Adam Ruins Everything – Why a Wall Won’t Stop Immigration

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Adam Ruins Everything – Why a Wall Won’t Stop Immigration

Adam Ruins Everything – Why a Wall Won’t Stop Immigration

Illegal immigration in out of control Our borders are unprotected. We need to build the wall! If we don’t– (Adam speaking Spanish) (Adam grunting) (women gasping) increase the number of illegal
immigrants in America. What?
How could it possibly? Here, I’ll show you. Just building a wall would
be practically impossible. This is where it would be. (dog squeals) It would have to stretch over
2,000 miles of rough terrain… cutting through mountains, rivers, villages and even people’s homes. And all that destruction
is monstrously expensive. Just building the wall would cost between
$15 and $25 billion. (woman gasps) It would easily be one
of the single most expensive pieces of
infrastructure in American history costing
as much as 20 Hoover Dams or NASA’s entire annual budget. (man)
That’s one small step for man, one giant wall for no reason. Not to mention
the astronomical cost of staffing
and maintaining the wall, which taxpayers like you
and your children will be stuck paying forever. I paid for the wall. My father’s father
paid for the wall. And one day you
will pay for the wall. Because this is Wall World. Even just faking
the wall for our show was prohibitively expensive. Looks like our CGI
budget ran out. Okay, yes,
it may be expensive but that doesn’t change the fact that once we build it,
it will work. Not like you think. Increasing security
at the border will never stop illegal
immigration. Why not? No one’s getting passed me. Yes, they are because
it’s estimated that between 27% and 40% of all
undocumented immigrants in America
came here on planes. (plane passing) I forgot about planes. These immigrants didn’t
sneak over the border. They came here legally
through passport control, then just overstayed
their visas. And guess what?
A border wall’s not gonna stop ’em
because, reminder… You fools! You forgot about planes! We always forget about planes! Even by your estimate
of visa overstays, the wall would still
stop about half of America’s 11 million
illegal immigrants. No, it wouldn’t. ‘Cause of a little something
called circular flow. Here, I’ll show you. (dog yelps) For decades, immigration
to the U.S. was a circular flow. People would come,
work for a bit and then after they were done,
go home to their families. Meet Douglas Massey. Thanks, Adam. My arms were getting pretty
tired waiting for my cue. He’s a professor at Princeton and a pioneering
researcher on this topic. When the Reagan, Bush
and Clinton administrations drastically increased border enforcement in response to public opinion, they stopped that circular flow. Not by keeping people out,
but by keeping people in. (Douglas)
As it got harder and harder
to go back and forth, people crossing
the border decided they were much better off
just staying in the U.S. If I go back to Mexico now, he won’t let me back
in the U.S. I guess I’ll just stay here…
in Tucson. Ironically, this increase
in border enforcement caused the number of
undocumented immigrants living in the United States
to skyrocket by 248%. It’s counterintuitive,
but building a wall wouldn’t stop people
from coming in. It would actually stop them
from going back. In fact, the whole idea of
building a border wall is misguided. The Mexican economy is doing
quite well right now and population growth
has slowed way down. So, there’s not much
pressure to emigrate. The number of illegal
border crossings is actually at an all-time low. If you’re a professor,
then why are you in the desert? I’m not, I’m a mirage. (gasping)
Hey! Look, we already have
what has to be the most militarized border between
any two nations at peace. So, the real issue
of immigration isn’t the people coming in. The fact is,
they’re already here. Nearly one out of every
30 people in America is an unauthorized immigrant. Hm, the only thing a wall stops is a discussion
of actual solutions. (man speaking Spanish on TV) Oh, my God,
Adam, you’re right. The wall isn’t the answer. Oh, good, I’m so
glad I could help. Millions of people
are already here. We need to deport them. Yes! Deportation
is the answer. No… (gasping)

100 thoughts on Adam Ruins Everything – Why a Wall Won’t Stop Immigration

  1. I really don't understand. My friend has no problem visiting family in Mexico and coming back to the U.S legally. Why do other people fear they will get stuck in Mexico or stuck in the U.S? It's suspicious to fear that like the people that do are hiding something..

