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9 Epic Friends Thanksgiving Moments | Paramount Network

9 Epic Friends Thanksgiving Moments | Paramount Network

Alright, so let’s see. Let’s play from the trashcan
to the light post, right? Two-hand touch.
We’ll kick off. Alright, people. Listen,
I’ve got exactly 28 minutes before I have to baste again. Wow, just like in the pros. Okay, come on. Alright, huddle up.
Right over here. Wait for me! Wait for me!
Wait for me! Oh, cool!
This is my first huddle. Okay. Okay, so what do you guys
really think of Chandler? Phoebe, you know what
you’re doing, right? Yeah. Okay. Alright, Joey’s
going to catch it and you and I
are going to block. What’s block? Phoebe, I thought you said
you knew what you were doing. I thought you meant in life. Break. You know what, we’re just
going to throw it. I got it. Okay, go, go, go! Oh! Woo, hoo, hoo! Score! Seven to nothing! Are you okay? Come on, let’s go. Losers walk. Yeah? Losers talk. No, no.
Actually, losers rhyme. Yeah. Oh. Hey.
Hey. Oh, the food smells great, Mon. Yeah, and the place
looks so nice. Yeah, and hey, hey …
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, well, this has been great.
See you. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where you going? Oh, oh, we did say we’d stop
by this little thing Joey’s roommate is having. Oh, Jeanine, the really
hot dancer girl. Some would say
she’s attractive, yes. Who else is going to be there? Some of her friends. Her dancer friends? Yes! Alright. All of her hot dancer friends
are going to be there, and there going to be
drinking and dancing, and we really want to go! Dude, we were good. You’re not going to go anywhere. You said you were
going to eat here, and you’re going to eat here. Yeah, and leaving us to go see
hot dancer girls is not very Thanksgiving-y. Oh, but it is. It’s just like
the first Thanksgiving when the Indians and the
pilgrims sat down to dinner … Yeah, yeah, and then the Indians
taught the pilgrims what it meant to be hot
in the New World. So, now what exactly is
the point of the box? Chandler. The meaning of the box
is three fold: One, it gives me the time
to think about what I did; two, it proves how much I care
about my friendship with Joey; and three, it hurts. Oh, I’m going to take a nap.
Turkey makes me sleepy. We haven’t eaten yet. I know, but all that work you’re
doing to get it ready and I … Hey, by any chance did either
of you pick Rachel for your Secret Santa?
Because I want to trade for her. I picked her.
Oh, thank God, you want her! Oh! Wow, why do you want
to get rid of her so badly? Because she exchanges
every gift she ever gets. It’s like impossible to get
her something she likes. Come on, let’s trade! Oh, that’s not true!
That’s not true! I got her that backpack
and she loved it. I remember how much
she was crying the day that big dog ran off with … Well, there was no big dog. Alright, this sucks because
I already got her this briefcase and I had RG put on it. Her initials. Oh. Well, maybe you can give it
to somebody else. Oh, like Ross Geller. Oh, you know what though,
it’s kind of a girly briefcase. Who cares.
He works in a museum. Hey, what time is it?
The big game is about to start. You don’t have to do that.
Ross and Joey aren’t here, you can watch the parade
if you want. Thanks. Oh, oh, I’m a duck. I go “Quack.
Quack. I’m happy all the time.” Nice try. Wait. Wait. Wait. Look, Monica … This is not going to work. I bet this will work. You are so great. I love you. What? Nothing. I said … I said, “You’re so great,”
and then I just stopped talking. You said you love me.
I can’t believe this. No, I didn’t. Yes, you did. No, I didn’t! You love me. No, I don’t! Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it! Ah! Okay, also, just so you know, I’m not going to make
a turkey this year. What? Well, Phoebe doesn’t eat turkey. Phoebe? Turkeys are beautiful
intelligent animals. No, they’re not. They’re ugly
and stupid and delicious. Okay, it’s not just Phoebe.
Will’s still on a diet. Chandler doesn’t eat
Thanksgiving food and Rachel’s having her aversion
to poultry. She is? Yeah. Don’t you remember, I had
to leave the room the other day when you had
that roast chicken? Yeah, but I thought
that was just because I put the whole thing
on my hand and made it walk
across the table. Anyway, it just doesn’t seem
worth it to make a whole turkey for just three people.
Okay? It’s a lot of work. But you’ve got to have turkey
on Thanksgiving. I mean, Thanksgiving
with no turkey is like Fourth of July
with no apple pie, or Friday
with no two pizzas. Alright, fine, if it means
that much to you. But just, there’s going
to be a ton left over. No, there won’t. I promise
I will finish that turkey. Alright, you’re telling me
you can eat almost an entire turkey
in one sitting? That’s right,
because I’m a Tribbiani. This is what we do. I mean, we may not be
great thinkers or world leaders, we don’t read a lot
or run very fast; but dammit, we can eat. I’m going to go into
the bathroom so I can look at it
in the mirror as I eat it. Okay, now what was
that all about? Does it not taste good?
Let me try it. No! No! No! All gone. It’s so good.
Maybe Chandler has some left. It tastes like feet. I like it. Are you kidding? What’s not to like?
Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good. So, a beard just grabbed it and then tried
to fly away with it and then just dropped it
on the street? Yes, but if it’s
any consolation, before the bird dropped it,
he seemed to enjoy it. You know, it’s been awhile
since we’ve screamed something. Maybe we should? Oh, okay. Oh, come on! No! Damn you, ref.
You burn in hell! Hey, what are you doing?
You’ve got to save room. You’ve got almost
an entire turkey to eat. Let me explain to you
how the human body works, I have to warm up
my stomach first. Eating chips
is like stretching. Okay. Don’t worry.
Tribbianis never get full. I actually know what you’re
talking about, and I’m here to tell you
something, friend, you can eat
and eat and eat, but nothing will ever
fill that void. Who the hell is this guy? Will from high school. Oh, hey. Hey.
Will! Ross! Hey, you came!
Man, you look incredible! Hot stuff! Hot stuff? It’s good to see you, man. Yeah, you too.
Man, so what are you up to? I’m a commodities broker. Really? Yeah.
Yeah, that sounds interesting. Yeah, it’s not.
But I’m rich and thin. Oh. Man, I don’t think
I’ve seen you since Lance Davidson’s
graduation party. That was such a fun night. Yeah, it would’ve been good
if we had gotten in, but still real fun. Yeah. God, we were
lame back then. Do you remember how
into dinosaurs we were? Yeah. So, what do you do now? So, how long are you in town? I’m done. Woo. Oh, here come the meat

9 thoughts on 9 Epic Friends Thanksgiving Moments | Paramount Network

  1. my fav thanksgiving friends scene is this –
    Yeah, the other day I was at the bus-stop & this lovely fall breeze came in out of nowhere & blew this chick's skirt right up. Oh! Which reminds me, I'm also thankful for thongs.
    I mean, it's not so much an underpant as it is a feat of engineering. I mean, it's amazing how much they can do with so little material! And the way they play with your mind! Is it there? Is it not there?

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  3. Why did you take out the part where chandler kicks ross in the foot while trying to kick off? Hilarious part of that scene.

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