25 Frightening Signs The END OF THE WORLD is Near

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25 Frightening Signs The END OF THE WORLD is Near

25 Frightening Signs The END OF THE WORLD is Near

Have you ever watched the news and felt like
the end of the world was near? Well, you’re not alone. It’s eerie how many things in the news potentially
point to the apocalypse. While many have tried and failed to predict
the end of the world in the past, it seems like today might actually bring about the
real thing. From advancing artificial intelligence and
genetic engineering to rising political upheaval and tensions between global superpowers, humanity
adds more potentially disastrous things to the list every day, and it’s pretty terrifying. By the end of this list, you’ll likely have
a real desire to build a bunker and stockpile rations. I’m Mike with List25 and Here are 25 Frightening
Signs The End Of The World Is Near. 25. Doomsday Clock
Every year, a team of scientists makes a report on how close the world is to destruction. It’s called the Doomsday Clock. Their most recent report in 2018 indicated
we’re two minutes to midnight due to the failure of world leadership to quell nuclear tensions. In comparison, in 1991, the report indicated
they were 17 minutes to midnight. 24. Post-Truth Politics
For a long time, newspapers, nightly news on television, and academic experts were a
trusted source for information. However, since the 2016 election and the rise
of “fake news,” politicians have created a “Post Trust” world where facts and verified
information no longer matter. Without facts, anything can be true in anyone’s
mind, causing liberal democracies to fall apart and people’s civil rights to crumble,
leading to more tyranny. 23. Wealthy Preppers
The super-rich have more money than they know what to do with. In this case, they’re spending billions on
preparing for the end of the world, building high-tech bunkers under houses and buying
up tons of land in New Zealand. For instance, Peter Theil bought property
and even citizenship there and Reddit CEO Steve Huffman got Lasik so that he wouldn’t
have to worry about glasses in the apocalypse. 22. Religious Persecution
Christians believe mass religious persecution will be a sign of the end times. According to a Yale study, 50 million people
from the Middle East and Asia have been displaced largely due to religious persecution back
in their home countries. Also, a Pew Research Center study indicated
that in 2015, Christians were harassed by governments and social groups in more than
128 countries, more than any other religious group. 21. Arctic Melting
The Arctic and Antarctic polar regions are paramount to a healthy world climate, but
the ice is melting at dramatic and surprising rates which could cause a catastrophe if it
reaches too low of levels. Scientists have used satellites to monitor
the ice for 20 years and have seen a five-fold rate of ice loss since 1990. The thickness of the Arctic ice has also decreased
by 40% since 1960. Scientists predict the Arctic could be without
ice by 2040. 20. Rise of Authoritarianism
From Russian leader Vladamir Putin to Chinese leader Xi Jinping, autocrats have always been
in the world. However, there’s a real fear that Authoritarianism
will continue to spread into the West, suppressing liberal democracies’ influence in the world
and instead, hailing bullies and tyrants. Delegitimizing democracy and promoting nationalism
and authoritarianism could lead to wide-scale persecution, removal of civil rights, and
war. 19. Rising Tension Among Global Powers
The United States, Russia, and China have been increasingly at odds with each other
in recent years, and the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine have tested Russian and US boundaries. In the meantime, China continues to build
man-made islands as military bases in contested waters and pushes its weight around in Southeast
Asia. Rising tension and a poorly calculated political
move could spark World War III, meaning nuclear holocaust and millions dead. 18. Antibiotic Resistance
For decades, antibiotics have been a saving grace in the medical world, capable of curing
many deadly diseases and saving millions of lives. However, in recent years, due to misuse and
overuse of antibiotics, certain bacteria have shown resistance to the drugs, evolving into
“superbugs” with no known cure. If these strains all became fully resistant,
antibiotics would virtually become useless, throwing society back hundreds of years with
the potential for millions of lives lost. 17. Super Volcano
It might sound like something out of a bad movie on Netflix, but supervolcanoes, more
formally known as calderas, are very real ticking time bombs for the planet. Yellowstone, for example, is a beautiful and
majestic park in the United States housing one of these time bombs. Geologists say Yellowstone’s volcano is capable
of an eruption a thousand times more powerful than Mount Saint Helens and could blanket
the US in ash and trigger a new ice age. With the recent eruption on Kilauea, many
wonder if Yellowstone is next. 16. Surveillance State
The internet has provided the world with many benefits, including better communication tools,
new markets, and, you know, cat memes. Regrettably, it also created a mass surveillance
state across the globe. With the revelations from Wikileaks and Edward
Snowden on government surveillance to the recent Facebook data scandal, it’s become
clear privacy doesn’t really exist anymore. Without more laws protecting private citizens,
an oppressive government could easily destabilize society and undermine liberal democracy. 15. A Looming Ice Age
A professor from Northumbria University named Valentina Zharkova postulated that changes
in temperatures from the sun could plunge the Earth into a new Ice Age between 2020
to 2050. She believes the Sun goes through cycles with
the amount of heat it produces. It’s believed this happened before between
1645 and 1700. 14. 2000 SG344
The end of the world has a name and it’s called 2000 SG344. Okay, arguably that’s not the most inventive
or dramatic name. It is, however, an asteroid headed our way. Astronomers and scientists around the world
verified that there’s a chance Earth and this asteroid could collide on September 21st,
