's trash …No man will ever take that hoe seriously…cant make a hoe into a housewife😂

  30. BBW should be buried somewhere real deep. All of those women should be ashamed of themselves to come back each Season like that Crap is Ok. Black, white or whatever Color/Race we are, the Key word is Women/ Ladies. All these Women are not acting like Ladies their not even acting like Children, Their acting like Animals, trying to see who gets the bigger bone. For me to look upon these Ladies as Animals is very degrading. Proof that this show should be Canceled or Redirected.
    One ☝🏽 Love ❤️


  32. JAKCIE is not about it she always saying how no one want it but she dont ever act on her words she only pretend to hit someone for example angel in a past season and im sure she didnt throw the chair now she just grabbed it cause shes a old ass pussy who ain’t bout nothing but words. i would bet money when the episode is out she puts that chair down

  33. That rumor alone was disrespectful! You’d think at this point all of that nonsense would of stopped like don’t y’all back hurts throwing all these chairs and tables!

  34. Fuck this show. Everybody in the world who watch this shit knows if somebody mad at Jackie's ass is because she did some messy, disrespectful fckn shit… you watch the show and you can't tell that?

  35. Evelyn’s still the same old hood wannabe. What happened to humbling yourself after that head butt? No one is going to kiss Evelyn’s azz over and over again. Why isn’t Eve questioning Tami about what she said? Evelyn’s angry because the baseball player’s love didn’t last, so now she’s taking it out on Jen.
    GTFU Evelyn or go back to BBW Miami, it’s not your show, ATTENTION SEEKER 😫

  36. I personally think the show is really good this season-Agree Jackie is no punk and had Malaysia backing up 🙂  You are right Shaunie about the bag they even cut the scene out of her twerking with the girls last week or so.  OG is not cute (CeCe said it) and very aggressive!  Not impressed at all—BTW, agree Where's the ring?  All the ghetto came out of Eve Wow!  Jackie has so many other investments, she don't need the show she just likes it—

  37. Tami had NO problem with the show when she was trying to get exposure and for most seasons, Tami was the aggressor—NOW THEY ARE BENEATH HER….REALLY!!

  38. Evelyn is in the middle to she called the dude to get more tea but didn’t tell that. Love throwing other ppl under the bus then act like she innocent. Malaysia is fake and sounds like it’s some truth to it. But she always look like she living the dream and her kids be dressed basic. So I believe some of it to. Jackie should of told her but sounds like they not that cool anymore.

  39. Evelyn half breed mut dog hair smelling billy 🐐 goat cant stand her she play a role in that.and christy thirsty ass .

  40. Great commentary. It could be the end but on the other hand, it's stuff like this that keeps viewers satisfied so we just have to wait and see. If this show does continue, I'm sure that Jackie will return because she's the common denominator in most of the chaos.

  41. Ok if your spreading a rummors to people that you heard about and not contact the person …specially malaysia …jackie is not a good friend for that …tammy is boring now anyways shes to busy in love

  42. Lmao this video makes no sense at all! The point is the messiness! Like why would I run back and tell all my friend’s friend gossip without telling my friend? These bloggers be stupid as fuck!

  43. Malaysia aka Laquesha had my girl Jackie messed up. She didn't wanna fight Jackie. I highly doubt Malaysia's cousin got into a fight with Jackie. Don't make no excuses for Malaysia acting like a damn high school kid. Matter of fact, they all need to grow up. If Tami unfollowed that wide nostril having hoe then I understand why.

  44. Understand that Jackie is an energy vampire. She thrives on other peoples energy and drama because she doesnt have her own lifeforce energy. Tammy to me doesnt seem like she could be a good friend to anybody because she is so judgemental and emotionally unitellegent. She seems like she will get mad at stupid stuff or becomes jealous very easily and then she chooses the mean girl, bullying route with people. This show is tired. Id like to see more mentally intellegent black women on national t.v. now please and thank you.

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