15 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t

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15 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t

15 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t

fifteen things poor people do that the rich don’t Welcome to a lux calm the place where future billionaires come to get inspired Hello a [lexer] and welcome [back] to a slightly different video We know that many of you are on your way to [achieving] financial success So we wanted to put together a list of things that poor people do which guarantees our mediocrity Please take all of these with a grain of salt and realize these are here to make you think about your current situation And what you could do to better yourself? The thing is whenever we do a video like this one some people will always take offense while you’re busy bashing us in the comments the true a Luxor’s write these down and see if there’s room for improvement in their own lives in Order to make a list that’s actually valuable for you guys We’ve consulted with some of our own mentors and millionaire friends about some of the differences between the poor and the [rich] in their day to day life As always there are plenty of exceptions to these rules not everyone is in control of those circumstances But being aware of these habits and activities might give you a slight edge and who knows if you stop doing them Maybe you’d be closer to that goal. You’ve been dreaming about here are 15 things poor people do that the rich don’t Number One poor people watch a lot of TV. Let me put it this way if you [have] [the] time to watch reality TV You’re probably poor. It’s always amazing how much time poor people waste on Meaningless television It’s one of those distractions that grabs you and doesn’t let go [if] you know which celebrity is dating who and if you’re watching TV shows every week as The episodes come on if you have a favorite news channel You’re probably watching too much television hence why your life is the way it is let us explain celebrity gossip and buzz offers No value to your life It only serves the celebrities rich people aim to be on TV instead of watching it you might say But a luxe I’m watching as a big bang theory which is a really funny show and it helps me disconnect That’s exactly the issue you disconnect from your problems instead of dealing with them and getting them out of the way there are rare occasions Where in the words of John Lennon time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time? But really think about it should sitting and slide watching a screen be something you really enjoy [doing] Before we move forward to the second thing poor people – let me explain what we meant by having a favorite news channel you might Say that the only good reason to watch TV is to be aware of what’s happening in the world staying informed the problem We’re seeing with this is that TV stations are always biased in order to pick their own [Magenta] instead use the power of the internet to get a quick glimpse of what the world is like today and move on to do your own thing number two [poor] people eat fast food Health is really important and many poor [people] have no interest in [knowing]. What’s in their food? What an actual healthy meal should look like or barely know anything about nutrition? Poor people are blasting their brains with large quantities [of] [sugar] and fats with no nutritional value They are actively ruining their bodies and as in effect they cannot perform at 100% of their potential [if] you’re not healthy all Aspects of your [life] are directly affected you’ll suffer physically mentally professionally and even romantically Number three poor people buy clothes or products [that] are on sale Let me put it this way the only thing you should buy on sale are stocks While poor people are looking to conserve or stretch the little that they have the rich are focused on increasing their incomes Just think about it the clothes that end up being on sale are the ones that [people] who could [afford] to pay the full price Didn’t want by buying clothes on sale you’re just making sure that you’re looking exactly like someone who can’t afford to pay the full price Number for poor people wake up later than rich people do in their early years Poor people are often lazier than the rich in the early days We know that some of you will be bothered a lot by the previous statement, but statistically It’s the truth someone who used their youth to grow themselves is a lot less likely [to] remain poor later on in life instead [if] you wake up late Don’t educate Yourself waste time on Meaningless activities at one point you’ll find yourself so far behind what the world needs from you that you’ll end up miserable the Paradox is that people who do not focus on growth in the early days end up working a lot harder with little success rate later in life just To stay afloat we’ve done an entire series on inspiring people on our channel and almost all of them bill gates Elon musk Warren buffett and more wake up early. You can check the series out in the [top-right] [corner] number [5] Where people are really into sports the truth is unless you’re a professional athlete or an owner of one of the teams [there’s] really no reason for you to watch sports. It’s the same with television. It’s escapism from your current reality Think of it like this, you’re putting yourself in a position Where you as an individual have no impact on the outcome of the game Zero Impact this behavior then sticks with you And you end up being a spectator in life instead of being [a] player or an owner? And that’s when you start criticizing other people when you yourself haven’t done anything better Number six poor people don’t shower as often as rich people who initially we thought this was just a made-up fact But it turns out to be true and amazingly it explains a lot when you really think about it Most of the jobs today are in the service industries where human contact is a must in order to have a successful exchange of value People who don’t have good personal hygiene will in time be less successful than their counterparts People tend to trust them less people want to spend less time when their presence and all of this has ramifications In their personal life if people don’t like you and don’t want to be around you what kind of partners will you attract exactly? It might seem ridiculous, but the first step to success should be an early morning shower number seven poor people blame others for their misfortune How many people do you know that have some sort [of] excuse or blame other factors for not being successful yet? There are some things that are out of our control but 99% of your life is on you Remember that you are in charge of your life. You [are] in charge of your relationships You are in charge of your health you want these to change do something about it life is [not]. What happens to us It’s how we react to what happens to us When something bad [happens] the poor choose to victimize themselves while the rich look into it study it They seek [to] find out what happened Why it happened and how they can protect from it in the future? While one assumes the position of vulnerable victim the other uses it as a growing point Number eight poor people have no money saved One of the differences between poor people and the rich is that the former don’t get ready for what’s next Having money put aside allows for Growth Let’s say