2030. NASA is planning a manned mission out to the
asteroid to land on it around 2030 as a stepping stone to reaching Mars. 13. Flu Pandemic
The last flu pandemic was the Spanish Flu, killing 500 million people around the world. That was almost 100 years ago. Bill Gates and medical experts have sounded
the alarm that we are due for another flu pandemic, and we’re sorely unprepared. With the amount of mass transportation available
in the world, including airplanes, boats, and trains, an unstoppable flu virus could
spread like wildfire and kill 30 million people in a matter of months. 12. Joblessness Due to Artificial Intelligence
It’s no secret artificial intelligence is advancing at a staggering rate. With better automation, experts predict one-third
of US workers will be jobless by 2030. 800 million workers will be displaced globally. Physical jobs are the most likely to be replaced
with automation, including operating machinery and preparing fast food. With widescale unemployment, the division
between wealthy and poor will only increase, leading to dramatic societal unrest and poverty. 11. Another Great Depression
Predicting or seeing the signs of another Great Depression is no easy feat, but recently
some experts have sounded the alarm, saying we’re headed toward one. Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, has
made this prediction, believing things are flowing in the same way they did when the
first Great Depression struck. Of course, even mass unemployment due to artificial
intelligence could be a major cause. 10. Killer Robots
The advancement of artificial intelligence won’t just kill your job, it might kill you,
too. A new arms race is already underway with global
superpowers working to create autonomous drones and weaponry that can analyze data and make
a decision to kill. While some might argue this will make warfare
less bloody if artificial intelligence somehow attained consciousness, it could also mean
the end of humanity. 9. Genetic Engineering Catastrophe
Advanced genetic engineering tools like CRISPR have been hailed as a new a technology to
cure cancer and eradicated birth defects. However, by effectively tampering with the
human genome, we could inadvertently cause tons of problems, including creating a superhuman
race that’ll persecute and potentially kill the old or designing an unstoppable virus. 8. Solar Flare
150 years ago, a massive solar flare hit the Earth. Back then with little electronic technology,
the damage was insignificant. However, scientists believe we could be due
for another anytime, and if it does occur, it’ll be catastrophic for society because
the flare will knock out the Earth’s electrical grid, causing trillions of dollars in damage. With our society dependent on computers, it’s
fairly easy to imagine chaos ensuing. 7. Potential Contact with Extraterrestrials
It’s a hard thing to imagine, but there’s a possibility we could make contact with extraterrestrials. In fact, our technological advances make it
even more likely. Some scientists believe we could potentially
make contact within the next decade. While this might sound exciting, it could
also lead to a total cataclysm of the Earth. If the extraterrestrials are more advanced
than we are, then they’ll likely wipe us out. There’s also the threat that they could bring
new diseases. 6. World Ending Cyber Attack
With the internet becoming part of our everyday lives, cyber attacks are more common than
ever. From stealing credit cards to personal information,
hackers continue to become more crafty. In 2017, a cyber attack hit more than 150
countries in a never-before-seen attempt that crippled the world’s largest institutions. One can imagine it’s only a matter of time
before something else is released and it’s successful in taking down the entire system. 5. Ecosystem Collapse
The world’s climate is drastically changing, causing unprecedented famine, droughts, and
floods in unexpected places. With such drastic changes in the environment,
entire species of plants and animals could go extinct, causing a collapse of the ecosystem. Using satellites, scientists have said this
process has already begun. 4. Science Mistake
With the growing advancement of scientific knowledge, scientists wield a tremendous amount
of power. From the Hadron Collider to building artificial
intelligence, we’re now nearing a point where all it could take is one mistake from a lab
for everything to go wrong and destroy the world. While you might think there’s plenty of controls
in place to prevent something like that from happening, scientists have made plenty of
mistakes in the past. 3. Nanotechnology Catastrophe
Nanotechnology is an up-and-coming new tech that utilizes tiny robots to carry out specific
functions. Scientists hope this could help cure and prevent
diseases. However, they also fear it could wipe out
all of life on Earth by self-replicating and devouring everything in its path in what is
known as the “Grey Goo Scenario.” 2. Mass Insanity
Despite having never-before-seen comfort in many developed nations, the world is increasingly
developing more mental disorders, like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. The World Health Organization stated that
300 million people worldwide have depression, an increase of 18% from 2005. If mental disorders continue to rise, and
they’re left stigmatized, ignored, and untreated, the world would easily become destabilized. 1. The Simulation Ends
It might sound strange, like tinfoil-hat level of strange, but a growing consensus has been
forming in the technology industry that we could be living in a computer simulation. Called the Simulation Hypothesis, it postulates
that we’re nearing a time where humans can realistically simulate life on Earth using
advanced computers. If that is the case, there’s a chance it’s
already happened, and we’re living inside one of those simulations. This hypothesis also states that the simulation
will eventually end when we reach the point of creating our own simulation. So, the end of the world could just be a simulation
rebooting. So, how do you think the world will meet its
end? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet
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100 thoughts on 25 Frightening Signs The END OF THE WORLD is Near

