?Create Simple Payment ? Link on Your WordPress Website

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?Create Simple Payment ? Link on Your WordPress Website

?Create Simple Payment ? Link on Your WordPress Website

Hey y’all, welcome to another WordPress
Wednesday. My name is Kori Ashton here at WebTegrity in San Antonio ,Texas and we
are a WordPress niched web development firm that has this awesome YouTube
channel to help you out with all things WordPress. So whether that’s talking
about search engine optimization inside of your WordPress website or social
media marketing even, but for the most part our whole channel is about how to
improve your WordPress website. So today we’re looking at a very simple solution
on how to add some sort of a payment option to your WordPress website and I’m
about to blow your mind with how simple this is. You don’t need the whole
shopping cart, especially if you’re just trying to sell a service or gather a
payment, maybe from one particular product. So check this out. I’m going to
show you here. I’ve got a WordPress website set up where I have a book that
I like to sell and then I’ll also show you how to do one for maybe some
services with a few different options for payments. So what I want to talk to
you about though is Pay-Pal dot me. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this yet,
but it’s a service by PayPal and basically you get to get like a vanity
URL. So I’m going to show you this. Let me see if i can slide this down for a
second and let you see the URL path, so you can go to paypal dot me and you
can register totally for free and it gives you a vanity URL. Ours looks like
this for WebTegrity. Here’s what’s cool about this though. You don’t want to
leave this open in it for them to be able to type in whatever dollar amount
they want. What you can do with this service, which is mind-blowing, is
actually in the URL path, set the dollar amount in there, so if we typed in 11.99
it would actually preset this and allow it to automatically have in the dollar
amount. So here’s the trick. Are you ready? This is so cool and easy. Here we go. So
we’re going to go back to our products page, we’re going to go into our
product here and where it says “buy now”. 11.99 , we want to come up here and grab
that URL path come over here and we want to add in our link. Now you can add in
additional options here for it to open up in a separate window if you
like, but i’ll write the nerd code inside of here and I’m gonna click update and show
you what that looks like. Then on the front side of things I click refresh. I
have a Buy Now option here when I click on that. It takes me immediately over to
my branded landing page that says 11.99 and I’m able to move directly in and
make that payment super crazy cool. So let’s do another one here on what are
our other services. We have options for twenty dollars a day, so you can buy
seven days and then you can get some discount. So again that’s the same way
you do it. You come over here and twenty dollars would be the option for
you know the the twenty dollar payment. You come in here, highlight that. Link it,
and again, if you want to open it up in a separate tab you can do that and then
the same thing here. Buy seven days for 120 dollars. I don’t even have to really
go over there to that. I can just type it in here and say 120 and again make the
option open in a separate tab and 5.40. You get it. it’s that super simple to
kind of customize how PayPal . Adjust the payments here and of course you can set
it to your currency and we can do the 3000 as well. Just to finish up the page
here, really quickly, and i will show you that they all work correctly from 23 and
we’re gonna have it open up in a separate link. Update update and now on
the front side of our website we have, if i click refresh here; we have our BUY NOW
and then we’ve got all of our different links here clicking over to our services
where we can get our three thousand dollar payment. How easy is that? Alright,
if you need a little bit more advanced options, maybe you want some sort of a
drop down or something, you can make as many of these links as you want. We also
have another video that I made a couple of months back now on setting up
payments using gravity forms, so if you watch our YouTube channel you know that i’m a huge fan of Gravity Forms which is a premium plugin for WordPress and you
can set up payments and kind of use that as a shopping cart environment as well. I
hope this has helped you. If you have questions about anything about
this or if you have ideas and options that you use for a simple payment
gateway on your WordPress website, will you please put them in the disk
box below and in the thread and we will just chat about it. You can tweet to me
you can come over to webtegrity dot com and set up a phone call with me/ I’d love to
help you out on your WordPress website Have a great one y’all, bye-bye.

32 thoughts on ?Create Simple Payment ? Link on Your WordPress Website

  1. Wow, I've used this before but didn't know we could leave a dollar amount by default. Great tip Thank you

  2. how can we set up a payment gateway in which payments with credit card , debit card and netbanking is also available ??

  3. Just in time! I'm setting up an rsvp page for a non profit site and wanted to be able to add simple PayPal links for an upcoming dinner. Need to go live tonight! Thanks

  4. Nice. Too bad buyer's have to have a PayPal account. Until PP improves the buyer interface, they will still be 2nd class. With that said, I will still possibly use this service. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi It is awesome! Can you guys please help me write "employee login" in place of login in wordpress login form?

  6. I don't know whether this is a meaningful question or not but I've to ask this you 've added the amount at the end of the link manually what if the customer changes the amount in the link when he gets on the landing page?

  7. Hi. Great video. On my site there are multiple different providers selling services. Can you use this plugin (or suggest one) that allows each service provider to set up their own privatepaypal payment. On "their page/profile" can you just set their email address to PayPal. Hope that's clear enough. Thanks.

  8. Can I make it where the Paypal window will popup inside of my page in a smaller frame with out leaving my web site ?

    Thank you !

  9. I have a marketing and website business I don't sell anything in-store like your vid. But I need to figure out some kinda payment through paypal and link the chart to it. then plus have a payment system to put in the amount at any timelike your vid. so this if i could have the checkout as the link in the menu? lol help

  10. My link doesn't work like yours. I left it open-ended so the customer must put in the correct amount. Will that work? Great channel!

  11. So when the customer pays, how would you email them the link to download your ebook for example. What is the next step? Its missing. And is this for all web press or just business or .org? Thx

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