  2. Hey Adam, why don't you tell us about the Bracero Program during the early 20th century and why that failed.

  3. Well actually Adam even though Mexicans still have to go through American airports. with the correct paperwork or they get deported. Plus America is suffering an economic dip. because there isn't enough money to go around. So it's either many people don't get paid a reasonable amount of money for the hard work they do. Or Mexicans go through legal channels to get into America. The majority of the drugs that are in America come from Mexico and they smuggle it over the border.

  4. Extreme Black & White Arguments here. I don't debate with people like that. They are called BPD's and they do not know what compromise means or have the grasp of grey areas. It was a nice attempt but this was my first time stumbling on your channel and probably the last time.

  5. He Is actually wrong 42% of immigrants come here by plane over due Visa ect the rest cross the border

  6. This man does know that if 27-40% of illegal immigrants come by plane ✈️, than 73-60% come across the border on foot, right? Meaning a wall would stop over half of illegal immigrants.

  7. If walls doesn't work, then why Jewish in America want United States to pay for THEIR walls in Israel while discouraging Trump's walls? XD

  8. He is missing several points. Drugs get smuggled over the border, guns, and just dangerous people can cross. You’d be against the wall until something happens and affects your family. Truth is, just because someone sounds smart doesn’t mean that they are smart.

  9. Even if 27-40% come by planes/visas, that’s still the other 60-73% of all illegal immigrants who won’t be able to get in because of the wall. Last I checked 60 and 73 are higher than 27 and 40.

  10. Whats wrong with wanting them to come though the front door? Cheering and nodding your heads like lemmings for illegal immigration is spiting in the face of ALL of the immigrants that went though and are going though the legal due process.

  11. Did Adam forget about radar technology? Every military base has radar tech, they cannot fly over our wall without the air force scrambling fighter jets. Same thing goes for the ocean as well. The only place to illegally smuggle drugs is on the land or under it. This is misinformation and Adam I hate to say this, because I used to love your show. But you are an intellectual idiot

  12. My take on this video:
    * Nothing that actually works…actually works
    * Divide everything by one-half to help bolster your already faulty arguments
    * Adam's barber and tailor ruin evrything

  13. "All the wall does is stop actual solutions"…….. Oh i thought you were gonna give at least one.

  14. Adam, it's rare that I see someone as stupid as you, estimated IQ of 65, publish a video on YouTube. Truly. You are a moron.

  15. So y’all are telling me this 15 billion wall is going to stop the billions worth of drugs and what like 20-40% of immigrants…I don’t think that’s worth it

  16. Did you know that people that don’t renew their visas get deported? Also here’s an idea but I don’t know if it will work. What if we build around the houses!? I know it’s crazy.

  17. The reason why a wall doesn't work is because the people who came over by plane and overstayed their Visa can't exit the country legally or not get caught. Therefore they might just decide to stay for even longer, because once they get caught they're going to have a much harder time getting back in. Which is why the professor was talking about circular flow.

  18. I like how adam says at the start of the video that building a wall would increase illegal immigration at 0:28 BUT THEN HE NEVER TALKS ABOUT IT. No evidence proves this claims.

  19. 40 to 27 percent of illegal immigrants travel through planes.
    …do the math
    That mean at least 60 percent of illegal immagants travel through the border!!!

  20. I got an idea someone copy and paste this youtube link on Trumps twitter account tweet him lol forgot about planes lol yeah and tunnels and ladders and straight up boating and walking around it. lol

  21. What a lying pos Adam how about you do some actual research instead of posting lies i thought youtube was against conspiracy theorists!

  22. A physical wall is a demonstration of America’s stupidity. Most people couldn’t refresh visas because of this and the wall is counterproductive. Dumbasses

  23. No the wall won't stop illegal immigration but it will help,also you fabricated so many things because you not going off actual numbers,your going off of Trutv numbers