  1. In my humble opinion, a horrific thought that a war using nuclear weapons could ultimately destroy our world. Lord God save us.

  2. I believe the world will end when God chooses after all he created it so therefore he can end it when he feels like it and it's a strong Christian with good beliefs that's what I believe I also believe in good values and good virtues call me an old soul

  3. On the point of loss of jobs due to AI, yes i agree many conventional jobs will become obsolete but with that comes many new jobs we havent seen as of yet. Its societies natural trend. For example, 10 years ago there was no such thing as a social media manager or big data analyst/data scientist. And many old jobs suck as a "knocker-up" and pin setters have been succeededby technology.

  4. John 3:3 you must believe that Jesus is lord and the saviour of the world and then right after repent from your sins and turn away from your sins and stop sinning. https://youtu.be/HLm7thgTm2w.

  5. It's hilarious all these people saying that it doesn't matter because they "believe in god" You've got to be stupid to think that you'll be rewarded just for believing something to be true.

  6. Check your figures please. The ice is not melting. It is getting cooler! Hence the bible prophecised famines!! Al Gore is going to hell!!!

  7. I'm sorry, but I worked with 1960's technology!.. I'm not sure whether you are a Christian, but please let's agree that the school science project could not get us to the moon???

  8. The resistant of antibiotics is already here!! New cases of measles and the zika virus just started her in Los Angelos.And with the people coming from the Congo here in the United States! People from the Congo were dropped off in cities like Oregon without being Quarantined for 21 days. It just takes one person to spread the Ebola Virus to kill thousands!! It seems the goverment is going to wait until we have a full pandemic before they do anything!! New strains of TB and measles etc are coming from the people trying to cross the borders! The people from the Congo came by frieght liners! We need to shut the borders down ASAP!!

  9. The simulation will end if we fail to find a solution to stop the runaway greenhouse effect in time and turn Earth into Venus 2.

  10. Ice melting, is proof that the earth does not spin on a constant stable axis, which is how the ICE AGE is possible, to happen again !!!

  11. I prefer to believe the world will not end !!! I will stick to my belief, it makes me HAPPY & not a paranoid fear monger !!!

  12. Sometimes it feels like we're all alone but we're not. Something is very wrong. Most of the people don't care or see that anything is any different than it was. That's because there dead inside. They've traded there soul for this world. But if you can find one or two that see. My advice would be hold on to them at any cost.

  13. Dude this fat fuck needs to stfu about the end in 2020 or 2030 or 3000 mother fucker ever fucking year people say the world will end that DOOM DAY CLOCK I SEE THAT UP EVER YEAR SENCE 2017 THE DAY LIFE WILL DIE IS WHEN GOD SAYS IT WILL DIE AND NO MOTHER FUCKING PERSON WILL KNOW WHEN THE END WILL BE ONLY GOD WILL KNOW

  14. Well it's just sad and true to realize that we human beings builded our evolution and made an end by the same hands, it just shows how clumsy and stupid we are, seeing people trying to invent robots as servants or whatever while they don't even know if they will survive by the next 20 years

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  16. no the Polar Ice caps are not melting the other yeat a ship got tuck in antartic ice then the rescue ship got stuck the mission of first ships crew was to prove melting of olar ice so there Al Gore take your ice and shove it lol

  17. If you guys were to say to all of us that you are "clairvoyants", then you are liars. If you guys read and try interpreting passages in bibles written by delusional humans then you're all delusional. Both are imaginations made up by delusional men out for fame, profits, or both.

