5 Best FREE STOCK VIDEO Websites for Royalty Stock Footage B-roll

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5 Best FREE STOCK VIDEO Websites for Royalty Stock Footage B-roll

5 Best FREE STOCK VIDEO Websites for Royalty Stock Footage B-roll

– B-roll, beautiful videos
and images that you overlay on top of your content to
make it more entertaining. Today I’m going to show
you five places to get completely free B-roll video. Here we go. (upbeat music) Hello and welcome back to another video. I’m Alan Spicer, your
YouTube certified expert. And today we’re going to deep-dive into the wonders of B-roll. B-roll is a beautiful
thing that you can overlay on top of your videos
to either hide mistakes or to illustrate the things
you are talking about. Sometimes it’s expensive but in this case here’s five places you
can get it for free. I am a huge fan of this site. This is a Pixabay. Now, if at any point
you’ve seen me use B-roll in the last couple of
weeks, I’m more than likely have taken it from Pixabay. You can download them in any
resolution that you wish. It scales from normal
follow through to in some case 4K resolution. There’s drone footage,
there’s personal footage, there’s countries,
there’s everything, right? All you have to do is
search and then hope. There’s also the option that you can see at the top of some of their search results that they have a relation
with Shutterstock and stuff like that. So if there’s something
that you really like but you have to pay then at
least you found it that way. Next one is Videvo. Now, this is well classified. It includes motion graphics as well. The motion graphics are little things like subscribe buttons and popup buttons and all the little things
that you see on overlays on people’s YouTube channels. These are completely free. You can just drag them and
drop them into your software. It also includes some
music files if you looking for them all at the same time. And once again the more places
you have for stock video the better it kind of mixes it up. Next one is Videezy. It’s HD, it’s 4K, it’s
a mix of paid and free. It’s also got an
association with once again a larger company. I’ve used Videezy before. I’ve used Videezy even
for motion graphics. So you can download them
if you pay for them. And those motion graphics
can be your lower thirds or your title pages, that kind of thing. Next, we have Pexels. Once again, many shapes
and sizes, really good. You can drag and drop them in very easy. Very good for large projects and socials. In fact, they do different
shapes, all right? In other words, if you
want it already kind of sized for Instagram then some videos will already be on there in that style. They’re not just all desktop size. They’re not all 16 by nine, for example. And Life Of Vids. Now, these are looping videos. Why is that important? Well, if you can’t be bothered to loop your own videos or you
want to continue to put text on top of it or you want something to contextualize in the
background over and over and over again, then here you go. A little bit of less editing
for you to deal with. And once again, it’s a different style. One of these sites might
be perfect for you. Some of these sites might not. The more places you have to get free stock video from, the better. And of course you can
always search like YouTube and use the terms free stock video. I’ve found many on YouTube itself. Now, if you’re looking for
free royalty-free music I’ve done a video here. And of course if you want to level up your wonderful video-making
game, I’ve done a playlist here. Go out there, start creating.

13 thoughts on 5 Best FREE STOCK VIDEO Websites for Royalty Stock Footage B-roll

  1. Do you use B-Roll or Back Ground Music? WHY? WHERE FROM?
    FREE Background Music – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3epjRrYUaFg

    Make Better Videos – Audio – Video & Free Music/Video Resources – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDwqlA9Zx_o&list=PL09mwoOn57VRrhPIsJd3oQM7SPgmP8ZtK

  2. Thanks Alan – this was very helpful (as usual)…I've used Pexels and Pixabay and they are both very good…I will check out the others, including YouTube. Hope you are having a great day…😍😍😍

  3. Great resource list. Thank you! Quick question… When using these videos do you have to include any information (such as an attribution) about them in your video description?

  4. Good to know, I had just clicked on a really bad one that came up as a YouTube ad, it had absolutely no contact info anywhere on their site, and it wanted to charge me $16.99 a month but only at a $199.00 bulk upfront fee, so not actually $16.99 at all. I hightailed it away from there. I had a bad experience with Musicbed too. When I tried to cancel because I could never find any good music without a ton of effort, bad website design for searching. I only ended up downloading one piece of music but they were charging me for close to 10 months. They said I needed to pay for the individual rights of the music I used or take down my video because I signed a contract, so I'm not allowed to cancel. They held my videos ransom, and I had already been paying monthly. I took the video down.

  5. Do you have a tutorial on the best way to use B-roll, how to plug it into your video, maybe transition between scenes well etc?

  6. Lovely to watch this properly now I'm home from hospital 👍❤ (Heart attacks get in the way of uploading scedule!) LOL

  7. Good video very informative , I use pixabay and shuttle stock , they are very good although some topics could have more pictures

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