3 Steps to an Awesome Homepage / Part 2: How to Plan Your Website Design

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3 Steps to an Awesome Homepage / Part 2: How to Plan Your Website Design

3 Steps to an Awesome Homepage /  Part 2: How to Plan Your Website Design

– Hey there, I’m Cathy
Olson of Love Inspired, Love-Inspired.com and
this week in this series we are talking about how
to create a website design. And today we’re talking about the homepage how to plan this all out,
what you’re home page needs, and how to make it amazing. When planning out your homepage, you have to think about three things. And if you guys missed the last week’s, make sure you check out last
week’s where I talk about an overall strategy and
some things you have to have in place before you start. But once you get through that, what does a homepage actually
need to make it amazing? There’s three things that your homepage absolutely has to have in
order for it to be awesome. If any of these things are
missing from your homepage it’s not gonna be as
awesome as it could be. So the first thing is that your homepage actually has to be about them. And now I know this seems
very counterproductive or counterintuitive but it’s true. It really has to speak to them. People are constantly making
subconscious decisions on where they’re gonna spend their time and what they care about it. And if you don’t
immediately speak to them, they can check out and hit
that close button, or back, or wherever and go back
down some other rabbit hole. So put yourself in their shoes and this where empathy will
go a long way when you’re planning this stuff out. You want to think about why
did they come to my site. What are they looking for? And can I help them? Don’t worry about the people, don’t worry about keeping everyone. You really only want to keep the people that you can actually help. So, be in their shoes. Be in the shoes of your
ideal client and say why are they here. What do they need to hear from me? They want to know that you
can help them with whatever problem they’re facing. They want to know that
your product, your service, whatever, is the perfect thing. It’s just the thing that they need. So, you want to be able to
answer that question right away. If you open up your homepage
by just showing yourself off and everything you do
and how awesome you are, doesn’t really answer the question is this person right for me. So, it’s really important
that you make it about them. So whether that is some narratives saying hey are you struggling with this, or let me guess, you’re
having this problem. Or if it’s explaining what you do, I help these people get
through this by doing this. Whatever it is, if it’s a statement, some sort of visual
depending on your business, try to answer that question
as soon as possible that you can actually help these people. And then they’ll want to tune in for sure. The second thing that
makes an amazing homepage is your U.S.P. or it’s
unique selling proposition. But yes, we understand
that you know the problem. But how can you fix that
problem better than anyone else? What makes you different? What you makes you unique? What’s your little edge or
like think about it like a what’s your spin. How is it that you can help them in a way that nobody else can? Whatever you do, you’re probably not the only person on the
planet that does it. So, this is your chance to say yes you need help with this. I can help with that. But here’s why you should
choose me instead of them. And again, this could be
in showing your expertise, showing what you do,
maybe it’s a testimonial, something like that that
actually pushes you above and says hey here’s that extra
piece that I’ve got for you. And the third thing that
awesome homepages have is they actually tell
people where to go next. A lot people make this
mistake and that they throw a bunch of
information on the homepage without a real clear
indication of where to go next. How do you draw them into the site? Yes, okay we’re here, we’re sticking around. We love you, we love what you do. But now what? Now what do you want me to do? Make it so easy that
their brain subconsciously click that button and head over there. So, do you want them
to know more about you? Do you want them to know
about your services? Do you want them to sign up
for your newsletter list? What is it? What’s that one next step and don’t give them 10
places to go, right? If you confuse them too much, they’re not gonna know where to go either. So, there is a balance
between telling what to do and giving them too many
options to do all the things. So just choose one or two things to kind of lead them through. These don’t have to be heavy decisions, they can just kind of you
know walk them through to the next page. So those are the three things
that awesome homepages have that will help people
stick around, dive in, and get to know you better. I have a free awesome download for you, the website content roadmap
where I walk you through all of the different pages of the site, all of the different structure for different types of businesses, and what each page should have on them, the strategies that each page should have depending on your business type. So it’s totally free and
make sure you go over there and download that. And next week, I’m gonna
be back in the series talking about your about page. You’re not gonna want to miss that. Alright, thanks so much guys.

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