  18. Sorry you’re sick 🤒. But you still pushed through to share with us the 25 list !
    I hope you won’t spread you’re illness!!
    Go home, stay there… get better. Because you just might start the epidemic.. 🙄😁
    Thanks Mike !!

  19. Lol. If you had the same kind of newsflow as we have today in any other time during our existence – things would have looked like this as well. Because the world is fucked up and has allways been.

  20. And why don't you mention that the doomsday clock has been 2 minutes to midnight several times the last 70 years?

  21. Here's my advice. Whenever you hear some doomsayer predict the exact day the world will end don't listen to that person. They don't know what they're talking about. The Bible clearly states that only God knows when it will happen. So we must repent and accept Jesus now. Because we don't know when he will come back.

  22. 25 reasons to enjoy the show. We worry about all this shit but never take the time to suppose that we survive it all. Every generation always thinks they are one step away from annihilation. They are absolutely right. But it never comes to it. Humans aren't generally a suicidal species. Hardy and adaptable. We can live in almost any environment on this Earth. Come at us, bro.

  23. Sweetie, I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone believed that the world was going to end in 1985, they KNEW that it was going to happen, from the end time prophets, the total bible preachers, etc. I grew up, getting "end times" tracts left on my porch from my neighbors, especially when my beloved father was dying. As I had come home from college, in 1983, as a 23 year old, to take care of my dying father, our neighbors were trying to tell my Catholic family that my dying father was going to hell.
    These Fuckwads were leaving "end times " tracts on my parents porch while my father was dying. And I was caring for him. They were monsters. I was a senior music performance and education major at the university of Oregon, after my beloved father died, I switched to nursing.

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  26. I am no conspiracy theorist but #1 seems like the most dangerous and scariest thing that could ever happen because what it was true that we are living in a computer game essentially and we create the the thing and it causes a reboot and the reason we are already living in a virtual world because the real world became so screwed up before that the powers that be put everyone into this virtual state and when a rebbot happens we become exposed to the reality that the planet is already pretty much dead and they were being nice to us by letting live the way we have and somebody goes and fucks everything up for us that would be absolutely horrible

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    Or what happened to the year 2000? I thought for sure the world was gonna end THEN….why?? because I keep watching these videos… Just kidding….

    I MEAN REALLY!! Are you sure your the….. ONE… who will get it right this time Mr. Guest speaker… The one in the video whoever your name is? ….

    If your claim of….("The end is close or near')….doesnt happen by 2021??? Do I get to THEN….say or write back in this post and say….WHAT THE #### HAPPENED BACK IN 2019?????…… OR WOULD …..YOU TUBE…. GET TO REMOVE ALL YOUR SUBSCRIBERS????

    I mean thats fair right? If your wrong…you should be stripped of all your SUBSCRIBERS… And that's just it.. Your doing this for your channel.. To rise in fame…becauae your an attention whore……You really dont know..the end of times….Your just using media to pry on the weak souls. To get thier attention…so as to get subscribers and be heard… because deep down……YOUR A NARCISSIST!!!! This is sad….. Worse.. Your a taker and a cheat!!

  28. It might not be a bad idea for us as a species to repent and turn back from our evil ways. We have been in open rebellion of our Creator all along. God turns from evil and can be hard to see but Satan and his 144,000 demons are in plane sight. They do not hide. Look at the back of a one dollar bill and all the corporate logos, tattoos, album covers ect…

  29. The human species is greatly overdue for extinction. We are the ONLY species that voraciously seeks out fertile green and blue spaces of mother Earth, devour and deplete it of it's natural resources then move on like a parasitical fever. We are the only species who cannot live in a balanced harmony within our natural environment. We as a species are a cancerous growth which needs to be excised from the host body which is mother Earth. After we are all gone mother Earth will once again regain her natural tendency to balance and return to harmony

  30. The world will end when enough of us surrender to an abject hopelessness,
    the rest will come to believe it's the cool thing to do.

    People aren't that insecure about wanting to belong?
    They wouldn't express their individuality…. by lock-stepping to such a vacuously absurd conformity?

    Check out how many automatons Pewdiepie is leading to the slaughter.

