10 NEW Star Wars Theories That Actually Make Sense

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10 NEW Star Wars Theories That Actually Make Sense

10 NEW Star Wars Theories That Actually Make Sense

Everybody loves a good movie theory, and literally thousands of them have been conceived over the years. Could Thanos be an evolved version of Red Skull in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Did Patrick Bateman imagine the murderous events of American Psycho? And is Emily actually Andy’s mother in the Toy Story movies? Those are just a few examples thought up by movie buffs; and Star Wars fans are no different… In fact there are probably more theories about Star Wars than there are about any other movie franchise in existence. Such is the level of enthusiasm from the Star Wars fan base.”Well, then, the Droid does belong to you.”
[beeps in response] However this particular theory suggests that she actually did.”You will remove these restraints and leave this cell with the door open.””Move along.””You know how to use one of those?”

“…a little bit more to it than that.” Alternatively could Rey actually be a Solo? There’s a lot less evidence pointing toward that being the case than there is for the previous theory, but the evidence that does exist for this theory is fairly compelling. Those who have speculated that she could be the daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa believe so because that would make her Kylo Ren’s sister and Ren totally freaked out when he heard a mention of a girl “What girl?!” Did he know his sister was nearby? Also Rey bonds extremely quickly with Han Solo upon meeting him. It’s almost as if the bond is so natural that it’s a father-daughter bond. Moreover Rey shows a real aptitude for piloting the Millennium Falcon which could be due to the fact that there’s a genetic component involved in such a skill. This theory does make you wonder why Han and Leia would have abandoned Rey on a desert planet all those years ago. But maybe she was just an incredibly irritating little kid? Do you think there’s any chance at all that this theory could be true? Give us your thoughts. Still there’s one more Rey theory to get through yet, so hold that thought for now “You will find that it is you who are mistaken…” “…about a great, many, things.” The final theory regarding Rey’s heritage is a bit more out there And it’s one that in spite of how much they want to know fans might not like it if it turns out to be true. Could Rey actually be a Palpatine? That’s right there’s actually a theory that suggests Rey could be a Sith descendant and have a gene that will go on to make her incredibly wrinkly and gross.>”The emperor does not share your optimistic appraisal of the situation.” An extremely well researched and compelling case for Rey’s villainous ancestry has been made. Sith don’t adhere to the same moral code as Jedi which means that there’s every chance Emperor Palpatine could have sowed his seed across all corners of the Galaxy. A number of Rey’s lightsaber techniques are very reminiscent of the way Palpatine Wields his lightsaber and the musical score associated with her character isn’t too dissimilar to his. Nobody wants to imagine the evil Emperor doing-the-deed, but sadly this theory forces us to do exactly that. Could this crazy theory actually be true or are those behind it just being silly? By withholding her back-story, Disney has done a great job building up hype around Rey, and her role in the unfolding Star Wars saga… To say nothing of the films themselves. Fact is, with little to go on but a few cryptic references, fans are left to speculate on how Rey fits into the larger story. Fan speculation is what drives the series. Disney has hit upon a terrific marketing tool to keep us all on the hook for the next installment. We suspect they’ll do the same for the ninth episode due out in 2019. So don’t expect to get all the answers with the release of The Last Jedi later this year. We’re eager to know more about Rey, Finn, and the rest of the characters. Aren’t you? Post your opinion in the comment section below. We’re really interested to hear your thoughts on this. From the moment the first Star Wars movie was released back in 1977, Darth Vader has been thought of as the out-and-out villain of the franchise. The prequel trilogy then showed How he became evil having previously been a promising Jedi, but he was considered completely bad, dark, and nefarious from A New Hope onwards. But is that actually the case? This theory suggests Vader wasn’t fully evil until after the first installment of the Star Wars franchise. When you think about it it actually makes a lot of sense. In A New Hope, Vader is a lot more pleasant than when he cuts his son’s hand off in Empire Strikes Back; Apart from one Force Choke incident he’s generally quite polite to his Death Star co-workers and in Rogue One it actually explains what made him become more evil thereafter: He let the Death Star plans slip through his fingers on two occasions and was unable to prevent the rebels from destroying it. Moreover he found out that the person responsible for its destruction was his son not to mention the fact that he actually found out said son was alive and that the Emperor had been lying to him for decades prior to the events of the movie. What do you think? Was Vader actually redeemable up until then? Was he only fully evil after the events of A New Hope? Tell us your thoughts.”I need a weapon!”