something bad happens if you have money put aside the problem is solve And you can resume your life if you don’t and the situation is urgent [what] do you do you either liquidate an asset like your car house? ETC Or you can take a loan for the rich when the situation is over They’re left in the same position – the savings While for someone who’s poor their lifestyle has been dramatically hit or now belongs to the creditor now Let’s look at the exact opposite an opportunity arises Those who have money put aside? Now have the chance to expand their lives while the other can’t afford to take a full advantage of this opportunity That’s why the rich are growing richer while the poor are getting poorer? Number [9] poor people use credit cards or take out loans for useless things One of the main differences between rich and poor is how they make use of credit? The rule is simple if you take out a loan to buy something that doesn’t generate more money than the loan don’t take it It’s that simple You should only use credit [if] what you’ll be using it for is an investment Want to take out a loan for a large TV? Don’t want a loan to buy that new supreme gear don’t want to use credit cards to get the new iphone don’t Unless you’re flipping the supreme gear for profit or you’re using your iphone to develop a new app to grow your business [these] items should not be on your credit instead earn the money and then spend it you’ll learn more about this on number 12 number 10 poor people tend to have more kids and earlier in [life] the truth Is kids are really really expensive we all know how fun it is [to] make them or at least? Practice making them but people get stuck up to this point. They don’t think it’s true Just to give you a sense of perspective if you’re living in one of the more developed countries raising a child will cost you approximately two [hundred] and fifty thousand dollars because [of] a lack of education That environment and other factors poor people have on average [more] children and at a younger age than their rich counterparts while the rich wait a couple of years until their standards of living improve in order to assure the right environment and prime conditions for Their child to flourish the poor just go ahead with it Once the baby comes the struggling begins just so they can stay afloat and progress Beyond barely surviving is almost impossible to achieve number Eleven poor people do not do regular checks They’re doctors We’ve touched on the importance of health in the past, but this is an especially important point for people. Do not get themselves checked regularly Let’s say by mere chance you end up having a difficult disease Let’s say cancer if you do regular check-ups You’ll discover in early Stages making the treatment possible at a lower cost [if] on the other hand you neglect to do so you might discover it only when it’s Too late it will cost both you and your entire family of Fortune And no matter how much money you have you might still lose your life Number 12 poor people spend money before they get it One of the biggest dangers in life is spending money before you have it the second you start borrowing money or acquiring Expenses before you’re able to pay them your life starts to spiral down if you don’t have money for something that you’re [willing] to part With without affecting your life, then you can’t afford it go back to work And then get it number 13 poor people surround themselves with other poor people True Engel xers know that you are the some of the five people you hang out with most if you’re surrounded by four poor people Guess who’s the fifth? One of the ways [people] make sure they stay poor is by associating themselves or hanging out with other poor people that Reinforce their core beliefs you need people around you that will inspire you and push you further that are doing incredible [things] themselves Whose success will only motivate you to exceed your current reality if you’re hanging out with the same people you did when you were young You might want to double check don’t be afraid to step away from a crowd and move on to something better if you don’t your potential will probably be crushed by Those who want to feel better about their miserable lives by making [sure] you suffer the same fate? number 14 poor people never follow through on their ideas or potential You’re not able to control who your parents are where you are born or [the] way society treats you the only thing you can control is the amount of hours you put into your dream Every single person alive only has 24 hours per day And yet some do a lot more than others if you dedicate yourself to learning and implementing more about what you’re passionate about It’s only a matter of time until you reach success You’ve heard that 9 out [of] 10 businesses fail in their first three [years] well Do you know how many businesses fail because they never got started the answer is all of them if you have an idea? Work on it put it out get feedback improve it launch again and again and again it took us three years of writing Thousands of articles on Alex Calm before [we] decided to take the jump and make videos here on YouTube Number 15 poor people believe that others should help them reach the top the [world] doesn’t owe you anything Nobody does believe it or not you’re in this by yourself. You are in charge What happens in your life? The thing is everyone believes when they’re young that they’re going to be successful, but then [reality] happens this world We’re living in rewards only the best the best those that never quit those that keep learning Keep adapting and understand that nobody will solve their problems for them Face them head-on and along the way you might meet people who feel the [same] way and might share parts of the journey with you Otherwise you’ll just be a part of that majority that’s meant to fail We know this video was pretty long, but we believe that Maybe this video will help you in your journey if you know someone who’s guilty of any of these 15 things Please do them a favor and show them this video We’re curious to know a luxor’s what things do you believe poor people do that the rich don’t? What would you add to this list let us know in the comments? Oh? You’re still here quite interesting. Thank you for being a true a luck sir Here’s your bonus fact poor people are a lot more religious than rich people Can you imagine the Chaos if we started the video with this one the fact is that? statistically speaking Successful people rely on their own forces for their well-being While the poor hopes that a mythical forest will somehow reward them for being a good person [even] though presidents or ceos might mention God in their speeches. They are not really religious one great example is Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg Who’s been for the biggest part of his life an atheist but since he might consider a position in politics in the near future? Decided to change his stance if you’ve launched up at this point and want to prove that you’re a true a lock sir Please write. I will be rich in the [comments] section make your desires public so we can keep you accountable for them Thank you for spending some time with us a luxor’s make sure to like and subscribe so you never miss another video we also Hand-picked these videos which we recommend you watch next. Thank you for being an a lexer and we’ll see you back to ow

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