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Hi everyone. Welcome to Show It Better. Many times I have been asked ‘Where do you get your inspiration from?’ What pages do you go to when you want to do a diagram, a render, a plan or just get inspiration for designing your next project? We all know Arch Daily, Dezeen.. They’re awesome sites. But sometimes we need something different and not so architecture-related. Well in this quick video I want to show you the places I spend my time wandering off when I am not working. [Sites for Architecture Inspiration] First: Pinterest Perhaps many of you already use Pinterest on a daily basis. But there are many people that just don’t like it or understand it . Pinterest is definitely one of my favorite platforms for inspiration. I think this is a must for architects and design students. I use it to see cool graphics with people all over the world. If you go to my Pinterest page you will see everything architecture-graphics-related from boards, sections, diagrams, plans, photography, tutorials, etc. It is really a never-ending stream of high-quality images that can give you some ideas when it comes to designing your project or composing your image, presentation boards, etc. If you aren’t that interested in architecture stuff, there are many fitness, DIY, decoration themes that are very popular as well I mainly come to Pinterest for ideas, diagrams, plans, that kind of stuff. The next site is Bēhance This is a site where many independent artists showcase their works. Here you can find illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, game design, architecture, crafts, among many others. The cool thing about this site is the immense quality of things people are creating around the world. Also, you will find that you don’t necessarily need architectural-related things to be inspired. From many illustrations, in different types of arts, you can also get really inspired. Also, this is a great platform for you as an architect or a designer to upload your work and create an online portfolio for free. Many architects nowadays upload all their projects that they are working on or have finished to Bēhance My third recommendation is Vimeo. In an era where many of us consume only YouTube as a main video source, we cannot forget Vimeo. While in YouTube you can find many sorts of videos that are sometimes not that cool. We can be sure that in Vimeo almost always the videos are high-quality and greatly curated. I always come to Vimeo to see videos on architecture spaces that are recorded in a very artistic and inspirational way. Here you can catch ideas for framing your renders, illustrations or proposing spaces in your project. Also, 500px is an awesome site. This is a website for mainly photography and paraded by professional photographers. When I want to create a render or deciding on materials for building, I come to the site, in images on city, landscapes and architecture. When you want to decide the colors for your renders, this is a great place to do it. I sometimes select an image, extract the color palette and try to apply it to my own project. It is really important to see how other people that are not architects view cities, buildings and landscapes. If we always stay inside our own circles, our capacity to innovate decreases and everything starts to look monotonous. Before arriving to the final site that I super recommend, I want to throw an extra site that some of you may like. It is a Tumblr site called Drawing Architecture. It has some amazing drawings from people all around the world. You can find amazing hand drawings, amazing diagrams and very cool concepts that maybe can open your mind when drawing a project or when designing something. And finally, but not less important, it’s Skillshare, which is also the sponsor of today’s video. Skillshare is an online learning community with more than 17,000 classes in design, photography, architecture, renders and more Premium membership gives you unlimited access, so you can improve your skills, unlock new opportunities and do the work you love. Skillshare believes in accessible learning and the price reflects that. Annual subscription with unlimited access is less than $10/month, making it one of the best deals you can find for online education. Skillshare is sponsoring this video so the first 100 people to use the promo link in the description, will get their first two months free to try it out risk-free. Personally in my sincere opinion, I had never used Skillshare before. I started using it a few weeks ago and, honestly, I think it is really awesome. You have premium content right now. I’m doing two courses: I’m talking in public and presenting ideas with the famous Simon Sinek; and the other is on drawing plans and animals. I’m kind of obsessed with scientific illustrations, but if you want, you can also find here courses on architectural visualization, 3D, maths, Sketchup, etc. [What sites bring you inspiration?] What other sites inspired you that were not mentioned here? Put them in the comments and see you guys in next video. Bye!

39 thoughts on 5 websites to INSTANTLY get INSPIRED for ARCHITECTS

  1. thank you for watching! hope you enjoyed the video. These are some sites that are not only architecture related like archdaily, dezeen, etc. If you want to follow my pinterest page click here: https://co.pinterest.com/letsshowitbette/
    See you in the next video!

  2. i hate pinterest, the whole google image results are full with it and it is hard to find the real image source without a pinterest account.

  3. Hi, I'd like to say that your channel is so much better now. Good job man. Keep improving, for sure I'll recommend this channel for my friends.

  4. I recommend 59 selected buildings for inspiration.

  5. You are the first architecture tips related channel i had found on youtube, and after all the new one that i was subscribed, you still remain the best among them that's clear. Keep going on 😉

  6. Great video again! This channel has a lot of potential, and it's very nice to see different content besides the tutorial's videos. YouTube still a little bit weak about architecture content. These kind of inspirational and informational content where you share ideas and even opinions would certanly make the channel bigger and better. Nice to see you are improving the channel. Can not wait to see more of this here!

  7. Pinterest although is good on other stuffs I think the photo quality on architecture is pretty bad. I find it hard to do desktop researches based on it and the plans and structures are all just for the looks rather than educational or reliable to study, never illustrative.

  8. And what about inspiration outside of the internet? It is sometimes nice to slow down and flip trough a book or a fresh paper magazine, like maybe Kinfolk or Cereal. They usually don't provide a ready made solution for architectural graphics but hey, this is what inspiration should be 🙂 /L

  9. drawing architecture is one of the best tumblr threads ever. Ive been following that one for years and it never fails to impress

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