100 thoughts on 10 NEW Star Wars Theories That Actually Make Sense

  1. Here is one theory
    Is stormtrooper’s armor made in China?
    because they have full body armor but still die to one shot

  2. 1. The way palpatine is ‘moving’ his lightsaber is called a Lightsaber Form.

    2. Palpatine became wrinkly because he used to much of his power. Not because of a gene.

  3. I doubt Rey is Solo's daughter. Surely they'd come back or send some message to her to explain things. They'd never just leave her hanging after they met her either.

  4. Palpatine calls naboo his home world in a canon comic also another version of the Rey palpatine theory is that palpatine tries to recreate the techniques created by darth and may have accidentally created Rey whilst trying to extend his own life. It would make sense as there is a theory that the same thing happened with plagueis and anakin.

  5. Stormtrooper: WHY CANT I HIT YOU
    luke Skywalker: Becuase I'm the main charater bitch I've got blaster immunity
    Stormtrooper: makes sense 🙁

  6. I got a theory:the stormtroopers that served in the galactic empire are the clonetroopers from the galactic republic. And execute order 66 caused the clonetroopers to join the galactic empire

  7. Snoke could have just been a servant to palpatine, his disfigured appearance could be from palpatine drawing power from him

  8. Contrary to popular beliefs stormtroopers have excellent aim
    In the first made movie of the starwars saga when the stormtroopers board the rebel ship they had to take a choke point while boarding, and they took it with only two losses while the rebels lost nine when the rebels held home field advantage and had cover

  9. Palpatine is going to return in episode 9. He has been hoarding and building empire era star destroyers and returns right as the rebels win. His spirit took possession of c3pos body, and is using force mind tricks to alter Rey's thoughts, this turning her into the next sith.

  10. Not only would the stormtroopers be successful, but they would be force-users. In the comics Vader did train a stormtrooper who wields a lightsaber

  11. i think Han solo and luke might be related because Han is related to Kylo and Kylo is related to darth vader and Vader is related to Luke

  12. One thing that would make sense about Rey being a Solo is after Ben turns to the dark side he threatens to turn her too. They have to leave her with someone to protect her. The problem with this theory is they didn't seem to recognise her later on.

  13. I love the idea of Rey Being a Kenobi so much because it would explain a lot of the bullshit in the movies and make me actually like them a little, there's still a lot of bullshit tho, like the fight between kylo and Rey Vs the Guards seriously go watch it again its terribly made

  14. 5:02 look at Rey's helmet, this could be completely irrelevant to anything, but it says 73 remember episodes 3 and 7, in both Obi-wan was in them and he even had a flame with a person named Satin or satina ( i don't remember what it was) so it could be true that she is his descendant, but i could be completely wrong.

  15. 6:33 palpatine only got so wrinkly cus he was shocked by his own force-lighning that mac windu deflected with his lightsaber, so it it definitely NOT genetic

  16. mabie palpatine is anikin's dad, cuz he was taken away to be a slave at a VERY young age and jedi are often taught from a very youn age away from their family on courosaunt. (never to be seen again) This may also explain why he has such a high metachlorion count

  17. Finn is force sensitive, he has a lightsaber on the poster of tfa and snoke says theres a great disturbance in the force long before rey is a a jedi

  18. The Rey being Obi Wan's daughter actually makes a lot of sense, he fell in love with a woman and it is not unlikely that he had a kid.

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