  24. Illegal aliens cost the USA over 100 billion dollars every single year, not to mention the thousands of tons of drugs brought into this country EVERY YEAR. Human trafficking is also a billion dollar industry, a wall would stop A LOT OF THESE ISSUES. The democrats voted on a wall years ago, but now that trump wants one "walls are immoral". The sad truth is that the drug cartels have tens of billions of dollars and our politicians get a cut of this money, so they will do anything in their power to keep the border open. Their ultimate goal has always been open borders, they work for globalist bankers who have a strangle hold on the worlds economy. The current globalist goal is to de-industrialize the west and turn us into a giant human farm of debt slaves crawling around in the mud of our 3rd world country while they enjoy the fruits of our labor. They will accomplish this goal by flooding our countries via mass migration until the host populations are overwhelmed and our cultures are destroyed. They will help this process along by branding anyone who doesn't go along with this a RACIST, NAZI , WHITE SUPREMACIST, TRANSPHOBE, ISLAMOPHOBE, HOMOPHOBE. There is mass migration going on in every single western nation all simultaneously, there are thousands of NGO's assisting with the replacement of the host populations. Islam has become their proxy army leading a coop and destroying nations from the inside through mass breeding and voting replacement. MARK MY WORDS- if we do not unite as one RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE-our children's futures will be given away to the third world.

  25. It would cost NASAS annual budget to build the wall? WHAT HAS NASA done for the american people in the past 30 years?

  26. Alright if a person goes through the motions gets a green card/working visa comes over spends money or works for money and they decide to stay….they are still 100% more wanted than someone who crosses the boarder undocumented and starts living on welfare and demanding more rights to me there is a BIG difference between the two, 2019 and it's gotten worse hell African's are crossing the Mexican boarder

  27. Israel Loves their Border wall, so does Hungary, Iran and Bulgaria, all of them are experiencing 0-1% of Illegal immigrants entering their countries. Border walls work just fine, look it up for yourself. By the way, the Southern Border Wall saves American Lives, Dollars and Jobs! It will pay for itself in 2 years! Build the wall!

  28. Walls, deportation, stopping cultural exchange, disrupting communications, police state and many more are elementar pilars of genuine dictatorships and always hurt the own economy most. What would very likely help the US are reforms of the US themselves, not of its borders. The money to do so are not in the hands of mexicans but in the hands of corporate greed. The European and the Chinese economies are compareable to the one of the US but both have to share a higher part of the total wealth with the actual population of those countries. Thus investments into infrastructure of any kind are easier to accomplish this way.

  29. Adam: Creates a giant freaking magic wall
    Woman: Poor dog
    Adam: Makes a small illusion of a number
    Woman: AHHHH!

  30. Listen trump supporters. If planes get 40 percent of immigrants and we build a wall the 60 percent that can't pass the wall will go on planes

  31. A border wall would also be an ecological nightmare, blocking a lot of land animal migration. Highways away act as walls artificially separating wildlife populations, we don't need to compound that with an actual wall

  32. 27-40% of all illegal immigrants came here legally on a plane and overstayed visas. Soooooooooo where does the other 60-73% come from? I'll wait…

  33. The best way to stop illegal immigration is to prevent people from WANTING to come over to the country. We should be helping the impoverished nations of the Western Hemisphere, so the people there wouldn't feel a need to emigrate.

  34. can't believe how many idiots are allowed to comment on videos. this is so obviously true, y'all are just biased. REMINDER: this show was broadcasted on truTV. every show has to pass tests to make sure they aren't politically biased. clearly this passed the test because it was broadcast. this video isn't democratic propoganda, its just facts. why else would all of the sources be cited?

  35. Yeah, I agree, Illegal immigrants are bad.
    And it's good we're acknowledging that.
    But, seriously? A wall? The douchiest looking, most expensive, and inhumane option? That was seriously the best option we could come up with?
    Not regulating visas, or the economic network, or passportation records? A giant ass wall, physical when we're in the network era, and repeating history.
    Wow. Ok then.

  36. Everyone here pls watch the Steven Crowder bc the amount of fallacies in this Adam Ruins Everything Video would constitute an essay

  37. Um, NASAs budget is relatively small and the repercussions of Illegal immigration which is not at an all time low is far more important than exploring space

  38. What’s he’s saying is that free flow is good Is just fictitious, to reap the benefits of America and contribute nothing is malevolent

  39. Amazing how quick we are all to forget that much of the land we live on was stolen from the Native Americans and the majority of USA citizens are descended from immigrants coming here in the search of a better life. Becoming an American citizen is not as easy as it once was. Most illegals coming here are just trying to come here in the search of a better life and hope that they will be able to gain permanent status while coming here. Are they really that different from our ancestors who came to America in hopes of the same opportunity?

