💰Make $5.00 In 1 Min For Free Now – Make Money Online💰

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💰Make $5.00 In 1 Min For Free Now – Make Money Online💰

💰Make $5.00 In 1 Min For Free Now – Make Money Online💰

what’s going on guys Attan here and in
today’s video I’m going to show you how you can make five dollars in one minute
for free. Best of all is you can do this again and again. To find out all the
details all you have to do is stay with me watch the whole video here so you
don’t miss out on any important information on this and if you’re
interested in making a full time passive income online I do have my number one
recommendation right here below that you can have a look at when we have finished
this video of course but for now let’s have a look at this method I’m gonna
share with you also a few tips on how you can actually promote this and make
even more money so make sure as I said earlier here to stick till the end so
you don’t miss out on any important information here alright with that being
said let’s get started okay so first off we’re going to the site here the main
site actually and it is audible.com it is one of the largest audiobook sites
they have tons of audiobooks here really on a lot of topics and now even on a
Spanish here you can see they do have audible on espanol as it says here so
they have been around for many years and people come here when they want to have
audiobooks now audiobooks the benefits are of course that you don’t have to sit
and read you can save yourself huge amount of time actually by having an
audiobook version of any kind of topic and book a quick example would be that
you go to the gym for example and you listen to an audiobook so you save
yourself huge amount of time there and that is also a benefit that you are
going to promote this actually so what we are going to look at we’re going to
have a closer look at the audible affiliate section here so we can see at
once again here that it is an Amazon company these days
and how it works is that you advertise you promote audible through Amazon
Associates it is their affiliate program and you drive traffic
you drive visitors to amazon.com using audible links and banners and you make
money when your visitors by audible products and services on Amazon so you
can see here they have started since February where the first 2015 you can
own advertising fees when you agree for qualifying audible purchases with the
amazon associate program it explains here what it is it is the affiliate
program so I’m not going to read through here the details so what audible
products can I promote and how much can I earn now this interests us okay so
associates are eligible to receive advertising fees for its visitors who
signs up for an audible membership plan and or purchases on a la carte audiobook
on amazon.com so when someone signs up for an audible Gold digital membership
you get $10 but look at this audible free trial Digital membership $5 so when
someone signs up for free the free trial you make five dollars in commission and
for every audible audiobook you make a $0.50 here so they do explain actually
here in details about the product details actually you can see here the
free trial what they are getting so you get actually two free audiobooks to
start after 30 days you get one audiobook a month for $14.95 here
receive 30% of the price of an additional audiobook purchases and you
can cancel at any time and then they explain also the gold digital membership
but we are interested actually first and foremost for them to sign up for the
free trial because that is how you can make the $5 egg
and again they’re here once again they explained the Amazon associate programs
frequently asked questions do I need to use a special landing page you can earn
advertising face on any audio bill sign up audio books purchases made through
amazon.com no specific landing pages required which makes it actually much
easier for you to promote this can I own an advertising fee for sign ups and
purchases I refer through audible website and it’s tells us that you can
do that does a visitor need to complete the audible 30-day free trial no you
will learn advertising fees for all audible free trials initiated regardless
of whether the visitors completes one seventeen or thirty days on their
audible free trial so there you have it you don’t actually they don’t have to
stick there even if they stay for one day which makes it very very easy
actually to promote this now how can you promote it well just use your
imagination here okay a one way you can do it is you can go to groups you can go
to forums where they’re talking about reading books and go inside and promote
it and say that I saved myself huge amount of time by having audiobooks on
audible if you want to or if you want to learn more or something just hit me up
or send me a private message you can do the same with Facebook groups or a lot
of groups about reading books you can actually go the route to create a review
an article review on a free blogger blog the benefits of reading books the
benefits of having audible books for example audio versions audio books and
you can also do reviews on YouTube create a video with some slides on you
don’t even have to be in the front of the camera
even better is you can actually promote a specific audiobook so you just go to
all to Amazon you find let me see here let’s say for example I just typed
earlier here let’s say that you want to promote this you grab this link you do a
review you say that you went through this and I actually like the audible
version much better and click here to check this out for the best price or
something like that and that is how you can actually promote
this it’s one of the the ways actually that you can do it I think I would go
the route actually to do a quick review a video actually I think it has a lot
more potential just go through a way to make a summarize what you liked what you
didn’t like and you can find a link below to check it out so people come to
Amazon here and they do a free trial actually mentioned also to be honest you
can also mention actually that you can sign up for free to check this book out
if you don’t like it you can cancel at any time so there you have it super easy
ways to promote this and $5 again and again for free if you get some value
here I really appreciate if you smash that like button below you find an end
screen with two channel recommendations make sure you subscribe to both these
channels make sure you hit the notification bell also so you can be
notified every time I upload a new video and if you’re interested in making a
full time passive income online will the sustainable online business
I do have my number one recommendation right here below this video that’s it
for today thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you

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  2. Hi thanks for the video, I was wondering if anything actually works online to make money ? I did try this website and could not register, it's not for south Africans

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