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  33. maybe it's not post truth it's post-objectivity. You dont have to dig deep to find journalists that have abandoned this duty in favor of all sorts of social activist reasons.

  34. This video is on point,as a Christian the Bible is playing out in front of my eyes,these are prophesied accounts of the World Ending that we call The End of Days..Thanks for Sharing!

  35. Just hope that the end of the world scenario coming isn't the one from the Bible….it's worst than anything on that list combined……

  36. Death is the end of the world for every man. In this case, a little sooner. An asteroid took out the dinosaurs.DNA indicates at one time the human population was reduced to 2000.

  37. Not true at all- Facts DO MATTER and now more then ever the Dems are getting their tails handed to them for pulling all the fake news they can which is immediately shot down by the New media or ALT media– Only 3 days have elapsed and Trump has shown and the world knows that Adam Shifty is lying about everything the Ukranian Prez discussed with Trump. And how did the world find out so fast? All the keyboard warriors and truth tellers on Youtube and websites all over the globe– Buddha said there are 3 things can not be long hidden- The Sun the Moon and the truth– Its a new day and a new way NEVER will lies be used like b4 and good luck shutting down the Interwebs..

  38. If the ice is so thin, where is all of the water it melted into?? Sea levels aren't drastically rising, New York isn't under water yet. And you forget to mention that the Arctic ice has increased in 2017 and 2018. And I live in Alaska, and the scientists up here predict the ice will increase again this winter too.

  39. Also, if there is going to be a super bug, it will probably begin in California. Because of all of the human shit and piss and vomit on the streets of L.A., San Fagsissco, and other cities, it's only a matter of time before some nasty sickness is born in that shithole state.

  40. This is a "perspective". And it is his perspective (not very bright). WHO said the end of the human race is a "bad" thing? What makes anyone think the 20th Century (and now the 21st) was anything but a singular trip down the road to insanity? Are two atomic explosions in Japan…"sane"? Is overpopulation a good thing? Then was NOT someone like say Mao or Hitler good for the overpopulation problem? What is truly good about "people"? Most of them seem to be soulless beings of the Matrix..and dont really wonder about the hot topics that a real "Being" might care about. Many people spend ALL their time working- just to feed themselves. And then they sleep 1/3 of the time and have sex the other 1/3 (when not working). Who ..with any real intellect..wants to be born a human (esp. one without any money)??? I can tell you if you are born filthy rich, then NOT knowing what it is like to be dirt poor is a "problem". That might be why you're here on Earth. Although this guy does not get it, Nirvana or Heaven is a place with no physicality and NO problems..no war and no fear, no hunger..probably no duality. SO is this not the CONTRAST? Is Earth nothing but a contrast to your normal state..of not having to be a slave..and having to work and manipulate just to stay alive? Death is not death at all..but a restful and sane, normal place. You will not be here long..praise be! There is NO time as we understand it..at "home" . And any NDE person (look it up) can tell you that this is the Matrix. You'll feel better once you are out of it. It maybe that there is no YOU. Your ego is the solid state side of your experience- and once you have no desire for a steak dinner or a "hard on" you will NOT MISS IT! While you "live" your problems are many, poor Earth suckers….to live the good life you only have to "die" and yet there is no death (only your body dies)…. I would not care a freaking bit about this planet or these cultures or those "Aliens"..etc..etc Earth as a "ride" is the scariest ride of all. Many entities admire anyone who came to "Earth". It is the SUPER roller coaster the universe. Not for just anyone.. it's INSANE

  41. There is no apocalypse the world will not end Jesus's coming back means the end to all evil wicked people and the destruction of Satan and his demons if you are a saved person you have nothing to worry about God will take care of his people during the tribulation and after so stop ringing that doom and gloom bell the wicked workers are not worried about the apocalypse and they are the ones who will die and God's people should not worrie.

  42. This guy is putting out doom and gloom God is still in control not the scientist or some doomsday clock they want you to be afraid but they know that they are the ones to be destroyed read your bible with understanding it tells you who Jesus is coming back to destroy not people who believe in Christ and do his will only those who disobey him will perish these are the people that have done the will of Satan will run to the rocks and beg the rocks to fall on them to hide them from Jesus's wrath and destruction.

  43. This p1g is fakesch1ll. I won't get into it and i will give only 1 example, antibiotics are made just for money and there is much better cure ( good virus ) that destroys all bacteria and it is called FAGE!

  44. The world isn't going to end. Jesus is going to come back, send Satan and army to hell, and there will be 1000 years of peace on earth.

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