  40. Back in the late 70's early 80's I rented from a family that owned a mushroom farm in Kennett Square, PA. The workers I met there were decent hardworking people. Most if not all of them went back across the border and frequently sent money to their families. Recently I was in eastern Tennessee and saw migrant workers picking tomatoes. My brother met one who spoke Spanish and could not understand English. Many do labor most American's would not choose to do. My guess is a wall will further create an industry of smugglers who will get people in by air, sea, tunnels, trucks, whatever it takes, at a cost. That and perhaps a collapse-able ladder.

  41. Wall=8 billion dollars
    Yearly Defense Budget=600 trillion
    Geez Louise, Orange Man's definitely going to bankrupt the richest nation in the world with this comparatively tiny project!

  42. This show is incredibly biased. Acting like the wall keeps more illegals here is ridiculous – should we just let whoever we want come and go as we please – for your “circular flow” argument?

    Canada must be incredibly racist for having a tough border. Makes you wonder why people want to move there when trump wins.

  43. In this episode of "Adam fact checks nothing"…
    Adam focuses on all the wrong facts.

    First of all, the purpose of the Wall has NOTHING to do with people over staying their visa. When a person has a visa, the government has checked the person and determined they are OK to be in the US.
    The person then enters a legal port of entry where it is exceedingly difficult to smuggle drugs or traffic humans. Most Americans have little concern for people who happen to overstay a visa for one reason or another. And deceptive liberals like Adam fully know that overstaying visas has NOTHING to do with why Americans want a wall.

    The main reason for a wall is a wall helps to stop people who can't enter through a port of entry, because they are drug mules, or are trafficking women or children, or because they are rapists, murderers, known gang members, terrorists or for some other serious reason they won't be permitted through a port of entry so they have to sneak across the boarder. THIS is the primary reason for the wall.

    And, as for the wall keeping people in…
    Yes, that is true, but not in the laughably silly way Adam imagined. The wall will help keep American young girls and children In America so they can't as easily be taken away and sold in an international sex slave market.

    As far as Adam's idea of keeping workers in, they are already In. If the wall keeps them from going back and forth visiting Mexico, this does not change the fact that they are and have been in our country. It's just stupid to say the wall increases the number of illegals in our country because it stops them from visiting Mexico.

  44. I'm surprised how many people agree with this crap. Even if you watch it in a vacuum you should be able to see controversies within the video.

  45. Saying that America's annual budget is in the trillions, 20 billion dollars is not going to be something to worry about. And he is giving false facts by saying that the majority of immigrants come through planes because over 70% of illegal immigrants come over the border.

  46. I’m not saying the wall is a good idea but he says it would cost as much as the annual budget from nasa yet that isn’t that much if nasa is still going

  47. When Adam says that it will cost more to staff the wall that is bs we have enough border patrol agents to run the wall, in fact, the wall would make their job way easier plus the wall wouldn't necessarily run through rivers and villages. They could build the wall around the villages and the rivers would be patrolled more often by border patrol

  48. The Dept of Homeland Defense and the Boarder Agency completely disagrees with you.
    But don't listen to them, they only do security for a living.

  49. I honestly don’t understand your logic…

    If illegal immigration occurs 60% by crossing the border, why wouldn’t you build a wall? Its a majority and you would be stupid not to do anything

  50. Even if this is true, there is something called going back the way you came in. You are saying that basically is there is a hole in a bucket, water can get in it but can’t come out. Stupid, huh? Not the most stupidest by Adam. The wall pays for itself!

  51. I like how the argument that conservatives use for strict gun control that liberals say is invalid is the same argument liberals use against the border wall. Lol.

    Both sides are dumb af.

  52. Bogus information. A wall would stop more people from invading who think like this moron. If you are in the country illegally, you are an invader. Plain and simple. America is not a turnstile for illegal immigrants. Just nonsense.

  53. e have so much national debt imagine adding a mother 25 billion dollars to it unecercally and people still keep coming imagine that that was your brother/sister/mom/dad would you whant them to come to America and be safe

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